We Remember Chairman Fred Hampton, Commandante from the People!

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Hampton Institute

Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were assassinated in a coordinated effort by Chicago PD, Cook County SWAT, and the FBI on this day (December 4) in 1969.

Chairman Fred was only 21 years old when he was killed. He died advocating for *international proletarian revolution* by all means necessary, posing as the ultimate threat to capitalism/imperialism, colonialism, and white supremacy:

“We got to face some facts. That the masses are poor, that the masses belong to what you call the lower class, and when I talk about the masses, I’m talking about the white masses, I’m talking about the black masses, and the brown masses, and the yellow masses, too.

We’ve got to face the fact that some people say you fight fire best with fire, but we say you put fire out best with water. We say you don’t fight racism with racism. We’re gonna fight racism with solidarity. We say you don’t fight capitalism with no black capitalism; you fight capitalism with socialism.”

He accomplished much in only a few years. The most meaningful way to celebrate his life is to not only carry on the struggle, but WIN it. The working classes of the world must do this collectively. And the working class within the global epicenter of capitalism/imperialism (the US) must do this as a united force, by breaking down the artificial barriers that plague us, once and for all.

All power to the people.

Drop The Charges On Dedan Waciuri, Stop The Attack On Our Community!

SIGN PETITION: https://bit.ly/3g9KjmA

Dedan Waciuri was raised in the struggle by his mother, Greenville organizer, Willie Carol Roberts. Her involvement in the Black Workers for Justice and the Coalition Against Racism has inspired and motivated Dedan throughout his nine years of community organizing. He has cultivated a valuable network of organizers including BWFJ, CAR, and the Black Alliance for Peace. These organizations fight for affordable housing, a civilian police review board, and an end to police brutality. This has culminated in the founding of Mapinduzi this summer.

On May 31, 2020, the people of Greenville gathered to protest the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and police brutality in America. Dedan attended the event with a megaphone, a list of demands, and the support of the community.  At this rally, Dedan spoke to a crowd of 300 people about the overwhelming police presence in majority Black and brown communities here in Greenville. Police responded to Dedan and to the people’s right to free speech with the violent use of tear gas against protestors in an attempt to silence them. Following the rally, Dedan was targeted because of his dedicated organizing efforts for police accountability and Black Liberation and was arrested on bogus, trumped-up charges including “inciting a riot” and “damage to government property”. These charges are being used to silence Black dissent in Eastern North Carolina and make an example of those who speak out against oppressive systems.

Greenville police and other state agencies have continuously made targets out of activists who speak up for Black lives. This is the city’s response to a community organizer and a political attack on the people’s democratic right to free speech. This is an attempt to suppress the voices of the people. 

We ask you to stand in full solidarity with Dedan Waciuri and with all other political prisoners of state repression. 


Scientists and Historians Uncover Further Details of Racist 1921 Tulsa Massacre


By Abayomi Azikiwe Global Research, December 01, 2020

During World War I (1914-1918) and the immediately following years (1919-1921), racial tensions escalated inside the United States resulting in numerous efforts by white racists to contain and in many cases remove the presence of African Americans.

One of the most violent disturbances occurred in late May and early June of 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma where it is estimated that approximately 300 people were massacred when white mobs, which included law-enforcement agents and National Guard, assaulted the socially burgeoning and self-reliant Black community.

In recent months, forensic specialists and archaeologists have been engaged in attempts to locate unmarked mass graves where some of the victims were buried. Since July, scientists believe that some of the remains have been located and are seeking the legal requirements necessary to conduct further exhumations and testing.

Phoebe Stubblefield, a forensic anthropologist, has been involved in revealing the truth surrounding the massacre for over two decades. She was present at the Oaklawn cemetery, where the victims are said to have been buried, when the first indications of the remains were found in coffins.

The business district along Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa had become known as “Black Wall Street” due to its thriving independent small businesses which largely served an African American community forced by segregation laws to remain insulated. Despite its adherence to the strict edicts of Jim Crow, the white ruling class interests apparently felt threatened by the initiatives of African Americans who had built their own small enterprises, independent religious institutions, and other organizations.

The centenary of this horrendous series of events slated to be commemorated in another six months, has prompted a reexamination of the Tulsa massacre, falsely described in years past as a “riot.” The only “riot” which took place was the invasion of the African American community by armed racist mobs which looted and burned homes, churches and businesses, while murdering hundreds of people. Thousands of Black people were placed in an open-air detention facility in the aftermath of the events where many remained for several days… https://bit.ly/3qrxvfZ

Starting December 4, 11 & 18, 2020: Justice For Jacob! Convict Cop Sheskey! Stop Police Terror!

Justice For Jacob

Meet at the Courhouse, 900 57th Street, at 7 P.M.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Friday, December 11, 2020

Friday, December 18, 2020

Come out to our Kenosha caravan and keep the pressure on our elected officials to make a decission in the Jacob Blake case. We will continue to make our voices heard throughout Kenosha!

Plan to meet outside the Courthouse, 900 57th Street at 7 P.M. and receive further instructions about the route. Dress warmly and wear a mask. We can provide signs. Bring your loudness and your peers to support!

#justiceforjacob #kenosha

Freedom Inc, December 3, 2020: (Online) BLAQ Table Talk

Hosted by Freedom Inc

Join us for a 3-Part Series on Thursdays starting Dec 3rd! This is a closed space for Black LGBTQIA+ folks to heal, build relationships, and get connected to resources. Registration links below! Sign up early to receive a care package that has everything you need to make the most out of these three events. 12/3: NAVIGATING HEALING AND HOUSING
Dec 3rd: bit.ly/BLAQhousing
Join us as we learn how to navigate the instability that pandemic housing has brought into our lives. We’ll hear your concerns, answer your questions, and help you stay on your feet. 12/10: QUEER RELATIONSHIPS AND SELF-EXPRESSION
Dec 10th: bit.ly/BLAQrelationships
What do sex, intimacy, and expression look like during a pandemic? We’ll be talking through the challenges and triumphs of the times for queer folks of color with perspectives from those of us who have partners and those who know the ins and outs of safe, healthy sex. Above all, this is a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of our queer selves.12/17: PAINT & SIP & HOLIDAY JOY
Dec 17th: bit.ly/BLAQholiday
For this week, we’ll be joined by our own Sami Schalk as we find and embrace joy during the holidays. Dress up, get cozy, and take a sip with us as we paint away our worries. Our work is important, but so is relaxing and remembering all of the things that bring us happiness.

Hands Off Venezuela! No U.S. Backed Coup!


December 8: Venezuela Votes in Defiance of US Calls for Election Boycott: The Meaning of the Results with Jesus Rodriguez and William Camacaro. Sponsored by Chicago ALBA Solidarity, Orinoco Tribune, Task Force on the Americas, Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York, Frente para la Defensa de los Pueblos Hugo Chavez, Alliance for Global Justice


1 Demand full respect for international law and respect for Venezuela’s right to self-determination and sovereignty.
2 Reject  any form of interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs.
3 Condemn  illegal, violent and unconstitutional attempts to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro.
4 Support dialogue between the government and the opposition, initiated by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and continuing now in the aftermath of the May 20 elections.
5 Demand that Washington lift sanctions and restore full diplomatic relations with the US based on mutual respect.