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From The Guardian:

“Brazil’s former leftist president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has sealed an astonishing political comeback, beating the far-right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro in one of the most significant and bruising elections in the country’s history.

“With 99.97% of votes counted, Silva, a former factory worker who became Brazil’s first working-class president exactly 20 years ago, had secured 50.9% of the vote. Bolsonaro, a firebrand [Trumpian neo-fascist] who was elected in 2018, received 49.10%…”

With this election win, Brazil, the largest economy in South America, joins a wave a leftist governments winning elections or maintaining power across Latin America including Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Cuba.

Lula and the Workers’ Party (PT) coming back into power marks a positive development for the poor and working class in Brazil. Defeat would have allowed the far right, who is hostile to democracy and expansion of social programs, to consolidate their hold of this large country of 214 million. Lula, for his part, has pledged to be a voice for workers and the poor and to re-implement more sustainable environmental policies especially concerning the preservation of the Amazon rain forest.


Wisconsin – Important voting deadlines for November 8, 2022 Election

Registration deadlines

Absentee ballot deadlines are fast approaching
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Voting deadlines

Madison, November 7, 2022: Wisconsin Workers’ Rights Power Rally with Teamster General President Sean M. O’Brien & Other Speakers


Join IBT President Sean O’Brien, Mandela Barnes, and more as they speak about workers’ rights, fighting back against Right To Work, and the importance of supporting labor-friendly candidates this November 8th election!

The rally will be held on the southwest steps of the State Capitol.

Teamsters Local Union No. 344


UE: ‘Them And Us Unionism’

United Electrical Workers (UE)

UE was founded by workers who understood how the economic system we work under — capitalism — actually works, how it functions to allow bosses (them) to make money off of workers (us), and how bosses maintain their power by trying to divide workers. Profits come from the products and services that we produce with our labor. The less employers pay us, or the faster they make us work, the more profits they make. That understanding is why UE has been able to win gains for our members, resist employer attacks, and play a leading role in the broader labor movement. It is why working people need unions like UE now more than ever….

Despite attacks from employers, the government, and even other unions, UE has survived because the working people who founded UE, who kept UE alive, and who make up UE today know which side they are on….

Mumia Abu Jamal Denied New Trial by Common Pleas Court: Racism Reigns

By Noelle Hanrahan, Esq. – Prison Radio

Yesterday at 12:45pm October 26, 2022, a proposed order denying Mumia Abu-Jamal’s constitutional claims of jury bias and suppressed evidence was issued by Common Pleas court Judge Lucretia Clemons.

Abu-Jamal’s defense petition included newly discovered evidence that had been buried in the prosecutor’s own files.  This evidence documented key witnesses receiving promises of money for their testimony and evidence of favorable treatment in pending criminal cases. The petition also documented the abhorrent and unconstitutional practice of striking Black jurors during Mumia’s original trial. 

Racism remains the ELEPHANT in the room.   

“I am going to help them fry the n—word”
–Original trial court Judge Albert Sabo said this in front of court clerk Terri Maurer Carter and fellow Common Pleas Court judge Richard Kline during the first week of Mumia’s 1982 trial.  

Philadelphia ADA Jack McMahon made the policy clear in a 1986 training tape stating that getting “a competent, fair and impartial jury. Well, that’s ridiculous,’…“You don’t want smart people. But if you’re sitting down and you’re going to take Blacks, you want older Blacks.”

If you put thick blinders on that block out all reality and rely on procedural minutia for cover, honestly, it is still impossible to avoid the scorchingly blatant racism of trial judge Albert Sabo, Assistant District Attorney Joseph McGill, Mayor and former police chief Frank Rizzo, District Attorney during Mumia’s trial Ed Rendell, and Ron Castille DA on appeal.

Yesterday, Judge Lucretia Clemons in her oral statements from the bench continued a common practice of adopting wholesale the Philadelphia District Attorney’s positions. These positions only seek to preserve convictions at all costs.  These arguments prevent the defense from putting on the record evidence of discrimination.  PCRA procedural rules such as time bar, due diligence, waiver, previously litigated, all avoid a judicial review of the merits.

The racism is so transparent and indefensible so the DA is using court created law to dismiss cases before hearing new suppressed evidence. This is a blatantly dishonest practice routinely used by the prosecution and the courts when everyone knows, and I mean everyone knows, that racism was a hallmark of the original trial.

