Feb. 13-14: Youth Empowered in the Struggle 1st Congress

We are excited to host our first organizational congress. Led by the college chapters of YES, the event will be a huge step toward creating a better functioning organization that is completely committed to both advocating for and personally generating actual social change.

The objective of this Congress is for all members of YES to come together to:

– decide campaigns
– plan for the semesters (and years) to come
– elect new leadership
– create and adopt the internal documents that will govern the organization

We will also dedicate a day for trainings and workshops to help our membership prepare for the upcoming months of struggle.

The Congress will take place at UWM on February 13 and at Marquette University on February 14 from 9am to 3pm both days.

This event is open for attendance to all members, allies, and supporters, but only YES members in good standing will be able to vote.



Feb. 18, Madison: Día sin Latinos / Day without Latinos

Sponsored by Voces de la Frontera, Voces de la Frontera

English below

¡Alto a las leyes racistas y anti-inmigrantes que ponen nuestras comunidades en peligro y separan nuestras familias!

10am: mobilización masiva en el capitolio en Madison
8am: buses salen de 1027 sur de la calle 5 en Milwaukee

En el 2006 la comunidad derrotó la legislación HB 4437 de Sensenbrenner. Neceistamos esa acción de nuevo para derrotar AB 450 y SB 533.

AB 450 quiere que la policía actúa como Inmigración
SB 533 bloquea los IDs locales en Milwaukee y en el estado

Llama al 414-469-9206 para más información.


Stop racist, anti-immigrant legislation that put our communities in danger and separate our families!

10am: massive mobilization at the Capitol in Madison
8am: Buses leave from 1027 S. 5th St. in Milwaukee

In 2006 the community defeated the Sensenbrenner bill HB 4437. We need this action again to defefat AB 450 and SB 533.

AB 450 would have police act like Immigration agents.
SB 533 would block local IDs in Milwaukee and statewide.

Please call 414-469-9206 for more information.


[Photo: Joe Brusky]

Riverwest Radio: The Grass Is Greener, Voces de la Frontera


The Grass is Greener-2016-02-06: Omar Barbarena
Omar Barberena, an activist with Voces de la Frontera, talks to us about pending legislation, AB450 and SB533, that would make local police into immigration agents and block immigrants from obtaining official identification. Another great idea from the Wisconsin GOP. Upcoming protests Feb 9 and 18, 2016. Voces de la Frontera


Confronting anti-immigrant racists in Milwaukee  [Photo: Occupy Riverwest]

Feb. 17: Stop The Takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools

Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association
Stop the Takeover of MPS

This will be the official list of participating schools for the February 17th National “Walk In” day of action (check back as it will be growing by the day).

sign up to host a walk in at a public school near you if you don’t see your school on the list.

English walk in flyer

Spanish walk in flyer

Stop the Takeover of MPS


Dontre Hamilton Pamphlet Fundraiser

Here’s another way you can help and also enjoy beautiful pieces written by poets/spoken word artists.

Art Night Books is pleased to announce a new collection, Cries for Justice – Poems for Dontre Hamilton. Cries for Justice is twenty-nine pages long, includes twenty poems and has three sections: History, Mother Group and

Marchers/Freeway. There are eighteen authors in the collection all of whom reside in Wisconsin. Authors included come from Racine, Madison and Milwaukee. Cries for Justice, edited by Angie Trudell Vasquez and Margaret Rozga will be available for sale to the public beginning January 24th with all proceeds going to the Hamilton family in honor of their beloved son, Dontre Hamilton.Book release readings will be scheduled and authors who contributed will be asked to participate.

Cost is $20.00 per book. Margaret Rozga, co-editor, spearheaded the project last year and asked Angie Trudell Vasquez, managing editor, to assist. This is a community project, was over a year in the making, and represents the work, support and love of many poets and writers. Art Night Books is the publisher. Issued in collaboration with the Coalition for Justice and the collection opens with a quote by Nate Hamilton.

To purchase books please contact Angie Trudell Vasquez & Devin Trudell at angievasquez13@sbcglobal.net or by phone 414-366-9003.

The Hamilton Family is THANKFUL/GRATEFUL to Angela and Margaret for their contribution, time, resources, and energy they put towards this project. What a blessings the community continues to be.