The People protest Walker & Darling in Milwaukee June 30

Today, June 30, a diverse array of poor and working people came out to protest a fundraiser at the Milwaukee Athletic Club for racist Republican politicians Scott Walker and Alberta Darling. The people demanded living wage jobs now, the overturning of the illegal union-busting bill, taxing of the rich, a moratorium on foreclosures & evictions and that the banks, corporations and the Pentagon should pay for the economic crisis among other demands.

Living wage JOBS now!

Living wage JOBS now!

At least 13 arrested in NYC to protest budget cuts, Support the fightback in NYC!–dc-37-executive-director-lillian-roberts-on–inside-city-hall

Things the Public Can Do Now To Support Bloombergville:

Protest Alberta Darling, Scott Walker and their banking, corporate and Pentagon backers!

Thursday, June 30 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Athletic Club

758 N Broadway

Milwaukee, WI

Bring signs, banners, noisemakers, your voices and the spirit of resistance! We will not stand for job cuts, union-busting, the elimination of public education and other attacks on poor and working people. We ARE fighting back!

JOBs not racism! Money For People’s Needs not the banks, corporations and the Pentagon! Make the rich pay!


Speak-Out For JOBS NOW! Wed., June 29 in Milwaukee

WHEN: Wednesday, June 29, doors open at 5:45 PM, program runs from 6:30 – 8:00 PM

WHERE: Vincent High School Auditorium, 7501 North Granville, Milwaukee

Members of Congress will be in Milwaukee at this town hall event. Come out to let them know we need a JOBS PROGRAM for poor and working people not bailouts and other money for the banks, corporations and the Pentagon.