Milwaukee, January 8: Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump Mass Meeting

1:30 – 3:15 p.m., All Peoples Church, 2600 N 2nd Street, Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump is excited to host our second Mass Meeting! The meeting will provide important updates on the progress of the coalition and upcoming events.

This meeting will be focused on organizing three initial committees to help build for the January 20th protest and the 100 days of resistance:

1. Fliering Team: This committee will organize fliering and petitioning in different neighborhoods and suburbs to help build upcoming events and to gather signatures for the petition (to be announced).

2. Art Team – This committee will design and create banners, signs, noicemakers and anything else creative for the upcoming mass protest. We hope to organize a contingent of singers and musicians as well.

3. Video Team – This committee will be making short videos to share online to help build coalition events and fight Trump’s agenda.

*Childcare will be available
*Sorry, this space is not wheelchair accessible

Solidarity with University of California Staff Set to Strike January 10

#UCPAYTOLIVE #solidarity

Teamsters Local 2010 is the Union of 14,000 hard-working employees throughout the University of California system.  We are affiliated with the 1.4 million members of the Teamsters Union across the United States and Canada.

Together we are building a strong Union with the power to win better wages, benefits, and working conditions.  We strive to protect workers’ rights through capable, determined labor representation.

Join us in our fight for a better workplace and the preservation of the working and middle class.

All across the state, UC Teamsters are preparing for an effective strike on Tuesday, January 10, in protest of the University’s unfair treatment. When we stand together and withhold our labor for the day, we show the University our power and our value to this institution, because they don’t have a University without our work.

We’ve got their attention, and now UC is trying to trick us out of participating in the strike, so they can continue to treat us unfairly and underpay us.

They’re saying we shouldn’t strike because we should “prioritize” the University, patients and students.  How insulting!  We prioritize the University by working hard year after year, yet the University has failed to “prioritize” us.  UC has driven down our real wages by 24% over the last two decades, and now refuses to bargain in good faith for fair raises, showing that UC does not care that workers are not paid enough to live.

They’re trying to scare us by suggesting that our strike is unlawful, even though they know very well that the strike is lawful and protected.  If UC really thought the strike was unlawful, they would have asked the state for an injunction to stop it – but they did not.  They did seek an injunction against the UCLA skilled trades strike, arguing that strike is unlawful.  The state refused to issue an injunction, and refused to find the skilled trades strike unlawful.  That’s because both the UCLA skilled trades strike and the statewide CX strike are lawful and protected.
Here are the facts:

  • The California Supreme Court and the Public Employment Relations Board have ruled repeatedly that California higher education employees have the right to strike.[1]
  • Employees have the right to strike to protest the employer’s unfair labor practices, as we are doing in this strike.[2]
  • Strikers cannot be disciplined or otherwise retaliated against for participating in the strike, nor may the University attempt to interfere with our right to strike.[3]  The Teamsters will take appropriate legal action in response to any such retaliation or interference.

Now is the time for every UC Teamster to stand together with our co-workers by participating in the strike.  That’s how we will have the power to get UC to bargain in good faith and pay workers enough to live!

ALSO: More than 600 plumbers, electricians and other workers, members of Teamsters Local 2010, will be on strike against the University of California, Los Angeles for January 6-10 over what the Teamsters union calls unfair and illegal labor practices.

[1]County Sanitation (Cal.Sup.Ct. 1985); Regents of the University of California (2010) PERB Decision No. 2094.
[2]San Ramon Valley USD (1984) PERB Order No. IR-10.
[3] Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA, Cal. Gov. Code sec. 3560, et seq.)
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Badger State AFL-CIO circulates solidarity petition for Kentucky unions

By Berry Craig AFT Local 1360 on Yesterday, January 6

The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO is circulating an online petition in solidarity with unions in Kentucky where the Republican-majority legislature is poised to pass a “right to work” law, repeal the prevailing wage and approve a measure to further weaken organized labor by making it harder for unions to collect dues through payroll deduction.

“Our brothers and sisters in Kentucky are facing egregious union-busting attacks from their state legislature this week,” said a statement from the Badger State labor federation signed by President Phil Neuenfeldt and Secretary-Treasurer Stephanie Bloomingdale.

Sign the solidarity petition here. 

The GOP enjoys large anti-union majorities in the Kentucky House and Senate. All three bills are expected to be approved and signed by Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, possibly as early as Saturday.

Union-busting has been at the top of Bevin’s agenda since he was elected in November, 2015. The Democrats controlled the House during the 2016 session of the General Assembly and thus were able to thwart the governor and his anti-union Republican senate.

On Nov. 8, the GOP maintained its Senate edge but flipped the House from 53-47 Democratic to 64-36 Republican. The swift assault on organized labor was not unexpected.

“Republicans in Kentucky have decided to kick off their new legislative session with Right to Work and other union-busting legislation designed to lower wages and slash basic workplace safety and rights for all workers,” the statement also said.

In addition, the statement paraphrased the motto of the old Knights of Labor, a pioneer 19th-century union: “an injury to one is an injury to all.”

The statement said the “anti-worker bills, designed to lower wages for all working people and further erode the rights of union workers who put a check on corporate power and greed, are being rushed through in a so-called ’emergency legislation’ leaving absolutely no time for public debate and input. Dangerous and destructive bills like right to work, paycheck deception and the elimination of prevailing wage are an attack on our entire middle class.

“Workers are sounding the alarm and speaking out against these bad bills by gathering at the state Capitol in Frankfort, but the Republican majority are refusing to hear them. Union members have even been locked out of committee hearings and unable to give testimony. This is a true erosion of democracy.”

On Thursday, the Wisconsin AFL-CIO sent a solidarity letter to the Kentucky State AFL-CIO. “Attacking the rights of working people to stand together and have each other’s backs in the workplace through their union does nothing to create jobs or help the middle class,” the letter said.

When Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker declared holy war on organized labor, several Kentucky union members traveled to Madison, the state capital, to stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters.

Despite large protests that included many union members from other states, Wisconsin’s Republican legislature, encouraged by Walker, approved a RTW law in 2015. The governor and his GOP lawmakers enacted other measures to crush Wisconsin unions.

The statement with the petition included a postscript: “Workers will be packing the Kentucky state capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky on Saturday at 8:00 a.m. to stop Right to Work and other anti-worker bills. Click here for rally information.