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We are a part of the national Bail Out The People movement which formed in 2008 to fight against the bailouts to the banks. Since then we have been in numerous fights against poverty, racism and war. We demand that the people be bailed out not the banks, a moratorium on all foreclosures, a federal jobs program now and other demands. We have been participating in the Wisconsin people's uprising, Bloombergville in NYC and numerous other people's actions.

Chicago, December 20, 2017 and January 1, 2018: Marxist-Leninist Study Group

Hosted by Chicago Workers World Party

7-8:30 P.M. 

**Invite Friends and Comrades**

Marxist-Leninist Study Group is a discussion series for people hoping to learn more about socialism.

It is held the first Monday and third Wednesday of every month, light snacks and beverages provided.

If you are not available in person, tune in using Facebook Live to participate!
“People in our country know that the glorious period in which they happen to live is one of sacrifice; they are familiar with sacrifice… Cuba is the vanguard of America and must make sacrifices because it occupies the post of advance guard, because it shows the masses of Latin America the road to full freedom. Within the country the leadership has to carry out its vanguard role. It must be said with all sincerity that in a real revolution, to which one gives his or her all and from which one expects no material reward, the task of the vanguard revolutionary is both magnificent and agonizing.” – Guevara in “Socialism and Man in Cuba”
For the 7th Marxist-Leninist Study Group, we will be reading a few works from Che Guevara:
-Socialism and Man in Cuba
-The Cadres: Backbone of the Revolution
~Total: 22 pages

All readings can be found for free at this link below:


January 1, 2018 Mao Edition: Chicago Workers World Party

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Milwaukee, January 13, 2018: How to Win a Discipline Defense, workshop by YWC

Hosted by Milwaukee Area Labor Council

633 S Hawley Rd., Milwaukee, 2-4 P.M. 

The Young Workers Committee of the Milwaukee Area Labor Council presents: How to Win a Discipline Defense

This free workshop is open to all and will take an up-to-date look at union discipline principles, expanding on the “seven tests of just cause”. Joe Sexuaer, organizer with UFCW 1473 will lead us through topics such as disparate treatment, due process, off-duty misconduct, presenting grievances, and more.

Saturday January 13th at 2pm in the Milwaukee Area Labor Council hall, 633 S. Hawley Rd.

A limited quantity of books will be available for purchase including Robert Schwartz’s essential “Just Cause, A union guide to winning discipline cases” and “The legal rights of union stewards”.

Milwaukee, December 20: Defend TPS and DACA: No More Attacks on Families!

Hosted by Young People’s Resistance Committee

920 N Water Street, Red Arrow Park, 6:30 P.M. 

Join us on December 20th at 6:30pm at Red Arrow Park as Young People’s Resistance Committee Community Chapter stands up for TPS and DACA!

We demand for the legalization for all, to put a stop to the terrorizing of our communities, and to put a stop to tearing families apart!

The Trump administration continues to viciously attack immigrants; his last strike was ending DACA, and TPS for Haiti and Nicaragua.

*Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a form of provisional relief granted to migrants escaping humanitarian crises. Congress established TPS through the Immigration Act of 1990 to offer humane protection to immigrants fleeing their countries due to national disaster, or wars and violence often brought by US imperialism. TPS is granted to over 300,00 immigrants from: El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen, who work and live lawfully in the US. The Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke has officially ended TPS for Haiti and Nicaragua. Other countries are left in fear whether they’ll stay protected under TPS.

*Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), created under the Obama administration, provides relief from deportation. On September 5th, 2017, the Trump Administration shamefully ended DACA for over 800,000 immigrants.

The Trump Administration pushes it’s relentless attacks on families, on working people, and immigrants fleeing wars and violence often caused by US imperialism, or natural disaster. Come join us as we fight back against these attacks, and struggle against the administration!

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Blockade of Cuba denounced in the United States


A friend from the U.S. visiting the island recently as part of the “In the footsteps of Che International Brigade” commented: Cuba is an inspiration, because it teaches us that a revolution is possible.

“For us,” he said, “Cuba is an inspiration, because it teaches us that a revolution is possible. It shows us the possibility of uniting and building a powerful force to confront capitalism.” Peters denounced Donald Trump’s position on Cuba, saying, “The alleged sonic attacks on U.S. diplomats in Havana are a big lie, a pretext to damage the Revolution’s reputation. They want to scare off tourists, so they don’t have the opportunity to learn about the significant social advances made here.

“Cuba is my inspiration. I feel at home when I’m visiting because this is a society based on solidarity, far removed from capitalism.”

Trump destroying civil rights movement: Analyst


US President Donald Trump’s support for white supremacists and other far-right groups is “insulting” to racial minorities and risks harming the civil rights movement, says an analyst in Detroit.

Abayomi Azikiwe, an editor at the Pan-African News Wire, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV about the controversies surrounding the opening of a civil rights museum in the state of Mississippi.

The event, attended by Trump, had been boycotted by several African-American leaders in protest of the president’s policies and record on race relations.

Black congressman John Lewis, a civil rights icon who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s, said on Thursday that he would not go to the museum opening because of Trump’s presence.

The Democratic lawmaker from Georgia had also skipped Trump’s presidential inauguration in January.

Calling Trump’s attendance a “stain” on the event, Azikiwe said the president had done “everything in his power to destroy the legacy and the gains of the civil rights movement.”