Sacred Stone Camp: We Need You Now: Final Easement for DAPL Appears Imminent

Two members of U.S. Congress from North Dakota have released statements saying that the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army directed the Army Corps to notify Congress that it is granting the final easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline. As of this moment, no easement has been granted — but we need you now. #NoDAPL


On January 31, two members of U.S. Congress from North Dakota released statements saying that the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army directed the Army Corps to notify Congress that it is granting the final easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Department of Justice has confirmed that at this time, there has not yet been a formal issuance of the easement.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe responded with a statement affirming they will pursue legal action to ensure due process for the pending EIS.

Granting the easement now would illegally circumvent the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process and allow the company to begin drilling immediately. The EIS was ordered on December 4, 2016 by Assistant Secretary of the Army Jo-Ellen Darcy, and on January 17, the Army Corps filed a Notice of Intent in the Federal Register to begin the scoping process for the study, for which a public comment period is currently open.

The Sacred Stone Camp has put out a call to action inviting all those who can to come stand with them.

The call comes as tens of thousands of people across Turtle Island are occupying airports and city buildings, in defiance of Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’, taking to the streets and shutting down banks in response to Trump’s executive orders advancing construction of the Keystone XL and DAPL. It also follows one of the largest mobilizations of women this country has ever seen. Over 41 #NoDAPL actions across the globe have been registered to take place over the next week.

LaDonna Bravebull Allard, Director of Sacred Stone Camp says: “We have been saying something very simple from the beginning- Water is Life. We must stand for life. We cannot let the basic essence of who we are be destroyed. We must stand, so we are asking the world to stand with us.”

Protectors Standing Rock

MLK’s Legacy and the Developing Class Character of the Freedom Struggle

During 1967-8 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sought to articulate a deeper program for the movement against national oppression and economic injustice

By Abayomi Azikiwe
Editor, Pan-African News Wire
January 30, 2017
African American History Month Series No. 1

“Just three weeks prior to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on March 14, 1968, the co-founder and President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) honored an invitation from the Grosse Pointe Human Relations Council to speak on the topic of “The Other America.” He was to examine the-then debate over “open housing” for African Americans amid an unprecedented wave of urban rebellions across the United States…

…However, unless the alliances that are forming are based upon principled political positions, these efforts will inevitably lead right back into the Democratic Party with its betrayal of the working class, poor and nationally oppressed. A revolutionary leadership must emerge to provide a programmatic thrust aimed at exposing and defeating the exploitative and dictatorial system of capitalism and imperialism.”

Note: The author covered the 49th anniversary commemoration of Dr. King’s speech at Grosse Pointe High School South (as it is now known) on January 14, 2017. An audio file of the actual address was played to the audience before a discussion on the historic event. This program was sponsored by the newly-formed Grosse Pointe Chapter of the NAACP.

Unions, refuse to build Trump’s wall


To: Terry O’Sullivan, President, Laborers’ International; Sean McGarvey, President, North America’s Building Trades Unions; Richard Trumka, President, AFL-CIO

We, champions of working people, urge leaders and members of North America’s Building Trades Unions, Laborers’ International, and all labor organizations to refuse to build or design Trump’s 2,000-mile Wall of Hatred on the border between the United States and Mexico.

We ask that unions, which historically fought for the 8-hour day, a sustainable wage, health care and workplace protection, boycott these labor contracts because the wall — estimated to cost taxpayers 15-40 billion dollars — will result in pain and suffering for families separated through birth, marriage, and work; undermine diplomacy and trade between US and Mexico; engender ill will between nations and peoples.

Why is this important?

While we, petitioners, understand a desire to make a living, we also recognize that to use one’s skills to advance racism and xenophobia is to rob workers of their great potential to advance social justice and to continue their legacy of fighting for human rights. Rather than spending billions to construct an unnecessary wall when barriers already exist, we should be investing taxpayer dollars to hire union workers for much-needed infrastructure projects that strengthen our communities: water and sewer pipes; roads; bridges; transit systems.

We ask that all unions and their umbrella organizations instruct their members to boycott work on the wall and to, instead, embrace the racial and cultural diversity of America.

Milwaukee, Feb. 2: Pack Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Meeting to Urge Yes Vote On Anti-Hate, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Refugee Resolution

Voces de la Frontera

On Thursday, February 2, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors will vote on Resolution 16-738, the Milwaukee County Anti-Hate, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Refugee Resolution. Click here to read the Resolution.

Click here to find, call, and email your Milwaukee County Supervisor!