Striking Blacks from the Jury
Judge Clemons stated that she was dismissing the claim of striking Black jurors on procedural grounds, without addressing the merits of the claim.  She suggested that former counsel for the defense had not sought prosecutor McGill’s previously buried notes (notes that highlight his impermissible race based tracking and discrimination). Clemons adopts the prosecution position that the defense had the opportunity to receive these notes by merely asking the prosecution or cross examining ADA McGill in prior court proceedings. This is a key and deliberate misreading of the record. At no time were these crucial notes and the motivations that guided ADA McGill ever available to the defense. McGill struck Black jurors at a 71% rate, significantly higher than the strike rate for white jurors. His reasons for seating some white jurors and not seating nonwhite jurors were not on the record, they were in his notes.

One only has to look at the McMann training tapes that were made by the Philadelphia DA’s office which instructed district attorney’s how to strike black jurors. These were made after Mumia’s trial but they document the practice which was the norm in the office.  This is the context for this ruling which misstates the record and ignores the reality in these Philadelphia courtrooms.  Judge Lucretia Clemons and her law clerks complained on the record about how long it took them to find Pennsylvania cites to bolster their opinion.  Why is Judge Clemons working so hard to avoid the elephant in the room?

Suborning Perjury: Paying Witnesses
Additionally, at issue is the note from supposed “eye witness” Robert Chobert that asked ADA McGill after the trial “where is the money that is owe to me?” This note was scrubbed from any filings and buried by the prosecution for 40 years. This dramatic “Brady evidence” previously unavailable to the defense, was dismissed by the Judge in her written opinion as not “being material.” Meaning it would not have affected the jury’s verdict.  Underlying this is the wholesale adoption of the credibility determinations of the original trial court judge Albert “I am going to help them fry the n—word” Sabo.  It allows his racist tainted rulings to stand.

She also dismissed records from ADA McGill that extensively track and monitor another key witness Cynthia White, who’s pending criminal cases were ALL were dropped by the prosecution following her testimony.

How can the court ignore the context.  Note this information which follows had been previously prevented from being added to the record by Albert Sabo and other judges on appeal:

Photos from the Philadelphia Bulletin that prove Robert “I was on probation, did not have a license to drive a cab, and threw a Molotov cocktail into a school for pay” Chobert was not parked at the scene of the shooting. Chobert could not have witnessed the shooting. He was NOT parked directly behind the officer’s car as he claimed to be.  The answer is: because the PCRA (Post Conviction Relief Act) allows the dismissal of this critical evidence through by time bar.

Finally, Judge Lucretia Clemons admonished the defense to limit their briefs challenging her proposed ruling to cite Pennsylvania law.  It is commonly understood here, rather than being the birthplace of liberty, Pennsylvania is the place where the US Supreme Courts constitutional standards for criminal defendants are the very last place to be honored.

This case proves that racism reigns unabated in the American justice system, Mumia Abu-Jamal is the canary in the coal mine.   

Judge Clemons’ 31pg proposed opinion will be available today, 10-27-22. The Defense has 20 days to reply, and prosecution given 10 additional days to respond before the court’s order dismissing Mumia’s request for a new trial becomes final and appealable.   

Mumia Abu-Jamal has spent 42 years in prison for the death of Philadelphia Police officer Daniel Faulkner on Dec. 9th 1981. He has maintained his innocence and has sought his freedom by appealing to the very courts that now seek to preserve his unjust and unconstitutional conviction. At age 67 he has spent 42 years in prison.

Mumia Abu-Jamal is a broadcast journalist and internationally recognized author. Mr. Abu-Jamal is serving a life sentence at SCI Mahanoy in Pennsylvania. He is the author of 13 books, holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature and is currently working on the requirements to complete a PhD in the History of Consciousness Department at University of California Santa Cruz.


Noelle Hanrahan, Esq. 415-793-7958 www.

Every act matters.  Stand up. Join us as we launch Love Not Phear.


Judge Clemons submitted 31-page notice with intent to dismiss Mumia’s appeal Oct 26 but left door slightly ajar over prosecution’s unconstitutional race-based jury selection in 1982. #FreeMumia Next hearing is Dec.16.
Photos from outside the courthouse:

November 1, 2022: Solidarity with Railroad Workers! (Online)


Info for November 1: Solidarity with Railroad Workers

We have 5 days left till our meeting! It’s time to spread the good news about this meeting to the broadest possible audience. This is a reminder to encourage your membership and your contacts to RSVP and to support. We have attached a sample email draft below to send to your contacts which also contains social media support details. If you have already spread the word, thank you in advance!

Finally we are in need of solidarity statement videos. If you can, please submit a 60 second or less video statement explaining who you are, why you support railroad workers, and what you feel working people can do to meet the needs of our moment. You can submit this to this drop-box link .

Here is a full list of all our co-sponsors.

Thank you for your support!


Railroad Workers Solidarity Team