Support Guatemalans Attacked By Over 1,000 Police, Paramilitaries

The GSP urgently requests solidarity after violent attacks targeting indigenous peasant communities and leaders who have organized against the destruction of Mother Earth for the profit of multinational energy companies. One of the central targets was Monte Olivo, one of the communities the GSP is seeking to build long term solidarity with.  Click here for more info and to take action

Milwaukee, August 22: Rally In Support Of Mike Brown, March For Justice!


March_For_Justice_Milwaukee_8-22-144 p.m., Protest @ Red Arrow Park, (Water & E State Street) Milwaukee & March to Safety Building 

In Memory of Our Slain Brothers and Sisters, We Unite In Solidarity With You. We Mourn With You. We Struggle With You. And Together We Will Win Justice!

Our Demands:

A special prosecutor should be appointed to conduct the investigation of the killing of Mike Brown

An expanded Department of Justice investigation should be conducted into patterns of civil rights violations across North St. Louis County

A civilian review should be conducted in ALL police-related deaths and misconduct

Police departments need to reflect the demographic of the community that they police

What: March for Justice
When: Friday, August 22, 2014
Where: Red Arrow Park…then march to the Milwaukee County Safety Building
Time: 4 PM



Milwaukee, August 17, 2014

Milwaukee, August 17, 2014

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement: The Black Nation Charges Genocide! Our Survival Is Dependent On Self-Defense!

The rebellion our people are waging in Ferguson must be supported. But, spontaneous rebellions are not enough. The only way we are going to successfully defend ourselves from genocide is to build a massive social movement with self-determination and self defense as its central unifying principles. We need a coordinated movement that strategically takes on the systemic oppression and exploitation that prevent Black people from exercising self-determination and human rights.  We have to defend ourselves if we want to survive…