Urge them to vote YES on Resolution 16-738. You can say something like:

Hi, my name is (your name) and I live in your district at (your address). Please vote in favor of Substitute Resolution 16-738, which supports immigrants, refugees, African-Americans, Muslims, women, LGBTQ people and others targeted by the new President. The resolution opposes any attempt to create a religious registry or Muslim ban, and it will direct Sheriff Clarke to not collaborate in deportations and the separation of families. Thank you.

Also, please join us for the vote on the Resolution Thursday, February 2nd at 9:00am in Room 200 of the Milwaukee County Courthouse (910 Wells Ave). Bring signs!  


Rasmea Odeh Defense Team Files Motion to Dismiss Indictment

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Media Contact: Hatem Abudayyeh, Rasmea Defense Committee spokesperson, 773.301.4108,

Rasmea Odeh Defense Team Files Motion to Dismiss Indictment

Prosecutors “Vindictive” After Losing on Appeal

Today, the lawyers defending Palestinian American activist Rasmea Odeh moved to dismiss the new indictment that was brought against her in December 2016.  The motion and supporting brief argue that the government’s “superseding indictment has substantially broadened the scope of the trial and the evidence that will be relevant and at issue.”

It also states that the new indictment, filed well beyond the statute of limitations in immigration law, is so different from the original 2013 indictment that it cannot be accepted by the court. The statute of limitations for the alleged 2004 offense is 10 years. This new indictment tries to bring fundamentally different charges against Rasmea.

Finally, Rasmea’s defense exposes the U.S. Attorney’s filing of the superseding indictment as a retaliatory and vindictive act. The conviction that the prosecutors won in court in 2014 was overturned in 2016 because the court violated Rasmea’s right to a full defense. She was not allowed to present expert testimony that she suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the torture she suffered at the hands of her Israeli captors in Palestine in 1969. Now the desperate prosecution is trying to bring terrorism charges against her.  This is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to prejudice the jury by using buzz words such as “terrorism” to paint an unfavorable view of Rasmea.

When she was first falsely charged with a crime by the Israelis in 1969, Rasmea had been arrested along with close to 500 others in Jerusalem. The occupation forces of the Israeli military singled out Rasmea to force her into a confession, through the use of physical, psychological, and sexual torture. It is well known that Israeli documents from that unlawful conviction were the ones used by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Detroit to bring charges against her in 2013.  Rasmea’s attorneys had previously challenged the judge’s allowance of these documents into evidence, since they were procured by documented torture in another country.

During her first trial, Judge Gershwin Drain repeatedly stated that he would not allow the retrying of Rasmea for the allegations against her from 45 years earlier. The motion filed today states, “Now that this Court has properly ruled that the PTSD testimony is admissible, the government wants to convert this trial into a political one about terrorism, and the defendant’s acts and affiliations almost fifty years after the fact.”

“We believe that we have a strong case,” said Bassem Kawar of the Rasmea Defense Committee. “It is clear that the prosecutors are desperately trying to levy ridiculous charges at Rasmea, in hopes that they can confuse the jury and distract them from the evidence of torture and PTSD that will be presented at the new trial.”



Day 5 of the resistance to Trump’s executive orders: press conference and protest at Chicago’s Department of Homeland Security Wednesday, February 1

#NoMuslimBan #Not1More #RealSanctuary

WHAT: Press conference and protest in response to the Trump Administration’s executive orders signed last week.  Demands include calling on Trump to rescind his executive order, for the release of all detainees in Chicago and across the country, for the city to remove the deportation and other carve outs from its Welcoming City ordinance, for an end to the criminalization of Black and other people of color, and for an end to all detentions and deportations.

WHERE: Outside the Department of Homeland Security, 525 W. Van Buren Street, downtown Chicago

WHEN: Wednesday, February 1st, 2017, at 4:30 PM CST

Conveners and supporters: Arab American Action Network, Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Chicago, Organized Communities Against Deportations, United African Organization, Korean American Resource and Cultural Center, PASO-West Suburban Action Project, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, National Immigrant Justice Center, U.S. Palestinian Community Network, Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, Black Youth Project-100, Chicago Teachers Union, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Syrian Action Network, Arab American Family Services, National Alliance for Filipino Concerns, Anakbayan, Campaign to TAKE ON HATE, Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, American Muslims for Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace-Chicago, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos, Black Lives Matter-Chicago, United Electrical Workers (UE) Western Region, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Healthcare Illinois and Indiana, United Working Families, Fight for 15-Chicago, elected and appointed officials, and many other advocacy, immigrant rights, and legal groups.