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This week we will be highlighting BLACK AUGUST and the lives and legacies of Black political prisoners who were leaders in the fight for liberation and against political persecution in the ‘60s and ‘70s. This series will be centered around answering the questions: what is police and prison abolition, why do we fight for it, and how has our history with the carceral system shaped this moment? Stay tuned!

The story of Black August began in 1960 when an 18-year old by the name of George Jackson received a 1-year to life sentence when he was accused of stealing $70 from a gas station. Jackson spent the next 10 years in prison, many of which were spent in solitary confinement where he became a writer and theoretician.

At the time, there had been a number of documented instances of guards killing prisoners in the California prison system. In Soledad Prison where George was being held, prison guards shot into a group of prisoners and killed three. A day later, one of the prison guards was found dead, for which Jackson and two other inmates, who became known as the “Soledad Brothers”, were accused of killing.

On August 7, 1970 George’s brother Jonathan raided the Marin County Courthouse and freed three prisoners in an attempt to leverage the release of the Soledad Brothers. Jonathan and all but one of the prisoners did not survive the raid, as prison guards and police fired on their van, killing them as well as a judge whom they had taken hostage.

Of his brother, George wrote, ““He was free for a while. I guess that’s more than most of us can expect.” Just over a year later, George Jackson was murdered by prison guards.

Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson

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Uruguay: “The Pandemic is Misery for Those who Were Already Poor and More Wealth for Those who Were Already Rich”

Orinoco Tribune

By Carlos Aznárez and María Torrellas – Aug 6, 2020

Talking to Jorge Zabalza serves to renew the idea that all those who are fighting in different parts of the Third World are not wrong, but are part of an ideological reserve that does not conform to the brutal onslaught of capitalism. Zabalza was, is and will continue to be a revolutionary. He speaks as he thinks and lives in accordance with his revolutionary ideas. From Uruguay, where the humblest people fight it as best they can, Zabalza continues to call for revolt, using Chile or the streets of the United States as an example that there is still much to be done.

We began the interview by making a solidarity statement:

What I want to make clear is that the missing militant youthFacundo Castro has to appear alive, it cannot be that all the obstacles that have been put in the way of the fight for Truth and Justice. Argentina is the most advanced of all the Plan Condor countries, but they keep disappearing and that is what they call democracy. The police keep disappearing people. The issue of Facundo Castro is much more profound, it shows, in democracy, that there will continue to be state terrorism. There are no systematic disappearances like those carried out by civic-military dictatorships, but there are disappearances. That is a threat that stands up to all social fighters. In the southern cone it did not become systematic. In Colombia it is systematic, in Mexico it is systematic

In Argentina, in this quarantine there were numerous people killed by the police. That is what this confinement was also for, and there is no possibility of going out on the streets to protest against this kind of thing. There are comrades in the most humble neighborhoods who are doing this, and it is healthy that these kinds of atrocities are denounced.

I think that in reality the Coronavirus came as a good thing for the system, stopped all kinds of mobilizations in Argentina and the world. All that popular movement, was stopped. Besides, with a valid excuse: “it is for the health”, we worry about the health, with that excuse also to the service of stopping the economy. The big companies, the big owners of capital in the world who have become rich, are going to start imposing a deep neoliberal policy. The pandemic is misery for those who were already poor and wealth for those who were already rich. In addition, they are preparing us psychologically, all the people, they are introducing the ideology of political control through modern means. State-of-the-art technology is designed to control. On the other hand, consent, because the coronavirus justifies everything.

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Are you surprised that the taming or appease theory has been so well accepted. Except for the ruptures that are occurring in Chile or on the streets of the United States, that people are putting up with being thrown out of work, put up with having their salaries cut, with disappearing young people and all that we are seeing in these last few months?

We have to look at Chile; they are a kind of laboratory. On the one hand, the popular mobilizations, and on the other, the forms of those who make control, that in Chile the whole political spectrum has collaboration. There, elections end up institutionalizing a hegemonic system. On the one hand it is ideological but it is also very concrete, stick and grill. The people are advancing. Those of us who maintain the struggle, those of us who have a revolutionary idea, do not depend on what one says, nor on political fatigue. The children jump the turnstiles of the subway and everything jumps. One day a comrade is suffocated and killed in the U.S. because he is Black and there is a revolt. There is a boiler that is adding pressure and any justification can provoke it, and this has nothing to do with the ideological teachings of the world. I found out through Resumen Latinoamericano, about the black militias that have emerged in the United States.

This is a phenomenon of the streets crowded with young Afro, Latino and also many white people, but also armed militias in the style of the “Black Panthers” of the 70s.

Weapons which until now were free to buy in supermarkets, which until now were the basis of supremacist groups, are now used for the self-defense by the African-American people. The truth is that this need for popular self-defense arose in Chile too, it hasn’t taken the form it did in the United States, but it’s pending. One thing that no one has been able to avoid is this virus, which is a product of capitalist forms of production. So this that is a consequence of the new capitalist forms of production, today is ending up being a factory of capitalist gravediggers. Because they produce misery, look at the growing number of unemployed in the United States.

