New Student Movement Seeks to Change Hopkins from Within, CIA Off Campuses!

Youth Against War and Racism

Youth Against War and Racism (YAWR) is an organization for youth and students to struggle against the US war machine. US Imperialism is not just the soldiers massacring people abroad, but the racist police and injustice system here. We aim to connect the struggle against racism here with the struggle to end US Imperialism abroad.

UW Madison, April 25, 2018: Sign-Making for Work-In Against Mandatory Fees

Hosted by TAA – Graduate Worker Union of UW-Madison

Sign-Making for Work-In Against Mandatory Fees

Come join us in the TAA office on 520 University Ave., Madison, to help us prepare for the mandatory fee work-in on Thursday, 4/26. We will have snacks! 5:30- 7:30 P.M.

Mostly, we plan to make signs, work on ideas for chants, and generally prepare for the event in whatever way necessary. If you can’t make the work-in on Thursday, this is a great way to help contribute. Or consider attending both!

Sign-Making for Work-In Against Mandatory Fees

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Whitefish Bay, WI, April 28, 2018: Potluck And Teach In For Peace For Korea

Hosted by Peace Action Wisconsin

819 E Silver Spring Drive, Whitefish Bay, 12 P.M. – 3 P.M. 

Support the Korean peace process

12 noon: Potluck for Peace (with Korean Food & other international dishes)
1–3pm: Teach-In on Korea, featuring UWM History Prof. Nan Kim

Prof. Kim is an internationally recognized expert on Korea and inter-Korean developments and serves on the steering committee of the international peace organization Women Cross DMZ. At UWM, she directs the Public History Program and has taught courses on modern Korea and the global history of the Korean War. An alumna of Princeton and UC-Berkeley, she recently published a timely book, Memory, Reconciliation, and Reunions in South Korea: Crossing the Divide (2017), about meetings between family members separated by the Korean divide and the role of public memory in the Korean peace process.
The teach-in panel will also include Rev. PyungAhn “Pastor Peace” Kim, Associate Pastor at Whitefish Bay United Methodist Church; Jim Carpenter and Pam Richard of Peace Action Wisconsin; and others.

Please bring an international/ethnic dish & enjoy food from around the world to celebrate peace.

Sat., April 28, 2018, 12 Noon potluck, 1pm Teach-In
United Methodist Church of Whitefish Bay,
819 E. Silver Spring Drive, Whitefish Bay, WI 53217
Free and open to all interested.
Contact Peace Action (414) 269-9525

Picture credit:
North Korea’s Hwang Chung Gum and South Korea’s Won Yun-jong hold the flag. Picture: AP Photo/Petr David Josek.Source:AP

U.S. Out Of Korea Screenprint

Milwaukee, April 24, 2018: Picket To Defend Our Schools

Hosted by Stop the Takeover of MPS

Stop the Takeover of MPS

Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

5225 W Vliet, Milwaukee Public Schools, 4:30 P.M.

The current MPS budget proposal is unacceptable for our students, schools, or classrooms! Join us on Tuesday, April 24 for a Picket To Defend Our Schools at MPS Central Office.

We will continue to fight to demand our students & educators have the resources they deserve:

• Keep budget cuts away from schools!
• Time for teachers and educational assistants to meet the needs of their students.
• Quality affordable healthcare for ALL full-time education workers – including subs!
• Raises to attract and retain the education workers our students deserve.

RSVP here:

#fightforfunding #fundourfuture

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“I used to be able to come early to class and work with my teachers. I can’t do that any more…It is because you have made my teachers attend daily meetings instead of preparing for their classes. Students are standing outside the classroom waiting while they’re running to the classroom instead of welcoming us.”

Ammishaddai Jackson, North Division High School student and president of Youth Rising Up-North Division High School.

Picket To Defend Our Schools

#timetoteach #fightforfunding 

Help Stop The Destruction of Puerto Rico’s Public Education System! Defeat Austerity!

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Randi Weingarten
AFT President

There’s a growing school crisis in Puerto Rico, and the media, like the Trump administration, is not paying enough attention.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello and his education secretary, Julia Keleher, have taken a page right out of the Trump-DeVos playbook. They are using Hurricane Maria and the island’s bankruptcy case as excuses to close down 283 more public schools. This is on top of the 167 schools they already closed late last year. Those slated for closure include schools that excel, and they include career-and-technical-education schools and bilingual schools that may be the only schools of their kind for miles. But Puerto Rico’s education secretary doesn’t care: She admitted yesterday that her department never looked at the schools or analyzed the human impact of the closures.

Puerto Rico’s students aren’t just numbers. Closing their schools and forcing them to travel long distances just to get an education is a terrible plan. And on top of disrupting students’ lives, this plan would divert scarce resources to charter schools, including trying to turn schools—like the island’s public Montessori schools, which want to stay public—over to charters. Shockingly, the secretary has even admitted that she was targeting schools to close in order to turn the buildings over to private charter school operators.

Despite the massive outcry against this plan, the governor and education secretary have pushed forward without regard for the devastating impact these school closures will have on their communities. Closing 35 percent of the island’s schools will be disastrous, and it’s an entirely man-made disaster. These closings do not need to happen. What’s more, the secretary has refused to take input from local mayors, parents, teachers and the community.

They need our support. Help us spread the word about the injustice in Puerto Rico by tweeting at the Governor and Secretary of Education. 

