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We are a part of the national Bail Out The People movement which formed in 2008 to fight against the bailouts to the banks. Since then we have been in numerous fights against poverty, racism and war. We demand that the people be bailed out not the banks, a moratorium on all foreclosures, a federal jobs program now and other demands. We have been participating in the Wisconsin people's uprising, Bloombergville in NYC and numerous other people's actions.

Rep. Gwen Moore to Speak at June 20, 2021 Caravan to End US Embargo on Cuba — with Biden’s position in the balance

For Immediate release, June 17, 2021

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Rep. Gwen Moore to Speak at June 20 Caravan to End US Embargo on Cuba — on the eve of UN Vote, with Biden’s position in the balance

US Rep. Gwen Moore will speak on the need to change US policy towards Cuba this Sunday, June 20, 1pm at the Mitchell Park Domes parking lot. This is part of a send off rally for a car and bike caravan calling on President Biden to reverse over 240 restrictions on the peoples of Cuba and the US related to Cuba, imposed by President Trump.

This national and international caravan movement started in Miami, and highlights the United Nations General Assembly vote on June 23 calling for an end to the decades-long US financial and trade embargo against Cuba. In 2016, the Obama-Biden administration abstained on that year’s resolution which passed, 191-0. How President Biden will have the US vote on the resolution this year is still unknown. 

Rep. Moore recently met with the Deputy US Ambassador to the United Nations, and expressed the views of her district in favor of normalized relations with Cuba, as confirmed by the resolutions which were overwhelmingly adopted by the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors and the Board of Milwaukee School Directors. She earlier co-led a letter signed by 80 members of the US House of Representatives calling on President Biden to work towards normalized relations with Cuba, and to reverse the harsh restrictions added by the last administration.  

At the last caravan on May 30, Milwaukee Veterans for Peace (VFP) and Voces de la Frontera, the state’s largest immigrants rights group, joined in calling for normal relations between the US and Cuba and to end the US economic blockade. In Milwaukee, caravan demands also include justice for all Latino immigrants and their families.

Full version of this release: https://bit.ly/3zzifm4

For more information, contact the Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba, www.wicuba.org, email: wicubacoalition@gmail.com, and Facebook (facebook.com/WisconsinCubaCoalition,

The June 20 FB event is at: https://www.facebook.com/events/345353100339012).

Juneteenth 2021 – Wisconsin Celebrations (Locations)

Stevens Point – https://fb.me/e/2dn6LkSfE

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LaCrosse: https://fb.me/e/3HxpOAAAX

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Eau Claire: https://fb.me/e/3SeVmRNZ4

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Sheboygan: https://fb.me/e/24MnqFbjR

Manitowoc: Lakeshore’s United Visionaries – LUV / https://fb.me/e/2fwsqlAuT

May be an image of text that says 'JUNEZENTHA ATE CELEBRATION FREE COMMUNITY EVENT speakers 3-4pm including Black National Anthem by Asia Moore History Juneteenth Yvonne Rieves Juneteenth Proclamation from Mayor Nickels and more! Live music starting at 4:30 by Duran Hale on African Drums Almost Certain Various Vendors including Hair Care and Styling Booth JUNE 19TH 3-9PM RED ARROW PARK MANITOWOC Lakeshore's United Visionaries partnership with Brian Ingram Bounce house Photo Booth Activities including Face Painting Giant Jenga Giant Connect Flag Football Kickball Tournament Sweet treats Food!'

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Appleton: African Heritage, Inc.

Beloit: Juneteenth Day – Beloit


Minneapolis Erupts Again


By Abayomi Azikiwe, June 13, 2021

Demonstrations have taken place in Minneapolis since June 3 when news quickly spread throughout the city saying yet another Black man was gunned down by law-enforcement.

On June 3-4 numerous businesses were damaged, and property taken, when crowds gathered during a police examination of the area where the shooting occurred. Nine people were arrested in the immediate hours after the killing.

Tensions had already escalated earlier on June 3 when the city removed a barrier erected around what has become known as “George Floyd Square”, marking where the horrendous police execution took place on May 25 of 2020. Residents in the area quickly set up other barriers preventing normal traffic at the thoroughfare around 38th and Chicago.

Initial reports in the corporate media from the Uptown section of the municipality indicated that the victim wanted on a murder warrant was shot to death by County sheriff deputies. Several hours after, however, it was revealed that the man was not wanted for murder and was killed by a multi-jurisdictional squad operating within a fugitive task force attempting to serve a warrant. News reports were later corrected to indicate that the victim was not wanted for murder.

The Marshals claim that the victim, identified as Winston Boogie Smith, Jr., 32, a father of three, was being arrested on a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Even the local Minneapolis StarTribune was forced to print a correction in regard to the circumstances surrounding the killing of Smith.

Witnesses in the vicinity said that they heard several gunshots in connection with the incident which occurred in a parking structure. The deputies involved in Smith’s death have been placed on paid leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation by the federal agencies.

Federal law-enforcement agents claim that Smith was sitting in a parked car and purportedly failed to comply with commands by the officers. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under which the agents are assigned have said that Smith had produced a weapon prompting a fatal response.

Emergency medical personnel summoned to the incident later pronounced Smith dead at the scene. A spokesperson for the U.S. Marshals was quoted in the StarTribune saying that the warrant for Smith’s arrest was issued in the state of Minnesota.

There was a woman in the vehicle with Smith who was injured by flying glass. No information is available about the number of police agencies involved in the task force. Media reports say two officers fired their weapons at the vehicle occupied by Smith and the unidentified woman.

A friend of Smith, Shelly Hopkins, questioned the official narrative being promoted by the Marshals. The circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear while the federal law-enforcement agencies attempt to justify the death of Smith.

Hopkins was quoted by the Associated Press as saying:

“I wasn’t there. I don’t know exactly what happened. But I know him. And he didn’t deserve that… He had the best heart out of anybody I’ve ever met in my life.”

Another close friend of Smith, Waylon Hughes, told the Associated Press as well that she was not aware that the victim carried a firearm. Her assessment of Smith was that he cared very much about his children and friends.

The victim’s brother, Kidale Smith, questioned the law-enforcement version of events which resulted in Winston’s shooting death. Smith emphasized:

“This man had a family, and he’s just like anybody else. (People) always try to pin something on a man and try to identify him as a criminal, especially if he’s Black. You’ve got seven unmarked cars and you shoot a man in his car. You don’t even give him a chance to get out… You’re the U.S. Marshals. You’re supposed to be highly trained men, and you can’t handle a simple situation?….”

Minneapolis demonstration calling for the removal of the head of the U.S. Marshal Service, June 8, 2021

Stand with IAMAW Local 1406 Striking Workers

Our brothers and sisters of IAMAW Local 1406 in Belleville have gone on strike for a fair and equitable contract at Federal Industries. The dedicated members of IAMAW Local 1406 are taking a stand for the middle class and fighting to preserve affordable healthcare and meaningful wage increases.

Join the picket line: Federal Industries, 215 Federal Ave, Belleville, WI 53508

IAM District 10

SIGN PETITION: https://bit.ly/3iHKXel