Milwaukee, September 24, 2021: Tell Senator Baldwin, the People Demand No Evictions! Cancel the Rents and Mortgages!

Facebook Event:

633 W Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, 5:30 P.M.

Join us, alongside people across the country, responding to a call from the national housing rights campaign Cancel the Rents!
☆ When: Friday September 24, 2021 at 5:30pm
☆ Where: Clark Building (633 West Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203)
☆ Congress pass an indefinite moratorium on all evictions that covers every renter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and across the country.
☆ Authorities at every level speed up the distribution of rental relief funds.
☆ Congress cancel the rents and wipe out all rent and mortgage debt accumulated during the pandemic.

Class Action housing is a human right and homeless ...

September 24 – October 2, 2021: Week of Action for Haitian Refugees!


Biden: Halt Your Racist Border Patrol and Stop the Whippings and

Racist Deportations NOW!

Moratorium NOW! Coalition

Emergency Week of Actions for Haitian Refugees!

Biden: Halt Your Racist Border Patrol and Stop the Whippings and

Racist Deportations NOW!

When: Friday September 24 – October 2nd

Who/What: Progressive organizations and activists in solidarity with Haitian refugees facing life-threatening conditions and brutal racist terror by U.S. policies and Klan-like border patrol agents will be holding protests around the country demanding the Biden Administration end those policies and State terror at the border.

Under the direction of the Biden Administration, Border Patrol agents – as if playing in a movie scene from Roots or 12-Years-A-Slave, and bringing to life some of the worst atrocities during the Antebellum South – have been caught on video whipping Haitian refugees while invoking Donald Trump’s words about their country being a “sh..hole country.”

You would think that this shocking display of white supremacy and criminal racism would bring at least a defensive reaction from the Biden Administration – but no serious condemnation nor prosecution, nor firings have occurred. And, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris maintain a deafening silence. This means that the horror the world has witnessed will continue, and possibly escalate, if no response is felt from the people of this country and the world condemning such actions.

What we’ve witnessed is part of the racist immigration policies from both the Democratic and Republican Administrations and in this particular case reflects the rarely used public health law, Title 42, enacted by former President Donald Trump. Trump attempted to use the law to justify his administration’s desire to end the basic international human right of seeking legal asylum under the cover of the pandemic. Biden, who pledged a more humane immigration policy during his election campaign is now fighting to keep the policy alive, also using the excuse of the pandemic while many physicians and immigrant organizations have countered this argument. Creating safety protocols and vaccinations at the border would be far easier and cheaper than further militarizing the border and flying hundreds of Haitians back to Haiti on a daily basis, which is being done today.

As with all refugees and migrants coming from the Americas to the U.S., they are escaping conditions in their countries created by the economic and militarized warfare of the U.S. – ensuring agricultural and political dominance to maintain the profits of multinational corporations here. And, in the case of Haiti, the colonial relationship of economic sabotage and denial of any real democratic process continues from 1915 – when the first US occupation and massacre of Haitians began – to now. In fact, the Haitian refugees coming today are escaping the devastation of an earthquake in a country with little emergency safety and health infrastructure and political turmoil from a recent presidential assassination that, either indirectly or directly, resulted from U.S. Influence.

The Haitian people have a proud history of helping to bring about an ending to colonialism in Latin America with their military and political assistance to liberators like Simon Bolivar. Their first constitution, after inspiring slaves all over the world in 1804 by defeating Napoleon and becoming the first successful slave revolution, was copied throughout Latin America as an amazing example of democracy. And, the Haitian war of liberation against the French helped secure vital territory for the ruling class of the U.S. in the 1800’s. So, the Haitians are owed.Instead of deportations and denial of their humanity, the U.S. should immediately end its violations of international human rights and end the selectively brutal racism in regards to African peoples, including the treatment of Haitian people with the denial of their history of great political and economic contributions to the Americas.

The following signers demand:

-Immediate firing and prosecution of all those responsible for the whipping and hate speech used against Haitian refugees witnessed by the documented videos of various news organizations including Al Jazeera

-Provide permanent shelter and health care, including access to Covid-19 vaccinations to all arrivals at the border.

-Extend Temporary Protection Status indefinitely for those facing deportations

-Provide asylum to all arrivals

-End the use of Title 42 to deny humane immigration policies and its racist and selective use of justifying the denial for the majority of non-European peoples

Initial Endorsers for this and National Actions include:

Union del Barrio; Puerto Rican Alliance; National Young Lords Organization; BAYAN-Socal; AIM – SoCal; Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement; Moratorium Now and MECAWI of Detroit, MI; OCCUPY ICE – LA; Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice; Socialist Unity Party; F Christophe Silvera – Nat’l Secretary Treasurer Local 808 Teamsters; Clarence Thomas, author Organizing In Our Own Name; Million Worker March; Peoples Power Assembly – Baltimore.

