Milwaukee, November 3, ATU 998: 92 Red Tulips to Commemorate 92% Vote

Red flowers have long been a universal symbol for labor struggles and movements.

It is in this tradition that ATU Local 998 is planting 92 red tulip bulbs in front of the union hall to commemorate the 92% of Milwaukee transit workers who stood strong and voted to reject an intolerable contract proposal that would have opened the floodgates to new lower-wage part time workers.

Every spring, when the red tulips unfold, we will be reminded of our unity, solidarity, and strength. Let’s celebrate our victory for years to come!

Planting will take place on Tuesday, November 3 at 10:00am. Everyone is welcome–no green thumb necessary.


Help Chicago Activists Travel to Guantanamo, Cuba


On November 20-28, activists across the globe are gathering in Cuba to unite the fight against the global powers that have built military bases in all continents against the will of the people. This meeting will take place in Guantanamo Province, where a US military base has become one of the most brutal torture centers on the planet and a symbol of the gross human rights abuses committed by the US government in the name the war on terror. Anti-War Committee Chicago (AWC) is honored to announce that three of its younger members, Kait McIntyre, Holly Kent-Payne, and Jeff Westberry, have been invited to participate in this historic event, the World Peace Council’s Fourth International Seminar for Peace and Elimination of Military Bases. We will be part of the delegation with the United National Antiwar Coalition…

…We appreciate donations of any size but, if possible, hope that individuals can give at least $50 and that organizations can donate at least $100. If you would prefer to mail your contribution, please send checks to Anti-War Committee, c/o CCDBR, 1325 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL 60605. If you cannot contribute financially, we value the time you spend spreading the word about this important cause. If you have any talents or resources that may aid this campaign, do not hesitate to contact us. Holly, Kait, and Jeff, along with the entire Anti-War Committee Chicago, look forward to sharing the fruit of the experience you help make possible.


50 years after Revolution in Cuba

Workers World Party National Conference November 7-8 in NYC

Workers World Party Conference 2015: Putting Socialist Revolution on the Table

Check out the conference schedule at

Workers World Party 2015 National Conference
‘Putting Socialist Revolution on the Table’
November 7 – 8, 2015
Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial & Educational Center, 3940 Broadway (at W. 165th St.), New York, NY
Twitter @WWPNatl

Saturday, Nov. 7
8 a.m. – Register / coffee
Sessions 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 8
9 a.m. – Register / coffee
Session 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Discussion groups
Cultural presentations

Go to for updates on schedule, pre-registration, housing, childcare and more.


Nov. 16-21, Milwaukee: Not1More Deportation! Ni1Mas Deportacion – Week of Action

[Español abajo]

It’s been 1 year since Obama’s announcement for deportation relief to almost half of undocumented people in the U.S. Since his announcement, relief has been delayed but ICE has been on the loose. Come make history in Milwaukee & nationwide, join thousands of people standing up for immigrant rights this November.


1) November 16th at 6:30pm – Deportation Defense Workshop
Divas Hair Studio – 618 W. Lincoln Ave.

2) Nov. 19th at 6:30pm – Community Fundraiser
Location TBA. All proceeds will be going to a family/families who have a loved-one facing deportation whom are currently undergoing a difficult and painful situation.

3) Nov. 21st at 12pm – Protest & March: ICE is in the Streets, So Are We!
Cesar Chavez/16th St. & Washington St.

***More details for all these events coming soon!***
ANIVERSARIO DEL ANUNCIO DE DAPA #Ni1Mas – Semana de Accion. Ha pasado 1 año desde el anuncio de Obama para el alivio de deportación para casi la mitad de los indocumentados en los EE.UU. Desde el anuncio el año pasado alivio se ha retrasado, pero ICE (la migra) sigue como siempre, sin limites.

1) 16 de noviembre a las 6:30 pm – Taller de Defensa de Deportación
Divas Hair Studio – 618 W. Lincoln Ave.

2) 19 de noviembre a las 6:30 pm – Evento Comunitario para recaudar fondos

3) 21 de noviembre a las 12pm – Protesta y marcha: ICE está en las calles, tambien nosotros!
Cesar Chávez / 16th St. y Washington St.

*** Más detalles sobre todos estos eventos vienen pronto! ***


Madison, November 7: “We the 350” Stories of Poverty, Racism and Incarceration in Wisconsin

We the 350 is a narrative-based performance exploring themes of racism, poverty, and incarceration in Wisconsin. The content of the 45 minute performance is based in interviews done with Black activists in Wisconsin about their experiences as youth and adults living in some of the most racially segregated (Milwaukee) and racially disparate (Madison) cities in the country.
The performance paints a compelling picture of what the intersections between racism, poverty, and disparate incarceration rates for Wisconsin’s Black population look like in someone’s daily life. We the 350 explores the ways that state structures rely on intersections between race and class, along with many other intersections, to maintain racially disparate arrest and incarceration rates in Wisconsin.

Please be advised that the show includes narratives describing physical, mental and sexual violence.

This event is sponsored by the Young Gifted & Black Coalition, UW-Madison’s Comparative US Studies and Overture Center’s Community Arts Access Program.


Madison, November 17: YGB Recruitment Gathering

To anyone interested in being more involved with YGB, we are having our first recruitment gathering November 17th from 6-8pm at the UW South Madison Partnership Space 2312 S Park st.

This is an opportunity to learn more about YGB’s ideology, different campaigns, and how to get involved. If you want to help our communities get free, come out and build with us!

