We Need “Some Real, Fundamental Changes” for the Country’s African-American Population


The issue of race in the United States will escalate, unless Washington decides to bring about “some real, fundamental changes” for the country’s African-American population, says a journalist from Detroit.

“…These problems are not going away,” said Azikiwe. “They are becoming more intense and I believe that there’s morally been an even broader and a deeper explosion across the United States.”

He also suggested that “there has to be some real fundamental changes to bring about the liberation of African-American people as well as other oppressed people in this country.” http://tinyurl.com/q5n7hsr





Sayyid Ali Khamenei: Today Terrorism Is Our Common Worry


“…Superficial measures and reactions, especially if they take legal forms, will do nothing but increase the current polarizations, open the way for future crises and will result in nothing else.   According to reports received, some countries in Europe have issued guidelines encouraging citizens to spy on Muslims.  This behavior is unjust and we all know that pursuing injustice has the characteristic of unwanted reversibility.  Besides, the Muslims do not deserve such ill-treatment.  For centuries, the western world has known Muslims well- the day that westerners were guests in Islamic lands and were attracted to the riches of their hosts and on another day when they were hosts and benefitted from the efforts and thoughts of Muslims- they generally experienced nothing but kindness and forbearance…”

December 5-6: Rally to Defend the Bolivarian Revolution

The Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee, together with many progressive forces worldwide, are calling on people in the United States and around the world to join together with rallies and other actions to demand:

• U.S. Hands Off Venezuela
• Respect Venezuela’s sovereignty!
• Lift all sanctions on Venezuela, rescind Obama’s March 9 Executive Order against Venezuela
• Stop U.S. financing of the right-wing opposition, destabilization and coup attempts
• Stop the corporate media slander campaign

Rallies are currently scheduled for the cities below. A major Latin American-wide mobilization is also underway.

Nate Hamilton Interviewed By Riverwest Radio

INTERVIEW: http://tinyurl.com/on5tstr


“We have so much work to do. We have so much fight in us,” said Nate Hamilton at Nov. 10 press conference at the Federal Courthouse in Milwaukee. – Nate Hamilton at a press conference on the stairs of the federal courthouse in response to no federal charges being pressed on the cop who killed his brother, #DontreHamilton [Photo: Joe Brusky]

Detroit, December 12: Emergency Conference to Save Rev. Edward Pinkney

Emergency Conference to Save Rev. Edward Pinkney

Emergency Conference to Save Rev. Edward Pinkney
Saturday – December 12, 2015 – Noon to 5 pm
St. Matthew-St. Joseph Episcopal Church
8850 Woodward Ave. (at King St.)
Detroit, Michigan

Rev. Pinkney’s family and supporters agree that his life is in danger. Racist guards are whipping up hostility among the 80% white prisoners against Rev. Pinkney. He lacks clean clothes, decent food, adequate medical care and exercise. Rev. Pinkney turned 67 at the end of October. We need to come together to put this critical situation before the whole nation and the entire world.

For more information and to endorse, please call 313-680-5508 or email mecawi@mecawi.org.

For more information regarding Rev. Edward Pinkney, please visit bhbanco.org

Pinkney shirt

NYC, December 1: NO Trump Zone Planning Meeting


Make NYC a NO-TRUMP Zone
Planning Meeting: Tuesday, Dec 1 – 7pm
Solidarity Center –
147 W. 24th St, 2nd Fl, NY, NY 10011

HELP Plan a Mass December Rally
NO to Racism, War, Police Violence, Anti-Muslim and Immigrant Bashing!

Today we face the most extreme national and international crisis since 9/11. This is a crisis that can quickly expand.

Please join us at an urgent planning meeting this Tues. Dec 1, 7:00 pm at the Solidarity Center. 

The time is now to focus on Trump and the corporate media. Trump is filling stadiums with racist, bigoted mobs and mobilizing them into a really ominous force. The media is acting as giant megaphone, providing constant coverage of fascist proposals like a national database and ID cards for Muslims, causing vicious attacks on immigrants and refugees, and all the while justifying new wars, vastly increased police violence and publicizing the most disgusting racism.

