Madison, September 24: Rally Against Nazi Propaganda Defacing The International Brigades Monument, Smash Racism!

Madison IWW General Defense Committee Local 100

614 E Gorham, James Madison Park, Madison, 4:30 – 6:30 P.M.

September 24 2017 IWW Madison

On Wednesday September 20th, it was discovered that the monument to the international brigades at James Madison park, installed to honor those who fought against Franco and his fascist squads in the Spanish Civil War, was desecrated by hateful symbols of mass genocide. The swastika graffiti was put up only a hundred feet from the Gates of Heaven synagogue – one of the oldest synagogues in the US. on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, which is a major holiday.

Stand up and let these Nazis know that the few monuments that the left has in this country will not be attacked without a response. Let them know that we will not back down as our fellow community members are terrorized next to their places of worship and solace.

Madison General Defense Committee of the IWW
International Marxist Tendency Madison
Worker’s World Party Wisconsin
Wisconsin Debate
Socialist Party Of Madison and Dane County
Madison Degenderettes
Madison Socialist Alternative
Fondulac Underclass
White Rose Forum
AFSCME Local 255 WI Childcare Union
International Socialist Organization Madison
Great Lakes Antifa
Madison Democratic Socialists of America
Jewish Voice For Peace/Madison Chapter
Solidarity – A Socialist, Feminist, Anti-Racist Organization
Madison Industrial Workers of the World GMB
Muslim Student Association
Our Wisconsin Revolution – Dane County
Milwaukee General Defense Committee Local 14
, Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

Spanish memorial Madison September 20 2017

Join Voces de la Frontera’s upcoming actions!

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 • ESPAÑOL ABAJO
We are fighting hard to push Paul Ryan to keep his word and pass the Dream Act!
Call Paul Ryan’s office at 202-225-3031, and say something like:
Speaker Ryan, I join the millions of people around the country calling on you to pass a clean Dream Act Bill that provides a path to citizenship for immigrant youth, and includes NO measures to further militarize the border or increase raids and the separation of families.
Here are more actions you can join to be part of our fight.
  • DACA & Citizenship Legal Clinic  Saturday, September 23rd, 10am-2pm, 1126 S 70th St, West Allis. Come to renew your DACA or apply for US Citizenship if you are a Lawful Permanent Resident. Free and open to the public. Financial help available to pay the $495 DACA renewal fee. Information: 414-491-5483. Remember, DACA recipients whose work permits expire before March 5th, 2018 have until October 5th to apply for DACA renewal.
  • Citizen’s Hearing: Got Milk? Not Without Immigrants, Stop AB190! Wednesday, September 27th, 10:30am at the State Capitol in Madison. Buses leave from Voces Milwaukee at 8am. No to police acting like ICE! Join us to speak out against the destructive impact AB190 would have on our communities and Wisconsin’s economy, particularly the dairy industry. Instead of turning police into ICE, Scott Walker should return driver’s cards to immigrants.
  • Know Your Rights/DACA Renewal Workshop, Thursday, September 28th, 11am-1pm, MATC (700 W State St), Room M605. Know Your Rights/DACA renewal workshop in consulation with AFT Local 212 and the Mexican Consulate. Information about DACA renewal, Mexican Consulate and immigration lawyer present, free & open to the public.
Click here to donate in support of Voces de la Frontera and Youth Empowered in the Struggle’s organizing to defend immigrant youth and families.
Call Voces at 414-643-1620 for more information. Our communities are here to stay!
miercoles, 20 de septiembre de 2017

