Nationwide, December 1: NYC #HANDSUP #WALKOUT – NO School NO Work NO Business As Usual #SHUTITDOWNNYC against Racism & Police Brutality

If you believe #BlackandBrownLivesMatter then Come to Union SQ Monday December 1 starting at 12noon EST.

The movement in Ferguson, MO has called for people across the country to walk out of their jobs, schools, and homes starting at 12 pm CST in outrage over the murder of #MikeBrown and hundreds of people of color murdered by the police. Student,Worker, & Community groups are discussing plans for Walkout contingents to converge in Union SQ. on the Southside at 17th for an action.

WE ARE OPEN TO YOUR IDEAS & MULTIPLE SCENARIOS . PLEASE ADD FRIENDS TO THE PAGE Please let us know if you want to host and meet over the weekend. / /
We must keep the pressure on to demand an END to RACIST POLICE Terror in our communities. See & Sign on to National demands:


Update On The Legal Fight To #FreeRasmeaNow

From the Committee to Stop FBI Repression,

Ever since her unjust conviction on November 10th, Rasmea has been detained in St. Clair County Jail in Port Huron, Michigan. Three days later, her attorneys filed a motion calling on Judge Gershwin Drain to release her pending sentencing scheduled for March 10, 2015. Since our most recent update, the prosecution has filed a response to the motion, Rasmea’s lawyers have answered that filing, the National Lawyers Guild has filed its own friend of the court brief supporting Rasmea’s freedom, and hundreds of individuals and organizations from across the country have sent letters to the judge urging him to send Rasmea home.

We expect that Judge Drain will be deciding if Rasmea will be freed very soon, but are still calling on supporters to keep up the fight to #FreeRasmeaNow!

What you can do:

— Many of you have already submitted letters urging the judge to release Rasmea. We are still collecting individual and organizational letters to him. Use the sample letter and send your letters to right away.

— You have also sent letters to Rasmea, and this continues to be important. She has called her Chicago colleagues from jail a number of times, written letters, and has received a few visitors as well. Her spirits are high and she is looking forward to the next step in the fight for justice in her case. We encourage you to continue to send letters of support to Rasmea. (Please remember that prison authorities will read all of your letters.)
Rasmieh Odeh #144979
St. Clair County Jail
1170 Michigan
Port Huron, MI. 48060

— Fundraise and contribute to Rasmea’s commissary fund and to her ongoing defense. Donate at Commissary funds allow Rasmea to purchase food, blankets, writing materials, and other items to make her more comfortable in the jail. Expenses continue to mount for Rasmea’s legal defense and ongoing community organizing. We will file an appeal of this unjust verdict, and that will take resources.

— Spread the word! When publicizing on social media, use the hashtags #Justice4Rasmea and #FreeRasmeaNow.

Activists lock themselves to the doors of a federal building in Oakland, CA November 12, 2014 to demand the immediate freedom of Rasmea Odeh.

Activists lock themselves to the doors of a federal building in Oakland, CA November 12, 2014 to demand the immediate freedom of Rasmea Odeh. [Photo: Workers World]