What’s Next for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock?


We, the below stated, are a coalition of grassroots groups living and working in the Dakota Access resistance camps along the Cannon Ball River in Oceti Sakowin treaty lands.

Sacred Stone Camp | Indigenous Environmental Network  International Indigenous Youth Council |  Honor the Earth

The following is a coalition statement on the next steps for the #NoDAPL fight:

As we reflect on the decision by the US Army (NOT the US Army Corps) to suspend the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) river crossing easement and conduct a limited Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the resistance camps at Standing Rock are making plans for the next phase of this movement.

Amsterdam News: All roads lead to Philadelphia for Mumia December 9

Amsterdam News: http://bit.ly/2h3cmYq


By Saeed Shabazz

Supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal, imprisoned since 1981 for the death of a white policeman, plan to gather in Philadelphia to march and rally for his freedom. He has spent 35 years in prison. Abu-Jamal was tried, convicted and sentenced to death for allegedly murdering police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1982. He spent three decades in isolation on Death Row. The Philadelphia district attorney announced he was giving up on Abu-Jamal’s death sentence.

Abu-Jamal, a celebrated writer and radio journalist and author of six books and hundreds of columns and articles, remains in a Pennsylvania prison serving life without parole. His supporters argue that his health is failing because of hepatitis C and polluted water within SCI Mahanoy and Frackville prison.

“Friday’s rally is about Mumia’s life and death,” argued Dr. Suzanne Ross, a New York member of the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal. “We are alarmed. It has been more than a year since his health has been in decline because of the hepatitis C.” She said the second major health issue was the black oily water that prisoners had to drink.

Ross said that Abu-Jamal complained constantly of the itching of his skin, allegedly because of the reaction to the medication the prison provides for his condition. “There is a legal suit concerning Mumia getting the right treatment since December 2015,” Ross said.

Activists note that there are estimated to be 7,000 people with hepatitis C in the Pennsylvania prison system.

Joe Piette, of the International Action Center-Philadelphia Chapter explained to the AmNews that there is a sense of urgency with the new administration threatening to bring heavier charges against activists. “Over the years government has been pushing back of the 1950s and 1960s, now they have a green light to turn back the clock,” Piette said.

“We have a critical situation with Mumia’s health, the disease is curable, but he is being denied the medications,” stated Baba Zayid, a Newark New Jersey spokesman for several activists organizations. Speaking of the Dec. 9 rally, he added. “This is going to be quite an affair.”

The Dec. 9 rally is more important than the rally to get Abu-Jamal off death row, according to Pam Africa. “With this hepatitis C it is clear that they are trying to kill Mumia,” she told the AmNews, noting the he has had diarrhea for more than two months, Africa added, “They are also saying that the pills he is getting could also cause suicidal tendencies. Friday is very important!”

People will first gather at the statue of controversial mayor and former police chief, Frank Rizzo, in Thomas Paine Plaza near 15th Street and JFK Plaza at 3 p.m. The march to Gov. Tom Wolf’s office starts at 3:45 p.m., with a stop in front of the district attorney’s office. The inside rally will be at Arch Street United Methodist Church, beginning at 6 p.m.

Call Baba Zayid for bus information @ 973-202-0745.



Statement From the Fight for $15 on Expected Nomination of Andy Puzder as Labor Secretary

For Immediate Release

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fight for $15


Jack Temple,
Email: jack.temple@berlinrosen.com
Phone: (646) 200-5280

Statement From the Fight for $15 on Expected Nomination of Andy Puzder as Labor Secretary


In response to reports that Donald Trump will nominate Andy Puzder as U.S. Secretary of Labor, the Fight for $15 released the following statement from Carl’s Jr. cook Rogelio Hernandez from Santa Monica, Calif. and Hardee’s cashier Lacretia Jones from Richmond, Va.:

“Putting one of the worst fast-food CEOs in charge of national labor policy sends a signal to workers that the Trump years are going to be about low pay, wage theft, sexual harassment and racial discrimination. Instead of taking on the rigged economy, it seems like Trump wants to rig it up even more. Puzder is paid more in one day than we each make in one year working at his restaurant chains, and that’s the way he wants to keep it. Puzder is against unions, calls the minimum wage and overtime ‘restrictions’ and employees ‘extra cost,’ and even said he wants to fire workers like us and replace us with machines that can’t take vacations or sue their employers when they break the law. It doesn’t matter who the labor secretary is, the Fight for $15 won’t back down for one minute in our demands for $15 an hour and union rights for all workers. If Trump is going to be a President for the fast food corporations instead of for the fast food workers he is going to be on the wrong side of history.”


