National Network On Cuba: Statement On Ferguson

The National Network on Cuba is alarmed by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s November 17 declaration of a state of emergency, mobilization of the National Guard threatening more repression.

But the determination to win justice continues.

One hundred days have gone by since young college-bound Michael Brown was shot down in the street. For 100 days the family of Michael Brown and the people of Ferguson have demonstrated there will be no peace without justice.

Michael Brown represents all youth especially youth of color, African descent, Latino and Latina, Indigenous … disproportionately dying at the hands of police and vigilantes — tazed, choked, shot. At the Fruitvale Bart Station, in the Ohio Walmart, at the border in San Diego, often hails of bullets in Los Angeles parks, in Cleveland cars and on the streets from coast to coast. There truly is an emergency — but it won’t be solved by repression, armored personnel carriers, teargas or bullets. It is an emergency of the school to prison pipeline, stop and frisk, mass incarceration, homelessness, unemployment, racism, schools for profit, education debt … it is an emergency that refuses to develop society’s biggest source of wealth — the people, the youth.

As ‘Cuba Debate’ Against World Terrorism; had noted in it August 17 post: “All this reminds us of the assassination of Martin Luther King, fighter for civil rights after which the state put in placed over 20 000 soldiers in large southern cities, and increased police presence. These days are said to be giving the police the same weapons that Washington used in wars of aggression against other peoples.” Palestinians took note that the same tear gas used against them also choked the “hands up – don’t shoot” protesters in Ferguson, and sent solidarity messages to the people of Ferguson.

Another world is possible and necessary, a world where #BlackLivesMatter

More than 70 cities are already on standby to stand up for Michael Brown, his family and community.

The co-chairs of the NNOC believe that is the place for friends of Cuba to be when the Grand Jury announcement is made.

National Call-In Day, November 21: Drop Frame-Up Charges Against Boston School Bus Drive / Pack The Court November 24


Drop Outrageous Union Busting, Felony Charges filed by Boston Police Department (BPD) against Steve Kirschbaum, Chair of the Grievance Committee and a founder of the Local.
Stop Veolia/City Escalating War on USW 8751 Boston School Bus Union
NATIONAL CALL-IN DAY FRIDAY 11/21/14 – Call Suffolk County DA Daniel Conley, 617-619-4000 / fax 617-619-4210.
Tell him to drop the frame-up, anti-union felony charges against USW 8751 union leader Steve Kirschbaum, if he is unavailable, be sure to LEAVE A MESSAGE. Just give your name and city and a message: “I’m called about the anti-union felony charges against union leader Steve Kirschbaum. The charges should be dropped immediately.”
Post a message if possible at this Facebook page of any response.



The injured Colombian GM workers are seeking justice from GM for their injuries and illegal dismissals from GM without compensation. These workers have been camped in front of the U.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia for over three years and have been fighting their cases with GM for even longer. Colombian government regulators have failed to do their jobs and have even acted in complicity with GM. The U.S. government has failed to hold GM accountable.


PFLP Statement: Occupation Is Responsible For Escalation In Jerusalem


“…The PFLP also wants to send its message to a billion and a half Muslim brothers and sisters that our fight is not with Jews and is not based on religion; it is about justice, liberation and return to the homeland, and this is your struggle,” said Maqdesi.

“Our message today to the Jewish people around the world is that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was never a conflict between Muslims and Jews. Palestine has embraced the Jewish community for hundreds of years. What stands between us is this colonial project. We know that thousands of Jews around the world are true and genuine voices for the struggle, leading boycott movements and joining the Palestinian struggle for liberation on a daily basis. We salute each and every one of them. And for those Jews who are misled by the Zionist discourse, Israel is nothing but a deathtrap for both Jews and Arabs. Racism can never resolve conflicts, and apartheid is not a solution. You must stand by the side of the oppressed, and not the oppressor; raise your voice against the Zionist criminals who are oppressing our people in your name,” Maqdesi said.

“As for the threats of Netanyahu and Yaalon to our people,” Maqdesi said that they are “worthless and carry no weight and reflect a racist settler mindset that thinks that through coercion and oppression we will become silent and defeated. The battle with the occupation will not be limited to Jerusalem. It is going to expand to every inch of Palestine, and through the borders of Palestine. Today, also, the PFLP wants to send a message to the solidarity movement with Palestine, to intensify their efforts and their struggle to support the resistance on the path of establishing a democratic Palestine where all people live in equality and freedom.”


Members of a delegation from the youth/student group Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST) march in Washington D.C. August 2, 2014.

Members of a delegation from the youth/student group Fight Imperialism Stand Together (FIST) march in Washington D.C. August 2, 2014.

Ferguson Response Protests: Over 70 Planned in 29 States… And Growing

For locations, information and updates, log on to the Peoples Power Assembly:

Please Call an action TODAY! and list it on our page WE STAND with the people of #Ferguson and call for #JusticeforMikeBrown #IndictAmerica #BlackLivesMatter. Cross listings on: Ferguson National Response NetworkBlack is Back CoalitionStop Mass Incarceration