Detroit, 1/30/23: Mass IN-PERSON Meeting to Defend the FREE SPEECH RIGHTS of Activists from Legal Assault by Mun͂oz Realty

Monday, January 30, 7pm

at 5920 Second Ave, Detroit

Over the past year Moratorium NOW! Coalition has been helping many tenants who are victims of Mun͂oz Realty, a major Detroit company with more than 1200 rental units. We have documented the tenants’ situations, brought them to testify in front of City Council’s Public Health and Safety Committee, picketed the landlord’s office and gotten major press coverage.

The Mun͂oz Realty has retaliated. In early September 2022, Mun͂oz Realty filed a defamation lawsuit against one of our main activists, Jorge Flores. Jorge was also the victim of a criminal frame-up attempt. On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, the criminal charges were thrown out of court when our lawyer and private investigator exposed that the complainant lied under oath and was in league with Mun͂oz Realty.

Now, in a new lawsuit, Moratorium NOW! Coalition, along with Jorge Flores, Derek Grigsby, and Guy Navarro are being sued by Mun͂oz Realty. In addition, the lawsuit lists additional “defendants John and/or Jane Doe(s) to be more specifically named by way of discovery.”  

The Mun͂oz Realty is also attempting to serve Guy Navarro with a Personal Protection Order (PPO). Mun͂oz Realty owns the property next door to Navarro which was being worked on in late October and early November of 2021. On Nov. 1, 2021, Jerson Rubén Angeles Barelida, an immigrant worker for Mun͂oz Realty, was instructed to guard the house and a gas generator. Because the property had no DTE power, Jerson and a co-worker brought the generator into the house. Later that evening, Jerson fell asleep with the generator running and never woke up.  He was discovered unconscious in the morning of Nov. 2, 2021. It was Guy who called 911, filed a police report, and notified the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA). Guy has been advocating online for justice for the mother of Jerson’s children. For this, Mun͂oz Realty is targeting Guy with a bogus PPO and lawsuit.

Moratorium NOW! Coalition will not be intimidated by Mun͂oz Realty but will redouble its efforts to fight for quality low-income housing, oppose evictions, and expose any entity who preys on vulnerable residents of Detroit. We will fight to defend our right-to-free speech.  Join us in this fight!

Moratorium NOW! Coalition invites you to a meeting on Monday, January 30, 2023 at 7pm at our office at 5920 Second Ave., Detroit, MI 48202 where we will plan our fightback. You may also join the meeting via Zoom after registering at

Please wear facemasks.

Moratorium NOW! Coalition

Moratorium NOW! Coalition

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