Any questions please contact Alix Shabazz on fb or at


ATU LOCAL 998: November 10, march on the GOP debate with the Fight for $15

ATU Local 998 is helping to build the march on the GOP debate!

The Republican Party will hold its debate in Milwaukee on November 10. Join fast food, retail, and home care workers as they march on the debate demanding justice and a living wage! Together, we can shift the focus from GOP theatrics to the failure of conservative policies.

​The rally will begin at City Hall at 5 pm. Click here to RSVP.


No one who works full time should live in poverty. At ATU Local 998, we are committed to the fight to improve wages and living conditions for all working people.

Follow Fight for $15 Wisconsin on Facebook.


Support Rev. Edward Pinkney! Call & Write NOW

Rev. Pinkney’s phone privileges have been revoked!
They are escalating the mistreatment of political prisoner Rev. Edward Pinkney. We must step up our response!

Please help us with two actions detailed below: 1) Calling Marquette Branch Prison and 2) Calling MDOC Director Washington

On Friday, we learned that Rev. Pinkney’s phone privileges have been revoked for reasons unknown. We continue to suspect that the recent and escalating mistreatment is politically motivated. First he was transferred 500 miles from home despite being a model prisoner (read more below), then he was housed in a moldy cell causing health problems, and now his phone privileges have been revoked without explanation. Without phone communication with his wife and supporters, we cannot monitor Rev. Pinkney’s health and safety and cannot even ensure that he is receiving our letters.

1) Please call the warden at Marquette Branch Prison to protest this mistreatment. Be polite, but firm. Here’s a script you can use or adapt:

“My name is _______ and I’m calling from __________. I’m calling about Rev. Edward Pinkney, ID #294671. When he first arrived at Marquette, he was housed in a moldy cell causing health problems. Now his phone privileges have been revoked and his wife cannot monitor his health and safety. I am also concerned about the Reverend’s health and welfare. He is a model prisoner. His phone privileges need to be reinstated immediately. He needs to be brought back down state while his appeal continues. I’m also calling MDOC headquarters and my representatives with my concerns.”

Phone number: 906-226-6531 ext. 4 (Warden Robert Napel)

Try to call during business hours (8-4:30), each day this week (10/26-10/30). Also please continue making phone calls to Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) Director Washington’s office (details below). If you’re in Michigan, please call your state and federal legislators also!
Continue Calling MDOC: Background

Thank you to all who have called MDOC. Your calls have already begun to help! Rev. Pinkney was recently moved from a location that was so moldy he was dizzy, sick to his stomach, and unable to eat, to quarters that are less moldy (but still in Marquette).

We know why MDOC has been spinning us, unable to give a consistent or credible explanation for Rev. Pinkney’s transfer: because despite MDOC’s denials, someone other than MDOC was behind the move. The transfer was politically motivated.

Prisons are communities too, and someone sympathetic to Rev. Pinkney’s plight overheard a conversation at Lakeland four days before the transfer. The phrases overheard included:
“He doesn’t give us any trouble, but they must really, really hate him.”
“Us” in this case means Lakeland staff and while we don’t know exactly who “they” refers to, it’s safe to assume it’s someone connected to Berrien County. The transfer paperwork was stamped “EXPEDITE.” Does that sound like a routine transfer to you? We have decided to go public with this information because of MDOC continuing to give us the run around.

MDOC officials have tried to give a string of excuses for moving Rev. Pinkney to Marquette, excuses that keep changing and don’t hold up. First they said he was transferred for his own safety because it is a Level I prison. But Rev. Pinkney had already waived his right to a Level I prison–twice, in writing–because he was safer at Lakeland prison (Level II) near his home, than he is at Marquette. Officials claimed that prisoners don’t waive this right, but in truth Level I prisoners are required to sign a waiver any time they set foot in a Level II facility, even for a class, because otherwise MDOC would be liable if they met any harm.

Next MDOC claimed that Marquette was his “proper placement,” yet there are at least 5 other Level I prisons in the Lower Peninsula. Then they claimed that he was only at Lakeland C.F. because of court proceedings and that he’s “done with his writ,” but this is not true either. His appeal hearings begin in Grand Rapids in November.

Don’t let MDOC give us the run around. Keep calling MDOC as long as they fail to justify this move that we know is politically motivated. Continue expressing your concern for his health, safety, and well-being.

2) Call MDOC Director Heidi Washington to express your concern about Rev. Pinkney’s safety and to urge his return down state. Be polite, but firm. Here’s a script you can use or adapt:

“My name is _______ and I’m calling from __________. I’m calling about Rev. Edward Pinkney, ID #294671. He was transferred from the Lakeland facility to Marquette, 500 miles from his family. I am concerned about the Reverend’s health and welfare. He is a model prisoner. He needs to be brought back down state where his wife and attorney will be able to visit him while his appeal continues.”

Phone number: 517-241-7238 (Sandy Simon, Director Washington’s assistant)

Try to call during business hours, every day this week (10/26-10/30). If you’re not allowed to speak directly to Director Washington, leave a message with her assistant.

Sending letters to Rev. Pinkney through the mail is also very important–both for his morale and to show MDOC how many people care about his well-being and are carefully watching his case.

Please send letters to:
Marquette Branch Prison
Rev. Edward Pinkney N-E-93 #294671
1960 US Hwy 41 South
Marquette, MI 49855

Please donate at (Donate button) or send checks to BANCO:
c/o Dorothy Pinkney
1940 Union St.
Benton Harbor, MI 49022

Pinkney shirt