November 1, 2022: Solidarity with Railroad Workers! (Online)

Info for November 1: Solidarity with Railroad Workers

We have 5 days left till our meeting! It’s time to spread the good news about this meeting to the broadest possible audience. This is a reminder to encourage your membership and your contacts to RSVP and to support. We have attached a sample email draft below to send to your contacts which also contains social media support details. If you have already spread the word, thank you in advance!

Finally we are in need of solidarity statement videos. If you can, please submit a 60 second or less video statement explaining who you are, why you support railroad workers, and what you feel working people can do to meet the needs of our moment. You can submit this to this drop-box link .

Here is a full list of all our co-sponsors.

Thank you for your support!


Railroad Workers Solidarity Team

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