What @RicardoRossello is doing to schools in #PuertoRico is outrageous. #PorNuestrasEscuelas

The legacy of @RicardoRossello will be tied to Betsy DeVos if he goes though with his recklessly harmful plan to close 35% of #PuertoRico’s schools. #PorNuestrasEscuelas

First the government ignored the needs of #PuertoRico since the hurricane, now they’re using the crisis to close nearly 300 more schools. Tell @RicardoRossello to stop the school closings. #PorNuestrasEscuelas

60,000 students in #PuertoRico will be hurt by these outrageous school closings. Stand with Puerto Rican students by opposing the closings. #PorNuestrasEscuelas

The #PuertoRico Education Secretary worked with Betsy DeVos on an education plan and now they’re closing nearly 300 schools. Tell the Gov that this plan cannot happen. #PorNuestrasEscuelas

Teachers in West Virginia and Oklahoma have captured the hearts and minds of America. It’s well past time that Puerto Rico commands some attention as well. These are American citizens, and schools in Puerto Rico—just as in states on the mainland—have been starved of resources, which has undermined its entire education system.

Last week, hundreds of parents rallied in front of the Capitol in San Juan, despite an islandwide power failure. And this week, on April 25, thousands of teachers will form a human shield around the Capitol to show their intention to protect public education. They want their voices heard. They want money to be used to invest in and rebuild schools, not to pay off Wall Street hedge funds the governor is trying to court.

We need to show the people of Puerto Rico that there’s national support for their protests—like there has been for other recent teacher protests on the mainland.

The latest round of school closures has been denounced all over the island. Mayors from across Puerto Rico are up in arms, and they’re demanding the governor stop closing schools. They want the governor to consult with them, their communities and the people who are actually affected by this plan.

Gov. Rossello and Secretary Keleher, with the help of U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, is pushing forward with no thought for what communities want or need. Public schools have been the center of the post-hurricane recovery over the last six months. The schools have provided shelter, services and care for those in need since Hurricane Maria, while our government let them flounder. And now, instead of investing in communities, the governor and secretary want to shut down their schools.

This education plan is bad. Puerto Rican children and educators need us to be there for them.

Once you’ve tweeted, sign our petition to protect Puerto Rico’s public schools.

In unity,
Randi Weingarten
AFT President

Bluefield WV February 26 2018

Bluefield, West Virginia February 26, 2018

PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA: Don’t Collaborate with Apartheid, Cancel Your Tour to Israel! (Sign Petition)

Over 100 musicians, artists, scholars, union members and activists, as well as 35 social justice organizations, have called on the Philadelphia Orchestra to cancel its planned June tour in Israel.

Inspired by the global cultural boycott that helped end Apartheid in South Africa, Palestinian civil society has called on international cultural institutions not to perform in Israel as a popular non-violent means to pressure Israel to end its occupation and apartheid policies.

The Philadelphia Orchestra’s claim that their performance in Israel is “cultural diplomacy,” not “a political mission,” is undermined by their own admission that the trip is “in celebration of its [Israel’s] 70th anniversary” and by their close collaboration with Israeli government officials, before the trip and in the planned itinerary. The orchestra has several meetings planned with high level Israeli politicians and military personnel, including a “VIP visit” to a military base!

This is the same military that has killed or wounded over 3000 unarmed Palestinians in the span just the last two weeks since March 30. At least 773 people, defenseless and demonstrating on their own land, were shot with live ammunition by snipers in ONE DAY.

Such examples of Israel’s contempt and wanton destruction of Palestinian life are precisely the sort of abuses with which The Philadelphia Orchestra will be associating itself in making this trip.

Philly: Don’t Orchestrate Apartheid! Cancel the trip to Israel!



Madison, May 9, 2018: Reclaim the UW

2 E Main Street, Wisconsin State Capitol, 11 A.M. – 4 P.M. 

For decades, the University of Wisconsin system has experienced devaluation and disinvestment at the hands of state legislators. With each budget cut, system schools are forced to cut programs and subsequently grow weaker, making it more and more difficult for students of all backgrounds to have access to a quality higher education.

What happens at one campus foreshadows what will eventually happen at all 26 UW system campuses. Where administrators have failed to do so, students and faculty are taking to the streets to address the problem at the root.

UW system students and faculty from all 26 campuses will gather in Madison on May 9 to demand our administrators and elected officials start making decisions that strengthen the system that was once one of the most successful higher education models in the nation.

Join us to stand up and fight back for what’s ours. There will be live music, speakers, voter registration stations, information booths, and more.

Can’t join us? Check into the Wisconsin State Capitol on May 9 to show your support!

To sign up to volunteer for this event and/or arrange a carpool, use the following form:

To donate to the cause, use the following link:

For more information, questions, or comments, email us at

Bluefield WV February 26 2018

Milwaukee, April 23, 2018: MSDF Picket

Hosted by CLOSEmsdf and Milwaukee IWW

901 N 9th Street, Milwaukee, 11:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M. 

Come contribte to the continuous visible opposition to MSDF. We will be out front of the courthouse, and if we have enough people also the back door and MSDF enterence. Help us spread information to and collect petition signatures from people targeted by and doing business with Milwaukee’s criminal legal system.

If you haven’t signed the petition yet yourself, please do here:

A coaltion of Milwaukee organizations have joined up to shut down MSDF. This facility is a building within a building, where captives have no access to fresh air or sunlight. They are triple bunked in lockdown cells for over 20 hours a day. There is no outdoor rec. The facility was built and is run using funds that should be used for diversionary programs to keep people out of jail, instead it’s being used to keep them on supervision under arbitrary and vindictive probation and parole officers.

We are organizing this protest twice a month. On every 23rd, and one day two weeks before. The National Religious Campaign Against Torture has called for actions on the 23rd of every month (to bring attention to 23 hour a day lockdowns).

October 4 Milwaukee Prison Letters