*All actions are encouraged to adhere to safety protocols of masks and social distancing.

Detroit, September 24, 2021: Stop the Brutality and Deportations: Justice for the People of Haiti

Facebook Event:

Moratorium NOW! Coalition

Stop the Brutality and Illegal Deportations: Justice for the People of Haiti

United States special envoy to Haiti, Daniel Foote, handed in his resignation on Sept. 23 saying he could not be associated with the policies of the administration of President Joe Biden as it relates to the treatment of Haitian migrants camped out in squalid conditions on the Texas-Mexico border.

Haitians are being deported without any access to the legal protections given to refugees attempting to escape from political turmoil and economic hardships.

Thousands of Haitian migrants have been confined to the Texas-Mexico border for days awaiting a United States government decisions on whether they have a right to asylum. Images of these families, many with small children, have prompted condemnations from throughout the U.S. and the world.

We are calling upon all people of conscience to join us for a press conference and demonstration at the Immigration and Border Patrol offices located on East Jefferson at Mt. Elliot in Detroit on Fri. Sept. 24 beginning at 4:00pm EDT.U.S. Border Patrol agents have been photographed beating and intimidating Haitian migrants utilizing horses and what appears to be whips. These images impact the collective consciousness of African Americans and other people of color who have been subjected to centuries of enslavement, colonialism and racial oppression.

The administration of President Joe Biden must immediately end this policy of law-enforcement abuse and disregard of the rights to due process and equal treatment of those fleeing persecution and impoverishment.

What the Department of Homeland Security is doing violates both domestic and international law. This is a Civil Rights and foreign policy problem that must be solved by the U.S. since it has a centuries-long history of exploitation and interference in the internal affairs of the Caribbean-island nation of Haiti.

We are demanding immediate Temporary Protected Status and a path to residency for Haitian migrants entering the U.S. The socioeconomic conditions in Haiti as a result of the recent earthquake and hurricane along with the obligation of Washington to address the long historical process of the destabilization and domination of Haiti, must be rectified by government and economic interests. 

May be an image of 1 person, horse and outdoors
On the banks of the Rio Grande U.S. Border Patrol whips and charges Haitian migrants.

Rainbow of Speakers from Across North America Scheduled to Speak at Manitowoc MLK Freedom School ‘All Labor Has Dignity!’ Event September 23, 2021

From: MLK Day Manitowoc

We’re happy to announce we have quite the lineup for our All Labor Has Dignity! (Si Se Puede!, Union, Yes!, No Borders in the Workers’ Struggle!) September 23, 2021 program:

  • Pastor Matthew Sauer (Manitowoc, First Presbyterian Church),
  • Sister Amirah Franzen (MLK Day Manitowoc),
  • Brother Andre Walton (Executive Director, Our Wisconsin Revolution, Sheboygan),
  • Sister Sarah Torres (Detroit Cultural Artist and Moratorium Now Coalition),
  • Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly and Family Farm Defender representatives,
  • Brother Clarence Thomas (Oakland, International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10, Retired and Million Workers March),
  • Hector Urrutia (Denver Cultural Artist and People’s Activists),
  • Gerry Scoppettulo, (Boston Pride At Work) and much more! –

Livestreamed via MLK Day Manitowoc and in-person at the Manitowoc Public Library, 707 Quay Street at 6 P.M. (Central)


The MLK Freedom School will consist of four speaker panel events (Zoom and In-Person) in the Fall of 2021. Freedom School Facebook Link:

The MLK Freedom School is in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mrs. Coretta Scott King and their civil and human rights legacy. The Freedom School, taking place in Fall 2021, in Manitowoc, will feature events that detail the central focuses of the King’s lives and how their contributions inspire poor and working people today to build a better world. There’ll be featured speakers from Wisconsin and across North America and opportunities to become engaged in today’s civil and human rights activities. All events will have cultural components.

