Coalition For Justice Statement: We will not tolerate police intimidation and harassment of peaceful protesters and community members

For Official Release from The Coalition For Justice:

To Milwaukee Police Department,

The Coalition for Justice is an organization committed to action in the name of justice. We have been involved in the struggle for justice in this city for several months as an organized group, and have sought only to activate the power of the people to stand united against police violence and brutality.

We write to you today to firmly and unequivocally say that we will not tolerate police intimidation and harassment of peaceful protesters and community members who are exercising their rights as citizens of this city and country. There have now been several incidents regarding this intimidation (unwarranted traffic stops, police surveillance outside of protesters homes, targeting specific protesters for arrest/harassment, etc.) that have been reported to us from the individuals who have been victims of this torment. This must stop now.

It is our right to protest unjust laws and governmental actions, and we should be able to do so peacefully without fear of redress from those who are sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. We will not be bullied. Let this statement serve as an official record that we have taken notice of these patterns of practice, and we will act swiftly to address them through direct action in our streets and through changes to policy & procedure.

The Coalition For Justice

Milwaukee, January 2: New Year Same Fight: National March, Press Conference, & Community Gathering


Calling All Concerned Citizens of Milwaukee:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We just want to thank all of you that rocked with us in 2014, and help bring attention and awareness to Dontre Hamilton’s case and the Milwaukee fight for justice. It was truly amazing to see all of your faces and stand alongside you to fight for freedom in our city. NOW WE HAVE TO GET BACK TO OUR FIGHT FOR JUSTICE! LET’S GO!

We will be gathering at Red Arrow Park (1000 N. Water St.) on Friday, January 2nd at 2:30pm for a National March and Press Conference with the Rainbow Push Coalition to announce in MKE the Federal Investigation into the murder of Dontre Hamilton.


Please join us at 2.30pm at Red Arrow Park (our ground zero, where Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times by former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney). From there we will march down to the Federal Building to join with Reverend Jessie Jackson & the Rainbow Push Coalition where together we will host a joint press conference and subsequent march back to Red Arrow Park together.

Once back at Red Arrow we will do a small rally and address the crowd to give logistics for what’s coming next. We will leave Read Arrow Park shortly thereafter together as an escorted processional to Holy Temple First Born Church (4960 N. 18th Street). The processional will line up along Water Street, with the first car beginning at Buffalo Wild Wings (1123 N. Water St.).

We are asking that everyone join our processional to the church for a mass community gathering (beginning at 6pm), where we will be joined by Reverend Jackson and many of the families who have lost loved ones to police violence and brutality. We will host a community meeting where we will discuss next steps and how to elevate our fight, to ensure that we get justice for Dontre Hamilton as well as all of the families of this city who have been wronged by our Police Department.

Please join us for the national march and press conference at Red Arrow at 2.30pm, then the processional and community meeting at Holy Temple First Born at 5.30pm. We hope to see you there.

Note: If you cannot join us for the march and processional please join us directly at the church at 5:30pm. The meeting will begin at 6pm.

To stay connected please follow us on:
Twitter: @Justice4Dontre
Instagram: TheCoalition4JusticeMKE
or Call us at 414.375.9330


Boston FIST Statement On The #BlackLivesMatter Movement


“…FIST believes our task is to claim the right to rebel. In the words of Black Panther Bobby Seale, we must seize the time! FIST is a youth-led revolutionary organization dedicated to overthrowing the imperialist system in place of a socialist system that is run by, and meets the needs of, the people. A revolutionary movement that overthrows imperialism must be led by the oppressed. We believe the movement for Black Lives must continue. We declare solidarity and support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement in Boston and everywhere it resides.

If you are interested in joining or working with FIST, please contact:”

In the Illinois-Wisconsin area, contact FIST: or call: 424-262-3478


Know Your Rights: Resources for Activists / Milwaukee Training January 20, 2015

Center For Constitutional Rights:

Committee To Stop FBI Repression:

Midnight Special Law Collective:

National Lawyer’s Guild:

People’s Law Office:

Milwaukee, January 20, 2015: Milwaukee: Know Your Rights During Law Enforcement Encounters,

Members of the Young, Gifted & Black coalition in Madison and allies march on East Towne Mall December 27, 2014. [Photo: WI BOPM]

Members of the Young, Gifted & Black coalition in Madison and allies march on East Towne Mall December 27, 2014. [Photo: WI BOPM]