The Bailout the People Movement (BOPM) is a national network that was founded in October 2008, to oppose the trillion dollar bank bail out and to demand that the people get bailed out instead.

Since then BOPM has taken up the most crucial issues facing workers, students and ordinary people: including jobs; foreclosures and evictions; education and student rights; immigrant and worker’s rights; stopping racism and hate groups like the Tea Party; opposing the ongoing wars that are bleeding the economy dry; fighting to stop billions of dollars being given to the bank for ‘debt service’,;advocating for health care for all; demanding reproductive freedom and justice for women and much, much more.

We held the first national protest around joblessness calling for a “Real Jobs Program” at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh.

We are fighting for a national Public Works Jobs Program much like the Works Progress Administration (WPA) enacted during the Great Depression, for a moratorium on home foreclosures, evictions and utility shut-offs, the Employee Free Choice Act, full rights for immigrant workers, and all attacks on poor and working people.

BOPM has been participating in the people’s uprising in Wisconsin against union-busting and other attacks against poor and working people. We have slept on the marble floors of the people’s capitol with our sisters and brothers, participated in the mass demonstrations in Madison, Milwaukee and other cities in Wisconsin and much more.

Please join us! You can get in touch with a BOPM chapter near you or with the many allied groups we are working with such as the Moratorium Now Coalition in Detroit.

Our national office in New York City helps to provide assistance and organizing help to all. Contact us

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