North Fond du Lac WI: Tera McCarthy Is Unfit For School Board

Thee Fond du Lac Underclass

Tera McCarthy has a lot of explaining to do to the residential voters of North Fond du Lac WI. Tera McCarthy is currently on the primary ballot for the North Fond du Lac school board election on Tuesday. Tera and/or her husband Thomas have also been identified as the admins who run the public Facebook page labeled “The TRUTH Behind the District.”

On this public page they share videos from the Horace Mann High School and Bessie Allen Middle School campus that includes images of minor children on the campus without parental consent. Yes, they actually put it on the internet. To think she actually wants to make even more decisions for your children as your school board member is hardly laughable. 

Above screenshot (edited) of several videos from the page ‘The TRUTH Behind The District Facebook page featuring the NFDL school system posted online by Tera McCarthy.

It is just gross to have an anonymous page that is undermining the same school district that she is campaigning in for a board seat. To many it is dishonest and unethical. Our team would actually like to see her deny it. Tera McCarthy and her husband Thomas can feel confident that the entire page has already been documented.

Furthermore, both Tera and her husband have each been identified in these videos. These videos have been set on public by the McCarthy family for the whole world to see. Images of YOUR children. They even have their own minor child’s phone number visible for anyone to see within their own videos. We do not need to trust Tera with a school board seat, plain and simple.

We think the main issue with Tera is that she’s running a campaign of spite and attention-seeking. She words it like she’s being a voice for the unheard to “fix” the district but she’s actually just fixated on being anti-mask. She doesn’t offer any solutions, just criticism and she’s so hostile and defiant with her approach and her behavior that she landed herself with a disorderly conduct charge. We are not seeing solutions and ideas from her. We see her admitting that she’s not educated or experienced in public service or education or any kind of collaboration or teamwork.

Tera also appears to think that the first amendment will excuse her for trespassing at this school in NFDL WI. On these videos you can witness her being belligerent and uncooperative with school administrators and the school superintendent. She is also seen defying the rules of the school and refusing to comply with the school mask mandate to the point that she was escorted off of the school campus. She also landed a disorderly conduct charge by the NFDL police at this same time. 

A few screenshots (edited) from the videos that Tera McCarthy posted publicly on the internet of minor children on the campuses of the North Fond du Lac Elementary School, Middle School, and High School without parental consent.

For Tera to call out the actions of her co-candidates as ‘online bullying’ is laughable and really does show her true character. She participates in just the same way herself on the daily without provocation. Her accusations have zero evidence or proof to back her up. Tera is simply LARPing. Unfit, plain and simple North Fond du Lac. Choose wisely on Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2022 and keep your children safe. 

We are also confident that Tera McCarthy will scramble to have her page deleted as soon as she sees this post. Go to the page now on Facebook and see it for yourself while you can ‘The Truth Behind The District’ Brought to you by your very own Tera McCarthy For North Fond du Lac School Board and featuring your very own Horace Mann High School and Bessie Allen Middle School.

Screenshots (edited) of Tera McCarthy Sharing her teenage daughters phone number publicly on the internet (right) and a reflection of Tera while she is making the phone call (left).

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