Madison Protesters March On East Towne Mall, Participate in Die-In


Over two hundred protesters marched on East Towne Mall in Madison and participated in a 16 1/2 minute die-in occupation at the Food Court December 27. The time denoted the time Eric Garner was choked to death by police in Staten Island, New York.
Sponsored by the Young, Gifted and Black coalition in Madison and supported by numerous labor-community organizations including Fight Imperialism Stand Together or FIST, Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement and Veterans For Peace. Members of Workers World Party from Chicago, Detroit, Janesville, Milwaukee and Rockford participated.
The multinational protesters of all ages marched in the streets adjacent to East Towne Mall and repeatedly stopped traffic at multiple locations along busy Highway 151. Then protesters marched into the mall chanting various slogans including “Michael Brown. Michael Brown. Shut It Down. Shut It Down,” and “Black Lives Matter.” Numerous workers and shoppers-Black, Brown, Asian and white-expressed their solidarity with the anti-police terror protesters who also demanded that living wage jobs should be brought to the Black community not another planned jail for the city. Wisconsin has the highest incarceration rates for people of African descent in the United States. Other demands included justice for Dontre Hamilton and others murdered by the police.
“You can’t have capitalism without racism. Many businesses in this mall underpay their employees. Many businesses in this mall use prison labor. This mall is symbolic with what is wrong with America, with capitalism. This is about the right to live, to love, to be creative. People it’s time to wake up. All power to the people,” said Brandi Grayson of the Young, Gifted and Black coalition after the die-in.
The protest concluded with a quote from Assata Shakur that ends with “…We have nothing to lose but our chains.”
Protesters march on East Towne Mall in Madison December 27, 2014. [WI BOPM]

Protesters march on East Towne Mall in Madison December 27, 2014. [WI BOPM]

Madison: Statement from Young Gifted and Black on the Dontre Hamilton shooting and Non-indictment of Christopher Manney / Protest December 27, East Towne Mall

For Immediate Release:
M Adams: 414-430-1321
Brandi Grayson: 608-213-0707

Justice for Dontre Hamilton!

Once again a white police officer who killed an unarmed Black man has been let free of any consideration of criminal charges.

On April 30th Dontre Hamilton was killed by officer Christopher Manney. Hamilton was shot 14 times after being woken up for sleeping in a public park. Today a grand jury decision has been announced that they will not be taking Manney to trial and he will be let free from any charges. Community members are currently gathering in Red Arrow Park to respond to the decision.

Protests have been happening since April in Milwaukee to call for justice for Dontre Hamilton. Young Gifted and Black was in Milwaukee to support local organizers with an action to stop traffic and to raise awareness of this issue this past Friday. This injustice has happened in Madison’s back yard and we have an obligation to show solidarity.

Rather than seek to support the peaceful protests of widespread outrage at this decision, Governor Walker has primed the national guard to intervene risking to create a Ferguson-like militarized response.

We do not rely on the criminal justice system and we do not believe it can bring justice in any situation. We are not surprised by the police killings of Dontre Hamilton, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and others; nor are we surprised that these officers were not indicted. These systems were not built for us, and we cannot rely on them to free us.

Though we are not surprised, we are still enraged by no indictment for the police officer coming amidst a sea of protests across the country for the non-indictment for the police who killed Mike Brown and Eric Garner. This shows us state violence is killing us and the systems in place are not protecting us. This also shows us that change must come from the people—we must take to the streets and see vast changes in the way we view policing, the criminal system, and the prison industrial complex.

We understand this moment in the context of 2 police officers being killed in NYC. While we don’t condone this kind of violence, black families face the injustice of having their children killed over and over and call for peaceful protests, however, the NYPD leaders have called for war against protesters, the Mayor of NYC and the ‪#‎Blacklivesmatter‬ movement. We remain vigilante in a peaceful effort for our demands to be met, and for the liberation of Black people.

We stand in solidarity with the Hamilton Family and the organizers in Milwaukee, and we will continue to push for an end to state violence against Black people here in Madison and across the country.

We will hold a rally and protest on Saturday December 27 in the East Towne Mall Parking lot near Culver’s at 3:30 pm.

No Justice No Peace!
Young Gifted and Black Coalition
Ferguson to Madison on Facebook

Hundreds rally at Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee August 22, 2014  to demand justice for Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton & other Victims of police terror. [Photo: WI BOPM]

Hundreds rally at Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee August 22, 2014 to demand justice for Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton & other Victims of police terror. [Photo: WI BOPM]

December 27: #ICANTSLEEP: From MKE to the World Rally and Press Conference in Chicago


Calling all concerned community members:

We are taking Dontre’s story from Milwaukee to the world. We are partnering with the Rainbow Push Coalition to hold a national press conference in Chicago,Illinois (930 East 50th St.) to announce the federal investigation into the murder of Dontre Hamilton, and we want all of you to join us! If you’ve ever come to a rally, stood with us, met with us, seen us on tv, read about us in the paper, or seen us on social media, etc., we are asking that all come down to Chicago with us so that we can stand united and tell Milwaukee’s story!

We told you that we were not going to stop until justice was served, and this is our next step. We are going to tell the nation what this city did to Dontre, and how justice has been too long delayed and denied in MKE. We are going to bring this system of police violence and brutality to its knees, and rebuild anew.

Please Join Us!

Transportation: We are asking that all those that are available please meet us All Peoples Church (2600 North 2nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212) where we will be coordinating car pools to transport folks down to Chicago and back. We are asking for all those who can drive and have room for others to ride along please send us an email at or give us a call at 414-375.9330. your help would be greatly appreciated.

We are asking that everyone meet at All Peoples by 7am, and we will leave promptly around 7:30. The Rally and Press Conference will begin around 10am and last roughly til about 1pm.

Note: If you would like to join us at the rally/press conference but do not wish to meet us at All Peoples that is totally ok we will look for you in Chicago! We just really want all of you to come out.

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