The shooting of five Black Lives Matter activists in Minneapolis, the deadly shooting at the Colorado Planned Parenthood, the attacks on Mosques and the Muslims pulled off of flights, desperate refugees barred from entering the U.S., the vicious anti-immigrant slurs and escalating police killings – all are a result of a poisoned political climate that encourages fascist violence.

From the Middle East to East Europe to Asia Pacific, the Pentagon is moving in the direction of wider war. Racism, fear of immigrants and anti-Muslim bigotry are being used to justify new crimes.

This is not an election issue. It is clear now that Trump and his corporate supporters are trying to actually build a fascist movement. These fascists aim to overwhelm the anti-racist unity that the Black Lives Matter has achieved in the streets and on campuses, and crush the inspiring example this movement sets for others.

Whenever fascism rears its ugly head, it is the duty of all progressive forces to unite in struggle and solidarity against it.

Let’s bring together all those who fight for justice — immigrant organizations, Palestine activists, the dynamic Black Lives Matter movement and LGBTQ community, antiwar forces, Muslim community groups and labor activists, peoples with disabilities, workers fighting for $15 an hour — and plan a united action.

We are looking at demonstration dates of Sat. Dec 12 or Sat Dec 19. The date will be set based on feedback we are getting from many different groups..

Hopefully our unity will resonate into nationally coordinated actions all around the country. Let’s see what is possible.

We hope to see you on Tuesday at 7:00 pm and would love to have your input.


International Action Center, http://iacenter.org/


Solidarity Building For Striking UAW Local 833 Members At Kohler


“This strike has gone national. We are looking as strong as ever!…We thank those who are out there and those in the community and across the state who are supporting us, walking with us, and donating to our strike fund. There is more support than we could have even imagined.” stated Local 833 leadership November 29.

For more information and how to support Local 833:

Supporters can send or drop off monetary contributions, solidarity resolutions and non-perishable goods to:  UAW Local 833, Emil Mazey Hall, 5425 Superior Ave., Sheboygan, WI 53083.

Picket lines are 24-7. Stop by Emil Mazey hall to join a shuttle to a picket line.


UW-Milwaukee, December 8: Sign the Petition! No Cuts to Higher Education!

SDS will be presenting this petition to UW-Milwaukee’s Chancellor Mark Mone. We encourage all students and community members to sign, invite, and share!

We demand:
1) No cuts to instructional units! Instead, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee should “chop from the top” by cutting non-instructional positions and salaries in excess of $80k per year. Since 2011, UWM has added nearly fifty such positions and increased their salaries by an average of nearly 10% per year.
2) Chancellor Mone must publicly pledge to oppose all tuition increases while he is chancellor.
3) Wages for campus workers and stipends for graduate teaching assistants must be increased.
4) Resource centers and services that serve oppressed or marginalized students, such as African-American Student Academic Services, the Black Cultural Center, the Roberto Hernandez Center, the Women’s Resource Center, and the LGBT Resource Center, must continue to be funded.
5) Tenure and shared governance must be preserved.


support workers sign

Tell the Department of Justice: Investigate Clinic Violence as Domestic Terrorism

SIGN PETITION: http://tinyurl.com/q5op3uk

On Friday, Nov. 27, a shooter entered a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, killing at least 3 and injuring several others.

This attack, as well as other recent arson attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics, have come after the highly publicized release of heavily edited videos by a sham organization run by extremists who will stop at nothing to deny women legal abortion services.

These attacks on clinics are part of a long history of ideologically-driven violence. They’re perpetrated by an extreme minority that’s committed to ruling through fear and intimidation.

Let’s call this what it is—domestic terrorism. It’s time for an investigation to get to the bottom of this.

Add your name to tell the Department of Justice to direct the FBI to investigate these attacks as domestic terrorism.

SIGN PETITION: http://tinyurl.com/q5op3uk