EMERGENCY ALERT: Mumia Abu-Jamal In ICU, Call Prison Now

EMERGENCY ALERT: Mumia Abu-Jamal was taken to Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville, PA today (March 30). He is in ICU. Mumia’s spouse is not being allowed to see him. The only information we are receiving now is that he’s receiving an insulin drip for his diabetes. People should call the prison superintendent at Mahoney-SCI, John Kerestes at 570-773-2158 IMMEDIATELY, to demand that his family get to see him. When prompted, give this information for asking about Mumia: #AM 8335.


Milwaukee, April 5: Faith in Action: Rally and March for Peace and Justice in Milwaukee

“Faith In Action” is a short rally and march in the Mid-Town Plaza area to bring our faith community together and call for peace and justice in the city of Milwaukee. This event will take place on Resurrection Sunday April 5, 2015 from 2-4pm in the Piggly Wiggly Parking Lot (4061 N 54th Street)

We know that Easter Sunday is a day that folks usually spend with their families, relaxing, and getting ready for the week ahead. However this is the very reason we chose this date. We want all of the community (especially families) to come out to show this city the power of our faith in action, and what we can do when we unite and take a stand for peace, and against injustice. We know that a rally and march is not the solution to violence in our community. But we are certain that this galvanizing point could be a step to begin a larger conversation about how our faith community could be a constant presence in this ongoing fight. Please Join Us! We want to make this a day where we join together as a faith family to make our city better.

Logistical Info:
Date: April 5th, 2015
Time: 2:00-4:00pm
Place: 4061 N 54th Street
Who’s Invited: All Faiths and All People (Children are Welcomed)

More Information about The Coalition For Justice and the mission of this event is below. If you or your place of worship would like go get involved please email us TheCoalitionForJustice@gmail.com or take this short survey and we will reach out to you: http://goo.gl/forms/aPH2UJQTkz


Madison, April 12: Benefit Show To Support Young, Gifted and Black Coalition

Local musicians bring their noise to the table in solidarity with the ongoing activism of Young, Gifted, and Black Coalition. Come early and stay late.This event is approved by YGB.

Thanks to all the musicians, Darwin Sampson at the Frequency for hosting and J Eric Cobb for creating the artwork for this show.

Ladyscissors- lo-fi garage rock doo-wop
Aaron Scholz- acoustic nostalgia songs
No Future-Sex Pistols Tribute = PUNK
Amelia Royko Maurer – Singer-Songwriter
Rob Dz- Hip Hop Activist
Cowboy Winter- garage pop soul punk
Grotto- Illustrious Rock

This show is 18 and up
contact: wendyannschneider@gmail.com


Madison, April 9: Campus Panel on Fight for $15

**Organizers: Need help answering tough questions about raising the minimum wager? Bring them to the panel! Submit your questions for the panel to sophiasrogers@gmail.com**

Please join the UW School for Workers, COWS, and the Madison Fight for $15 for a panel discussion about the importance of raising wages for everyone from fast food and home care workers to student hourly workers and adjunct professors.

Co-sponsoring the event is and Student Labor Action Coalition (SLAC).

The panel will include underpaid campus workers who are organizing for a higher base wages for UW-Madison employees, Madison fast food workers involved in the Fight for $15, and economist Laura Dresser (Associate Director at COWS), and State Representative Melissa Sargent.

In this era of cuts to higher education and rising income inequality, raising wages for millions of low-wage workers is needed now more than ever. Join us for this conversation to learn why, and hear from workers who are leading this emerging movement.

Workers in the Fight for $15 movement are making real change. Since fast-food workers went on strike in November 2012, the Fight for $15 has completely changed the way the country looks at low-wage work and inequality. A rising tide for higher pay has spurred numerous cites, states, and even employers like Walmart,The Gap, Target and Ikea to increase wages for 8 million workers across the country.

Join us for this important conversation!


Milwaukee, April 19: U.S. Hands Off Venezuela Rally

International day of solidarity with Venezuela! U.S. Hands Off!

April 19th, 6pm, corner of Humboldt and Locust.

Rally followed by social and discussion over drinks at Riverwest Public House Cooperative at approx. 7pm.

132 political parties from 40 countries are calling for an international day of solidarity with solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela following the March 9 threats made by President Barack Obama.

Recent coup attempts have been thwarted by the progressive government of Venezuela, like the one staged by the U.S. in 2002 which temporarily kidnapped President Hugo Chavez. Now the U.S. is amping up rhetoric against Venezuela in an attempt to overthrow the progressive, democratic government.

Obama’s “Executive Decree” baselessly declared Venezuela “an extraordinary and unusual threat” to the national security of the U.S.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro speaks at a public event in Caracas Feb. 12, 2015. A coup plot against the Venezuelan president was thwarted that day. | Photo: AVN

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro speaks at a public event in Caracas Feb. 12, 2015. A coup plot against the Venezuelan president was thwarted that day. | Photo: AVN

Milwaukee, April 6: Celebrate Palestinian Land Day

We invite you to celebrate Land Day with guest speaker Ahmad Tibi, member of the Israeli Knesset.

April 6th, 7pm, at the Palestinian American Council, 815 w Layton ave.

Tibi is the leader of the Arab Movement for Change (Ta’al), an Arab party in Israel. Tibi served as a political advisor to Yasser Arafat (1993–1999.) Tibi is an anti-Zionist who supports the Palestinian right of return, calling it a “prerequisite for reconciliation.”

Land Day History:
On march 30th, 1976, Palestinian Israeli citizens organized a general strike and marches from Galillee to Negev in protest of Israel’s planned land theft for settlement construction. Israeli soldiers killed six Palestinians, wounded 100, and arrested hundreds more for the protest. The martyrs are now commemorated, and the actions celebrated worldwide as a day of resistance to Israeli occupation.