¡Estamos luchando fuertemente para empujar Paul Ryan a cumplir con su palabra y pasar el Dream Act!
Llame a la oficina de Paul Ryan al 202-225-3031 y diga algo como:
Congresista Ryan, yo soy uno de los millones de personas a través del país pidiéndole que apruebe un Dream Act que incluye un camino a la ciudadanía para los jóvenes inmigrantes, y que no tiene NINGUNAS medidas para militarizar más la frontera ni aumentar más las redadas y la separación de familias.
Aquí hay más acciones que pueden unir para participar en nuestra lucha.
  • Clínica legal sobre DACA y la ciudadanía, sábado, 23 de septiembre, 10am-2pm, 1126 S 70th St, West Allis. Ven para renovar la DACA o solicitar la ciudadanía estadounidense si es residente permanente. Gratúita y abierta al público. Ayuda financiera disponible para pagar la cuota de $495 para renovar DACA. Información: 414-491-5483. Recuerda que los que tienen DACA que se vence antes del 5 de marzo del 2018 tienen hasta el 5 de octubre de 2017 para solicitar la renovación.
  • Audiencia popular: ¿Got milk? ¡No sin inmigrantes, alto AB190! miércoles, 27 de septiembre, 10:30am en el Capitolio estatal en Madison. Los autobuses salen de Voces Milwaukee a las 8am. ¡Ni policías ni sheriffs no deben actuar como ICE! Ven para hablar en sobre el impacto destructivo que AB190 tendría sobre nuestras comunidades y la economía de Wisconsin, particularmente la industria lechera. En lugar de convertir a la policía en ICE, Scott Walker debe devolver las licencias de conducir a los inmigrantes.
Llame a Voces al 414-643-1620 para más información. ¡Aquí estamos y no nos vamos!

Fight For $15 Fighter Yasmin Fernandez’s Spirit Will Live Forever!

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of our sister, Yasmin Fernandez.

Originally from Mexico, Yasmin came to this country in 2006 and worked as a fast food worker for over 11 years. She was a passionate advocate for her co-workers and community and instrumental in building the Fight for 15 movement in San Jose.

Help Yasmin’s family deal with this unexpected tragedy

YasminAn LGBTQ Latinx immigrant, fearless leader, and tireless organizer, Yasmin embodied everything this movement stands for.

On Thursday September 14, Yasmin collapsed while working sick (due to short staff) and had a heart attack. After being rushed to the hospital she fell into a coma. After doctors determined that she would not regain consciousness, and with the the approval of her family and partner, Yasmin was removed from life support and passed away peacefully.

Please give today and help Yasmin’s family defray the cost of her untimely funeral.

For me, her passing is more than tragically losing a union Sister. Yasmin was my partner and my inspiration to go on strike and fight for what we deserve. She fought for union rights because she didn’t want any worker to be forced to work sick, be paid poverty wages, or be denied basic human dignity on the job.

I ask that you honor her strength, integrity and intention by giving generously to help defray the costs of reuniting Yasmin with her family in Mexico so her family can celebrate her life.

Every amount and every kind comment is deeply appreciated and helps.

Rest in power, Yasmin.

Blanca Rodriguez
Fight for 15 NorCal

Trump administration reluctant to end racism, hate crimes

The rising racism and hate crimes in the United States and President Donald Trump’s reluctance to condemn white supremacy underscore that the American people need to mobilize to eliminate bigotry and discrimination, an African American journalist in Detroit says.

“The United States was founded on racism [and] the forced removal and extermination of the indigenous Native American people, the enslavement of millions and upon millions of Africans,” said Abayomi Azikiwe, editor at the Pan-African News Wire.

“This has to end. We cannot trust the federal government to bring it to an end and people themselves must rally and organize to defeat racism once and for all,” Azikiwe said in a phone interview with Press TV on Wednesday.

“This rise of racism is coming from the White House, it’s coming from Wall Street, it’s coming from the higher echelons of society in the United States and impacting people all the way down in regards to their social status,” he added.

“This is something that has to be addressed by the federal government inside the United States and in the absence of any effective action by the federal government, the people in the United States themselves must mobilize and organize; to stand against racism and defeat racism once and for all,” Azikiwe said.

“There is definitely a sharp rise in hate crimes throughout the United States. These crimes are not just being committed in smaller towns or rural areas, the highest concentration of crime increase are in larger cities,” he noted.

Read More:

Hate crimes have spiked by almost 20 percent in major US cities so far in 2017, after increasing by 5 percent nationally last year, fueled by the election of President Donald Trump, according to a new study.

The number of hate crimes in 13 US cities with a population of over 250,000 rose to 827 incidents, up 19.9 percent from 690 reported during the same period last year, according to police data compiled by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University at San Bernardino.

Trump’s divisive anti-immigration policies have reinvigorated white nationalist groups across the US.

Trump was widely criticized for equivocating in his condemnation of the Charlottesville incident, placing the blame on the “many sides” rather than specifically criticizing the white supremacists who gathered for the rally and marched through the town at night carrying flaming torches and calling out slogans reminiscent of fascist displays in Nazi Germany.