MLK Day Manitowoc / Flyer by Mr. Aaron Bailey

Unnatural Disasters: Hurricane Ida, Western Wildfires and Carnegie’s Johnstown Flood

By Chris Fry

1889 was a long time ago, 132 years to be precise, spanning many generations. Yet the terrible Johnstown Pennsylvania flood of that year and the climate-change spawned firestorms in the West and the deadly hurricanes this year, particularly Hurricane Ida, link these disasters to a common source. All of these can be traced to the utter contempt that the “captains of industry”, the “wizards of high finance”, then and now,  have for the producers of all their wealth, the workers and oppressed.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania lies in a deep river gorge, deepest in the eastern U.S., in the Allegheny Mountain range. It is where the Stony Creek and Little Conemaugh rivers meet to form the Conemaugh River. During the U.S. industrial revolution, starting in the 1850’s, it became the site of the largest steel-making operations in the country, bigger than Pittsburgh or Cleveland.

Some of the steel plants in the area were owned and managed by super-wealthy Andrew Carnegie and his fellow parasite, Henry Clay Frick. These multi-millionaires (billionaires in today’s money) were the Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Tesla’s Elon Musk of their day – using every corrupt method to create monopolies and being extremely anti-union….

Johnstown, PA flood of 1889
Johnstown, PA flood of 1889. | Photo:

Milwaukee, September 20, 2021: Voces de la Frontera Press Conference, Response to Parliamentarian Ruling

Immigrants and Allies Demand Democrats Deliver on Citizenship After Parliamentarian Ruling

Over 100 Wisconsin Immigrant Essential Workers, Dreamers, Allies Hold Rally in Milwaukee Before Departing to D.C. for National Mobilization

(MILWAUKEE, WI) – On Sunday evening the Senate Parliamentarian issued an opinion excluding a pathway to citizenship for essential workers, farmworkers, Dreamers and TPS recipients in the Build Back Better reconciliation bill. 

Statement from Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera: “It’s important to know that the Parliamentarian’s decision to not include citizenship for essential workers, Dreamers, TPS holders and farmworkers in the reconciliation bill is not a done deal. The Senate Parliamentarian is an attorney and not an elected member of Congress. This opinion is wrong because three out of four immigrants in this country are essential workers in this pandemic. A path to citizenship is needed to not just protect them but to ensure all of us are safe and fed, and to keep our economy running.  

Democrats in Congress can choose to disregard this erroneous opinion or find a different path through the reconciliation process. All Democrats in Congress voted to support this already in August. Senator Schumer will be engaging the Parliamentarian to explore other proposals to deliver on citizenship. 

As we organize a national action in DC, the timing couldn’t be better. It’s a mass movement that’s got us this far and it is a mass movement that is going to deliver citizenship this year. We’ve voted, we’ve protested, and we’ve gone on strike to have our humanity recognized and we will continue to do whatever’s necessary to win citizenship this year. Democrats were elected to use their majority power to deliver on citizenship and that’s what they have to do.”

What: Today, Monday, September 2o, over 100 immigrant essential workers, Dreamers and allies from across Wisconsin will gather in Milwaukee to hold a Send Off Rally and Press Conference before departing for an overnight bus trip to Washington D.C. to participate in a national, mass march for citizenship on Tuesday, 9/21. Thousands are expected to attend the mass march in D.C. on Tuesday as Congress returns from August and demand that they pass the Build Back Better human infrastructure bill that includes $107 billion for a path to citizenship. A smaller delegation will join national lobbying efforts on September 22 and participate in a national “Communities Not Cages” day of action to call on President Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas to demand an end inhumane immigration enforcement on September 23. 

When: Monday, September 20, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. CST 

Where: New Voces de la Frontera office at 733 W. Historic Mitchell St, Milwaukee, WI

The event will also be streamed via Facebook live at

Interview Opportunities:

  • Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera
  • Hiram Rabadan, immigrant essential worker, auto mechanic, father from Fond du Lac traveling to D.C.
  • Eduardo Perea, Sr., immigrant essential worker and father from Milwaukee traveling to D.C.
  • Katherine Villanueva, Milwaukee high school student, daughter of immigrant essential workers traveling to D.C. 


For more information: Anna Dvorak, 414-469-0118. 

Inmigrantes y aliados exigen que los demócratas cumplan con la ciudadanía después de la decisión mala del parlamentario

Más de 100 trabajadores esenciales inmigrantes de Wisconsin, soñadores y aliados realizan una manifestación en Milwaukee antes de partir a D.C. para la movilización nacional

(MILWAUKEE, WI) – El domingo por la noche, el parlamentario del Senado emitió una opinión que excluye un camino hacia la ciudadanía para trabajadores esenciales, trabajadores agrícolas, Dreamers y beneficiarios de TPS en el proyecto de ley de reconciliación Build Back Better.

