Baltimore Rebellion Prompts Nationwide Protests…Militarized Police State Fails To Halt Mass Demonstrations

ANALYSIS BY Abayomi Azikiwe (Pan-African News Wire):

“Reports say that 7,000 police and Maryland National Guard troops are occupying the city of Baltimore. A curfew has been imposed for two nights while dozens have been arrested for violating the ban on being on the street during the hours of 10:00pm to 5:00am…

…A speech delivered by Democratic Party presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton supposedly questioning the policy of mass incarceration of African Americans, can only be regarded as campaign posturing. This same Democratic Party twenty years ago engineered the passage of the dreaded crime bill, the effective death penalty act and the intensification of anti-immigration laws, which have resulted in more deaths, imprisonment and deportations of oppressed peoples.

Objectively the socio-economic conditions of African Americans have worsened since the Clinton, Bush and current Obama administrations. The gap between income and wealth among African Americans and whites has widened.

African Americans were disproportionately impacted by the bank-led predatory lending that brought about the loss of millions of homes throughout the U.S. The federal government, the courts and Congress have facilitated the enhanced disempowerment and exploitation of the workers and oppressed by the capitalist ruling class.

In essence there are only two paths to take in the struggle for the total liberation of the African American people and all oppressed and working people. Either the movement will turn in the direction of an uncompromising opposition to capitalism and imperialism or remain subjected to the manipulations and constraints imposed by the bipolar two-party political system.

African Americans, the oppressed in general and working people as a whole need their own political party that speaks in the interests of the majority. From 1968, after the mass rebellions following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., thousands of African Americans have been elected to political office. Nonetheless, the people have not been liberated. It will take a protracted revolutionary struggle to overturn the system of oppression.”



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