State of Emergency for the Ruling Class While African American Youth Draw the Line in Baltimore City

ANALYSIS BY Abayomi Azikiwe:

“Baltimore youth raised the stakes in the struggle against police brutality on April 27 when they set off the largest urban rebellion in the recent period. Since Aug. 9, 2014, with the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the mood of militancy and mass action has accelerated throughout the United States.In response to the demonstrations and rebellion, Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan has declared a “state of emergency” announcing the deployment of National Guard troops ostensibly to restore order. A curfew between 10:00pm and 5:00am was slated to go into effect on the evening of April 28…

All youth and adults seeking meaningful employment, economic opportunities and quality education must be provided with these resources. National Guard troops and police should be withdrawn from the African American communities. The people must be empowered to both define and pursue their fundamental human, political and economic rights to peace, living wages, quality housing and schools leading to total community control and self-determination.”


Support Milwaukee students Arrested For Protesting Discrimination


On the afternoon of Monday, April 27, students of Marquette University in Milwaukee held a Solidarity march to draw attention to the list of demands that they had presented to Dr. Lovell in the Fall, which have yet to be fulfilled.

The list of demands can be reviewed here: want to address issues of discrimination, police brutality, divestment, and many other initiatives taking place in and around Milwaukee. We hope that our presence will reveal the urgency of our demands and show Marquette that these issues effect Students of Color and the Milwaukee community.

The oppression of one is the oppression of us all and until we come together nothing will change and we will continue to be oppressed.

Please support our fellow students who were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct by donating what you can so that we may pay their fines and continue to work towards change on campus, and in Milwaukee. Any amount will be a great help.
If you have any questions in regards to the Solidarity March please email us at


Milwaukee, April 30: Dontre: One Year Anniversary of the Death of Dontre Hamilton

Calling all Community Members, activists, friends, and family to stand with us against injustice on our streets and in our communities.

April 30th will mark the 1 year anniversary since Dontre Hamilton was murdered by a Milwaukee Police Officer, for resting in a public park. This case has galvanized our city and allowed us to push for changes that will make our community’s safer, but the work is not done yet. Please join us for this event as we come together to honor the life of our fallen brother(s), but also gear up for a spring and summer of action in the name of justice. We are lifting up the names of our other brothers in Milwaukee/Madison as well (Derek Williams, Corey Stingley, Brandon Johnson, Darius Simmions, Tony Robinson, James Perry, etc) and paying tribute to their sacrifice.

They wanted us to go away. They wanted us to stop. They wanted us to be satisfied. But we are not, and we wont be until Black life is valued and respected in our city. We won’t be satisfied until the stigmas around mental health, and homeless are lifted from the veils or our city officials and community members. We won’t be satisfied until justice is synonymous with Milwaukee, and we have shaped this city to be a place where equality and equity are they way of life, not a unique experience for a select group of people. We will get justice! Please join us.

More details about the order of the event will come as we draw closer toward the event. Please help us out and invite your friends, your family, your organizations, and your community. We want the whole city to come out and stand with us. This is our fight for our city! Lets make some noise.

*If you would like to endorse this event, please message the coalition for justice on Facebook.


Support Pico Rivera Walmart Workers Fired by Walmart

Sisters and Brothers,

We need your help. On Monday, April 13th, more than 500 of my coworkers and I were suddenly laid off at the Pico Rivera Walmart store in Southern California, with no more than hours’ notice. It’s not right, and we have to do something about it.

The Pico Rivera store was the first-ever store where Walmart workers went on strike, sparking a nationwide movement for change. Over the last several years, we’ve inspired thousands of Walmart workers around the country to stand up for better treatment, better pay, and respect. Now we need your help as we fight to save our jobs.

Can you call Walmart corporate headquarters and tell CEO Doug McMillon to reinstate all of the workers laid off in the recent store closings? Call (479) 273-4000 and press 3 for their main office.

Pico Rivera was one of five stores shut down suddenly around the country, totaling more than 2,000 workers who were laid off without guarantee of getting our old jobs back, or even a transfer to a nearby store. Walmart says all these stores have plumbing problems, but city officials in Pico Rivera and the other locations are saying Walmart hasn’t applied for any plumbing work permits.

Maybe Walmart thinks that by closing the store, they can stifle our movement. Little do they know the company has only added fuel to the fire. I’m a single mom of three children who has worked at Pico Rivera for four years. I worry how I’ll pay my rent, but I won’t stop fighting for what’s right. We won’t tolerate this kind of retaliation when we just want a better life for ourselves and our families.

Will you call Walmart corporate headquarters and ask for CEO Doug McMillon today? Ask that workers be transferred to a nearby Walmart store and given our jobs back when our store reopens: 479-273-4000 (Press 3 for their main office.)

We are all Pico Rivera. Let’s show Walmart that we’ll keep fighting, no matter what obstacles they put in our way.

Thanks for all you do,

Candice Rodriguez
Walmart Worker
Pico Rivera, CA


Chicago, April 28: Emergency Action in Solidarity w/ Baltimore!!

Too many names have been turned into hashtags. What is happening in Baltimore is not an isolated event. This did not start today, or yesterday or last month or with Ferguson or with Rodney King. You cannot critique how Black people & people of color deal with the anguish, the frustration, the trauma, the death we experience everyday at the hands of the state, especially if you have never joined in the fight to end this oppression.

Chicago, Baltimore may be on your CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS news stations but the police militarization & murder, the racist & systemic violence, the trauma & denied justice is happening in your backyards. Just days ago the judicial system that we are told to have faith in, let Dante Servin walk free after acknowledging he did kill Rekia Boyd.

JOIN BYP 100, We Charge Genocide, The Chicago Light Brigade, Black Lives Matter: Chicago, Chicago Socialists – ISO, #LetUsBreathe Collective & many many more tomorrow for an emergency action at CPD HQ to protest, to learn, to join together, to continue loving one another by fighting for each other’s lives.

We do this for Rekia Boyd, Freddie Gray, Dominique Franklin, Mya Hall, a trans woman who was killed by Baltimore police March 30. We do this to have symmetry in the cemetery. To value every life taken.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”


UW-Milwaukee, April 29: In Honor of Public Education – A Vigil

This Vigil is a chance to both honor and mourn public education. The event will first be a memorial service, where we will stand together in solidarity over the various detriments to our public education system.

Following this candle-lit service, the floor will be given to students, faculty, and other community members to speak about the importance of public education, share personal stories, slam poetry, engage in song and dance, etc.

As a collective we can then decide how we wish to move forward (ie: in groups discuss creative solutions).

Please join in recognizing the fragility of public education, celebrate its power, and feel the dynamism of individuals coming together to be a booming collective voice!


Looking forward to celebrating with you.

Faculty, Staff and Students protest public education cuts at UW-Milwaukee Feb. 4, 2015 [Photo: Joe Brusky]

Faculty, Staff and Students protest public education cuts at UW-Milwaukee Feb. 4, 2015 [Photo: Joe Brusky]