Chicago, July 16, 2018: Justice for Harith “Snoop” Rally

Hosted by Black Lives Matter Chicago and Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

Justice for Harith “Snoop” Rally

71st and Jeffery, Chicago, 6 P.M. 

No justice, no peace!
Come out Monday at 6 to demand justice for Harith “Snoop” Augustus. He was shot and killed in South Shore. he was a barber, beloved community member, and father of a 5 year old daughter. He was shot 7 times in the back because officers said he was “exhibiting the characteristics of an armed man”

When people began to protest at the scene on 71st and Jeffrey, CPD responded by aggressively pushing the crowd. They jumped their own barricades to beat protesters with batons. There were 100 police officers using full force against peaceful demonstrators. People were shoved and attacked, and some people were arrested. Check out this twitter thread from Nader Issa, Suntimes Reporter, for videos and pics from Saturday night:

We demand:
-the release of the officer’s name
-her immediate arrest
-the release of the names of all officers that attacked protesters last night and their arrest
-drop the charges against all protesters

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Milwaukee, August 2, 2018: Prison Strike General Assembly

Prison Strike General Assembly

Milwaukee IWW

1015 N 10th Street, Milwaukee, 5:30 – 7:30 P.M. 

Prisoners across the country are planning a massive strike and
inside-prison protest from August 21- September 9 of this year. Outside solidarity is essential to protect the prison rebels and for this action to achieve its full potential.

We will be gathering over the course of the summer to build strong
support here in Milwaukee, home of the highest incarceration rates the the world, the greatest racial disparities in the US, and the main fuel for Wisconsin’s exceptionally torturous and terrible prison system.

Come to the General Assemblies to share ideas, gain resources, find fellow-thinkers and learn updates about the strike as it develops and unfolds.

The third GA will be August 2nd during a day of action for the #CLOSEmsdfCampaign. More details for that day will be coming soon. Future assemblies will be scheduled every week or so, until the strike.

Read national demands by prisoner leaders here:

Learn more recent history, context, and strategy for the strike here:

IWOC (a committee of the IWW) is only hosting this facebook event, the general assembly is a decentralized and totally horizontal space for people from any organization as well as unaffiliated people. We encourage people to engage in diverse forms of strike support through informal organization and affinity groups. Read more here:

Remember, this is an open and public event, no one is controlling,
limiting or vouching for everyone who attends. Practice good security:

Milwaukee, July 19, 2018: Community Forum: Restoring Driver Licenses to Wisc. Immigrants

Hosted by Voces de la Frontera

Community Forum: Restoring Driver Licenses to Wisc. Immigrants

1027 S 5th Street, Milwaukee, 6 – 7 P.M. 

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Restoring Access to Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants in Wisconsin
Thursday, July 19th, 6pm
1027 S 5th St, Milwaukee
Special guests State Rep. David Crowley, Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa

Join us on July 19th at 6pm at Voces to plan the fight to restore driver licenses for immigrants in Wisconsin!

In the 2019 Wisconsin legislative session, State Representatives JoCasta Zamarripa and David Crowley will introduce legislation to ensure that the right to drive in Wisconsin is not denied to anyone based on their immigration status or income.

Since 2007 following the implementation of Jim Sensenbrenner’s federal REAL ID legislation, immigrants have been unable to obtain or renew a driver’s license in Wisconsin. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of US Citizens in Wisconsin have had their licenses suspended or revoked solely because they lack the money to pay punitive fines, and not due to any traffic points violations.

Denying Wisconsinites the right to drive makes our roads less safe and harms our economy. Lack of driver licenses for immigrants has increased racial profiling and led to the separation of immigrant families.

Under Trump, ICE agents have increasingly targeted people stopped for driving without a license. ICE has gone to people’s homes, detained people at work, and arrested people coming to the courthouse to pay fines. Police and sheriffs in some places have arrested community members for driving without a license and turned them over directly to ICE. It has to stop.

¡Queremos licencias! Join us on July 19th to begin this campaign. Visit for more info.
Devolviendo el acceso a las licencias de conducir para inmigrantes en Wisconsin
Jueves, 19 de julio, 6pm
1027 S 5th St, Milwaukee
Invitados especiales representantes estatales David Crowley y JoCasta Zamarripa

¡Únase a nosotros el 19 de julio a las 6pm en Voces para planificar la lucha para restaurar las licencias de conducir para los inmigrantes en Wisconsin!

En la sesión legislativa de 2019 en Wisconsin, los representantes estatales JoCasta Zamarripa y David Crowley presentarán legislación para garantizar que el derecho de conducir en Wisconsin no es negado a nadie sólo por su estatus migratorio o ingresos.

Desde el 2007, después de la implementación de la legislación federal REAL ID de Jim Sensenbrenner, los inmigrantes no han podido obtener ni renovar una licencia de conducir en Wisconsin. Al mismo tiempo, cientos de miles de ciudadanos estadounidenses han sufrido la suspensión o revocación de sus licencias únicamente porque carecen el dinero para pagar multas punitivas, y no debido a infracciones de puntos de tráfico.

Negando el derecho de conducir en Wisconsin aumenta el peligro en las carreteras y perjudica nuestra economía. La falta de licencias de conducir para inmigrantes ha aumentado el perfil racial y la separación de familias inmigrantes.

Con Trump, los agentes de ICE han perseguido a personas paradas por manejar sin licencia. ICE ha ido a las casas de las personas, ha detenido a personas en el trabajo y ha arrestado a personas que han ido a las cortes para pagar multas. Policías y sheriffs han arrestado a miembros de la comunidad por conducir sin licencia y los han entregado a ICE. Esto no es aceptable.

¡Queremos licencias! Únase a nosotros el 19 de julio para comenzar esta campaña. Visita para más información.