73 Protesters Arrested For Demanding Justice / Coalition For Justice Bail Fund: Please Contribute

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73 protesters arrested today in Milwaukee for peacefully protesting, while its been 8 months since Christopher Manney murdered Dontre Hamilton but is still free.

The Milwaukee Police and Sheriff Department arrested our peaceful protesters today for simply advocating for a more just system of justice in our city. Protesters were arrested while chanting Black Lives Matter.

Please help the Coalition For Justice raise money to pay the citations and for subsequent legal fees. We will fight this. Please help us!



STOP the Takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools

SIGN PETITION: http://tinyurl.com/m3vpnak

Early in January, Wisconsin legislators plan to introduce legislation to take over many Milwaukee Public Schools that educate mainly African American and Latino children in high-poverty neighborhoods. Our communities reject this takeover of our schools. We want vibrant, public community schools that welcome and serve all children, offer special education services and bilingual education, and are locally controlled and accountable to parents.

Cities around the country that have implemented school takeover zones have not improved student achievement, and have devastated their local economies. Schools run by third party operators enroll significantly fewer students with special needs, and do not offer bilingual education or other needed services. The dozens of taxpayer-funded, privately run charter and voucher schools that already exist in Milwaukee show no improvement in student achievement compared to public schools.

Parents, students, and community members, please sign this petition to Stop the Takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools.

Join with parents and community members to plan and implement a strategy to stop the takeover of our schools: Saturday, February 7 from 9:30am-12:30pm at MATC. Free parking, childcare, Spanish interpretation, and lunch will be provided.



Milwaukee, December 20: Our Park: Rally For Justice

EVENT: http://tinyurl.com/nz5uv2p

Red Arrow Park is our park. It is our ground zero. It is the place where Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times by former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney. It is the same park that officer Manney walked out of, and the last park that Dontre would ever have the opportunity to see.

Manney murdered Dontre, and still is yet to be brought to justice. And It seems that the some of the officials of this city are ok with this. They are ok with Black men and women being shot down in our streets. They are ok with murderers working for our Milwaukee Police Department. They are ok with police violence, and officers being above the law. However we are not ok with it. We are standing up to say that this system will change, that justice will prevail, because of the power of the people.

Please join us at Red Arrow Park at 1pm on Saturday to stand up and demand justice in our city! We will convene at the park 1pm and get started around 1:15pm. We can change this city and this country but we need you to show up.

To stay updated please follow us on Twitter @Justice4Dontre or Instagram @TheCoalition4JusticeMKE or just give us a call (414) 375-9330.

See you soon.


Madison, December 20: Poverty Wages = Slave Wages: Shut The Mall Down

EVENT: http://tinyurl.com/lkaajly

3:30 pm We will gather at the Mineral Point entrance to Memorial HS parking lot and then march to West Town Mall.

This action is about the impact that low wage work has on communities of color and how that traps many black families into poverty, increasing crimes of poverty. As corporations are making millions off of government subsidies for employees on government assistance. Many shops in the mall also use prison/slave labor. Malls are also a place where many of our youth shop in Madison, it’s important that they know the impact of supporting many of those businesses.



Milwaukee, December 19: #BlackLivesMatter March for Justice

EVENT: http://tinyurl.com/k2p9v4b

Justice is what we march for. Justice is what we protest for. Justice is what we are calling for. Justice is what we are going to get.Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times on April 30th in Red Arrow Park by former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney. Its been 8 months since this murder took place, and still our D.A. has not made a decision on whether to charge this officer for recklessly and unnecessarily taking another mans life. Dontre will never be able to go home to see his family again. Officer Manney is still a free man. We cannot stand for this. We must demand that this negligent officer be charged for his crimes, and work to change the system that says that it is ok to murder black women and men with impunity.

On Friday we will rally and march to protest this unjust system and demand that our D.A. make a decision now (and that decision be to charge and arrest former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney with Murder). Please join us at Red Arrow Park (1000 N. Water St.) at 4pm. We will leave promptly so please try to be there as soon as possible. Join our fight for justice!

To stay updated and/or to contact us, please follow us on twitter @justicefordontre, instagram @thecoalition4justicemke or give us a call (414) 375-9330.

See you there! Do not sit this one out!

Manhattan, December 13, 2014

Manhattan, December 13, 2014