Fast food workers are coming together all over the country to fight for $15 an hour and the right to form a union without retaliation. We work for corporations that are making tremendous profits, but do not pay employees enough to support our families and to cover basic needs like food, health care, rent and transportation.


December 30: Detroit Activists Year-End Pot-Luck Dinner & Celebration

Join activists from the Moratorium NOW! Coalition, Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI), Detroit Active and Retired Employees Association (DAREA), and Detroit FIST – Fight Imperialism, Stand Together, and Workers World Party for the annual year’s end pot-luck dinner and celebration/commemoration of another fierce year of struggles.

Please come and relax and enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of fellow activists as we break bread together and celebrate another year of anti-capitalist struggle.

Please bring a dish or beverage to share.

Call Lula 313-587-7845 for dish suggestions or to see if anyone else may be preparing the same dish as you are. In any case, please let Lula know what you are bringing so that we will know what food groups my be missing.

For other questions, please call 313-680-5508

Washington D.C., January 20: Make It Ungovernable! Protest the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC

ALL OUT to Washington, DC, January 20 to PROTEST the Presidential InaugurationAfter the most divisive, racist, misogynist, contentious presidential campaign in modern history, Monica Moorehead for President and Lamont Lilly for Vice President urge everyone to converge in Washington, D.C., on Friday, Jan. 20 to protest the inauguration of the next president.No matter who wins the 2016 election, the people must take to the streets. This election year proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the capitalist system cannot represent the interests of the people. It revealed that democracy under capitalism is a sham.While Trump and Clinton were fighting among themselves, often like children, Black and Brown people continued to be shot by racist police. Neither candidate ever expressed genuine support for the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement, essential in this period of police terrorism.


Clearly Donald Trump has galvanized racist, right-wing, anti-immigrant thugs. These elements have been stoked, and they will not likely crawl back into the gutter. But we cannot give up on all these workers. They have been misled by Trump, and we should struggle to win their hearts and minds.

Misogyny ultimately became a major issue this election season. At the heart of the “Trumpite” sexism against Hillary Clinton is not just hatred of women, but racism that is central to their odious ideology.

These forces are not reconciled to the historical fact that the first Black president was elected. They erroneously fear the “browning of America.” They think migrants are changing the fabric of “their” society and that they steal jobs, when in fact it is the corporations that lay off and shut factories.

The answer is solidarity and unity of all those who work and struggle for a living. Our enemy is not in the factory or the office but in the board room.

Neither Trump nor Clinton have a real program to address unemployment or underemployment. Neither will order the banks to put families back into foreclosed homes or to lower rents. Neither will unilaterally cancel the student debt. Neither will stop anti-LGBTQ laws from sweeping the country.

Trump is a dangerous buffoon. But Hillary Clinton is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Her political history is one of war and intervention. She is responsible, along with others, for the coup in Honduras and for war in Libya and Syria. She is historically aligned with the forces that dismantled welfare and led to mass incarceration.

As the economic crisis deepens, what can we expect? Under capitalism not only more of the same, but an intensification of all the ills that are byproducts of capitalism: war, racism, sexism, islamopho¬bia and the exploitation of all workers.

It is very likely that Hillary Clinton will win the election as she has proven her ability to well represent the 1%. We can be assured that in her first 100 days, there will be an escalation of war.

What’s the solution? Unity in fightback! Only our solidarity can push back the 1%! What matters is not who is in the White House, but in the streets.

We urge everyone – Black, Latinx, Native, Arab, Asian and white, women, trans people and men, young and old, queer or straight, documented or undocumented, people with disabilities, in a union or not, of every faith and belief from around the country – to converge in Washington on Friday, Jan. 20.

Join tens of thousands to present a people’s agenda!

Bus or travel information to Washington TBA
Visit http://www.workers.org/wwp/all-out-to-washington-dc-january-20-to-protest-the-presidential-inauguration/
or call 917-740-2628


Milwaukee, December 13: Protest Against Trump “Thank You” Rally

5:30 p.m., Wisconsin State Fair Expo Center, 8200 W Greenfield Ave, West Allis, WI 53214

Trump and Pence will be holding a “Thank You” rally in West Allis on Tuesday, December 13. The people of Milwaukee County have nothing to be thankful for with their agenda.

The Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump (MCAT) is calling on everyone who has something at stake with the incoming Trump presidency to join us in driving him and his hateful agenda from our hometown.