Declaración de Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Directora Ejecutiva de Voces de la Frontera:

“Es importante saber que la decisión del parlamentario de no incluir la ciudadanía para los trabajadores esenciales, los Dreamers, los recipientes del TPS y los trabajadores agrícolas en el proyecto de ley de reconciliación no es un trato hecho. El parlamentario del Senado es un abogado y no un miembro electo del Congreso. Esta opinión es errónea porque tres de cada cuatro inmigrantes en este país son trabajadores esenciales en esta pandemia. Se necesita un camino hacia la ciudadanía no solo para protegerlos, sino para garantizar que todos estemos seguros y alimentados, y para mantener el funcionamiento de nuestra economía.

Los demócratas en el Congreso pueden optar por ignorar esta opinión errónea o encontrar un camino diferente a través del proceso de reconciliación. Todos los demócratas en el Congreso votaron para apoyar esto ya en agosto. El senador Schumer  involucrará al parlamentario para explorar otras propuestas para cumplir con la ciudadanía.

Mientras organizamos una acción nacional en DC, el momento no podría ser mejor. Es un movimiento de masas que nos ha llegado hasta aquí y es un movimiento de masas que va a entregar la ciudadanía este año. Hemos votado, hemos protestado y nos hemos declarado en huelga para que se reconozca nuestra humanidad y continuaremos haciendo lo que sea necesario para ganar la ciudadanía este año. Los demócratas fueron elegidos para usar su poder mayoritario para cumplir con la ciudadanía y eso es lo que tienen que hacer”.

Qué: Hoy, lunes 2 de septiembre, más de 100 trabajadores esenciales inmigrantes, Dreamers y aliados de todo Wisconsin se reunirán en Milwaukee para una despedida y una Conferencia de Prensa antes de partir para un viaje nocturno en autobús a Washington D.C. para participar en una marcha nacional masiva por la ciudadanía el martes, 9/21. Se espera que miles de personas asistan a la marcha masiva en D.C. el martes cuando el Congreso regrese a partir de agosto y exijan que aprueben el proyecto de ley de infraestructura humana Build Back Better que incluye $ 107 mil millones para un camino hacia la ciudadanía. Una delegación más pequeña se unirá a los esfuerzos nacionales de cabildeo el 22 de septiembre y participará en un día nacional de acción “Comunidades no jaulas” para pedir al presidente Biden y al secretario de Seguridad Nacional Mayorkas que exijan el fin de la deportación inhumana el 23 de septiembre. 

Cuándo: lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2021 a las 3:00 p.m. CST

Dónde: Nueva oficina de Voces de la Frontera en 733 W. Historic Mitchell St, Milwaukee, WI

El evento también se transmitirá a través de Facebook live en

Oportunidades de entrevista:

  • Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Directora Ejecutiva de Voces de la Frontera
  • Hiram Rabadan, trabajador esencial inmigrante, mecánico de automóviles, padre de Fond du Lac que viaja a D.C.
  • Eduardo Perea, Sr., trabajador esencial inmigrante en construcción y padre de Milwaukee que viaja a D.C.
  • Katherine Villanueva, estudiante de secundaria de Milwaukee, hija de trabajadores esenciales inmigrantes que viajan a D.C.


Para más información: Anna Dvorak, 414-469-0118. 

#TeachTheTruthWisconsin – a Week of Action for Racial Equity October 10-16, 2021

Have you picked a site of significance to uplift stories of racial justice in WI? First Unitarian Society of MadisonInterfaith Peace Working GroupLutheran Office for Public Policy in WisconsinWisconsin Council of ChurchesWisconsin Faith Voices for JusticeWISDOMMICAHMOSES; and Wisconsin Network for Peace, Justice, and Sustainability are encouraging Wisconsinites to select a site in your town or city that symbolizes or reflects history that that teachers would be unable to teach truthfully or have to omit if SB 411 and its companion bills become law. It could be identified by a historic marker, statue, archive, burial ground, or museum. There are also countless historic sites that are unmarked — such as a freeway that destroyed a neighborhood, a site of black resiliency, or a university building built by enslaved labor. 

Research the history of the site and create a poster using the provided template that relates that history. Then pick a date in the second week of October – let us know the date so we can put it on a calendar of events for the week to publicize.  On that date, bring your poster to the site and take a selfie holding up the poster. Give a brief talk or invite a teacher or historian to give a brief lecture, telling the history of the site and why it is important to know that history.

Please share your event on your social media and use the hashtag #TeachTheTruthWisconsin. Sign up here