Baltimore Rebellion Prompts Nationwide Protests…Militarized Police State Fails To Halt Mass Demonstrations

ANALYSIS BY Abayomi Azikiwe (Pan-African News Wire):

“Reports say that 7,000 police and Maryland National Guard troops are occupying the city of Baltimore. A curfew has been imposed for two nights while dozens have been arrested for violating the ban on being on the street during the hours of 10:00pm to 5:00am…

…A speech delivered by Democratic Party presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton supposedly questioning the policy of mass incarceration of African Americans, can only be regarded as campaign posturing. This same Democratic Party twenty years ago engineered the passage of the dreaded crime bill, the effective death penalty act and the intensification of anti-immigration laws, which have resulted in more deaths, imprisonment and deportations of oppressed peoples.

Objectively the socio-economic conditions of African Americans have worsened since the Clinton, Bush and current Obama administrations. The gap between income and wealth among African Americans and whites has widened.

African Americans were disproportionately impacted by the bank-led predatory lending that brought about the loss of millions of homes throughout the U.S. The federal government, the courts and Congress have facilitated the enhanced disempowerment and exploitation of the workers and oppressed by the capitalist ruling class.

In essence there are only two paths to take in the struggle for the total liberation of the African American people and all oppressed and working people. Either the movement will turn in the direction of an uncompromising opposition to capitalism and imperialism or remain subjected to the manipulations and constraints imposed by the bipolar two-party political system.

African Americans, the oppressed in general and working people as a whole need their own political party that speaks in the interests of the majority. From 1968, after the mass rebellions following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., thousands of African Americans have been elected to political office. Nonetheless, the people have not been liberated. It will take a protracted revolutionary struggle to overturn the system of oppression.”



Milwaukee, April 30: March For Dontre Hamilton On One Year Anniversary Of His Murder By Milwaukee Cop

Attention! Attention! Attention! New post with new instructions for those who can march down to Red Arrow with us tomorrow:

MPD doesn’t want us to march! They don’t want us to to take to the streets! But we haven’t gotten this far by remaining silent. We have only gotten to this point because we’ve been willing to take it to our streets and make some noise. With that being said, tomorrow we will be leading a march down to Red Arrow Park to convene for the one year anniversary. We would love for you to join us (Free/No Time Restriction Parking is available at the location, and transportation will be provided back to location after the event is concluded):

March Logistics:
Leaving from Center Public Library (2727 W. Fond Du Lac Ave.) @ 3:30pm (Meet at 3pm – Park on 28th street behind the Library) – March straight down Fond Du Lac.

This march will be led by the Hamilton Family.

If you can, please join us, and help us make some noise! If not we still look forward to seeing you at Red Arrow Park (1000 N. Water St. at 5:30)

Inbox us if you have any questions…. or check out the event here

**We condensed the march to one location to make sure that everyone is safe, and that we have numbers of folks walking together to show MPD and the city of Milwaukee that we won’t be intimidated by their threats. So let’s show up in full force and and let them know that “we shall not be moved.”**

The Hamilton family and their supporters gather at Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee September 30, 2014 to demand justice for Dontre Hamilton and other victims of the police. [Photo: Occupy Riverwest]

The Hamilton family and their supporters gather at Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee September 30, 2014 to demand justice for Dontre Hamilton and other victims of the police. [Photo: Occupy Riverwest]

ColorofChange Petition Campaign

ColorOfChange is the country’s largest online civil rights organization, committed to holding corporations and institutions accountable to the issues of Black Americans and to amplifying the political voice of the Black community. Sign the petition and spread the word! This is a great way for folks to get involved in the fight for Justice in Milwaukee, even if they are unable to join us in the streets. This is a NATIONAL effort – share this with friends and family in other parts of the country, as well!

And don’t forget to follow the Coalition for Justice on Twitter


Facebook ( and Instagram(@thecoalition4justicemke), or feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns


Hundreds march in Milwaukee November protesting Ferguson Grand Jury decision. [Photo: Joe Brusky Photography]

Hundreds march in Milwaukee November 2014 protesting Ferguson Grand Jury decision. [Photo: Joe Brusky Photography]

Madison May Day International Workers’ Day: WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITED! March and Rally for Immigrant & Workers’ Rights

May Day International Workers’ Day: WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITED! March and Rally for Immigrant & Workers’ Rights

The Immigrant Workers Union (IWU), labor and community organizations and their allies will join the national call for immigration reform and workers’ rights on Friday, May 1st in Madison, Wisconsin.

The march will be held on Friday May First, gathering at 3:30PM at Brittingham Park in MADISON and leaving towards the Capitol at 4:15pm.

Upon arrival, around 5pm, a few speakers will address the crowd. This year’s theme is:

May Day International Workers’ Day:
March and Rally for Immigrant & Workers’ Rights

• Stop Breaking Families Apart, Stop all Deportations
• Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants
• Tuition Equity for Undocumented Students
• No to Scott Walker Budget Cuts
• No to “Right to Work Legislation”

Endorsements, Speaker’s List and more information to follow in upcoming weeks, or contact or visit

Antiglobalization Movement of Russia Statement on Baltimore

“…Criminals are sitting in Washington, DC, carrying the policy of lobbying oil and military corporations, in order to create even more wars. The whole world is tired of infinite conflicts, provoked by US Government. Billions of dollars are spent for military operations and upholding of a huge army, while these money could be used to create new jobs or provide free health care. Put all this immense budget together, and you could have yourself hundreds of factories, huge state hospitals, etc; but alas, US Department of State and Obama administration spend this budget on arming law enforcement and army. One kills inside US, another – outside. That is the true face of US democracy. Today we’re Rasmea Odeh, Mumia Abu Jamal, Konstantin Yaroshenko and others, who suffered the US government repressions.”