Black August and Black Liberation: “Study, Fast, Train, Fight.” – August 15 & 16, 2020 Webinar

Black August and Black Liberation: “Study, Fast, Train, Fight.”

Black August and Black Liberation: “Study, Fast, Train, Fight.”

We owe it to our ancestors and our incarcerated comrades to escalate the struggle against the white settler state and its imperial capitalist order.

“Some of our incarcerated comrades have moved into their fifth decade shackled as the longest serving political prisoners on the face of the Earth.”

Each August since 1979, the surviving sectors of the Black Liberation Movement, our supporters, and the new entrants into the ranks of resistors to the ongoing oppression against the African/Black masses and colonized peoples of this territory now called the United States and its settler state, have paid homage to our fallen freedom fighters and those incarcerated for decades in the cages of this country.

The struggle for African/Black freedom in the United States began with the arrival of the first enslaved Africans to this territory in 1619. The tradition of resistance to the settler state is different from the tradition celebrated by the elites of this country in response to the death of U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-GA). Our positionality, first as an enslaved people and after the formal period of slavery as a nationally oppressed people, had forged for us a different interpretation of U.S. history and our relationship to this state.

For the Black Liberation Movement, reconciliation with the settler state toward a “more perfect union” was not only an impossibility because white-supremacist settler power has been crystalized into the state. It also would have been an unprincipled betrayal of our ancestors, who had resisted the assaults on our collective dignity and struggled to destroy the oppressive system—and had no plans to integrate with it.

“Reconciliation with the settler state would have been an unprincipled betrayal of our ancestors.”

That struggle intensified in the 1960s and ‘70s, resulting in a vicious counter attack from U.S. state authorities that involved murder, incarcerations, organizational disruption, and an ideological and cultural program to create an “American” out of the rebellious Africans who had earned global prestige for rising up in over 350 cities and creating a revolutionary movement.

Black August was created to not only honor and commemorate those who fought for our human rights, national liberation and self-determination, such as Jonathan and George Jackson, W.L. Nolan, and William Christmas. It is meant to pay homage to all of our revolutionary ancestors and those still ensnared by the state.

A central element of Black August is to call attention to our freedom fighters still held captive as political prisoners and Prisoners of War. Some have moved into their fifth decade shackled as the longest serving political prisoners on the face of the Earth.

This past weekend, Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) members unanimously decided to commit to raising awareness about our imprisoned fighters.

The theme of Black August is to “study, fast, train, fight.” That is what the members of BAP intend to do this month and every month until we rid the Earth of the malignant threat to all of humanity represented by the Pan-European, White-supremacist, colonial/capitalist patriarchy.

August 18, 2020: Ozaukee Youth United, Racial Justice: Turning Words into Action Session 3


Racial Justice: Turning Words into Action Session 3

Join Ozaukee Youth United and The Student Union for the final session of a three talk group discussion series discussing Systemic Racism. This talk will have a focus on action that can be taken within Ozaukee County to spread awareness of racial injustice. The talk is open for anyone to attend. Registration is on the The Student Union’s website:


Chicago, August 11, 2020: CPACNow – Defund CPD – Englewood Emergency Solidarity Rally – DeFund the Police!

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CPACNow – Defund CPD – Englewood Solidarity Rally

Join us for a car caravan and rally to demand CPAC and the defunding of CPD!

On Sunday, August 9th, Chicago police shot a young Black man in Englewood and then threatened community members with assault rifles and riot gear. Latrell Allen is currently in hospital fighting for his life after being chased and shot five times by CPD. Police are claiming, without evidence, that he shot at them first. The police have charged Latrell with attempted murder after they attempted to murder him. This is yet another instance of police demonizing a victim of police violence to justify their atrocities.

When people from the neighborhood gathered on the scene, they were met with hundreds of CPD officers armed with assault rifles. This was a clear escalation towards a community that just experienced a traumatic attack on one of their own. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has said nothing about the officers who shot Latrell Allen and assaulted protesters in Englewood, instead focusing on looting and the well-being of the police department. Instead of meeting the people’s demands, Lori Lightfoot has ordered the raising of the bridges downtown and has deployed more resources towards policing.

The loss of property on the Mag Mile is nothing compared to the loss of life inflicted by CPD. People are furious at the way police have behaved as an occupying force in Black and Brown communities for decades, killing, torturing, and kidnapping people with impunity. People are sick and tired of losing schools, hospitals, mental health facilities, and other resources while the police budget continues to grow. What Lightfoot calls looting is an expression of rage from people who have been terrorized and neglected by the city for years. The people demand that CPD be defunded with that money being invested in communities instead. The people demand that the city enact CPAC so communities can hold police accountable and prevent police violence.

CPD is the biggest gang in the city, and Lori Lightfoot has not hesitated to unleash them on protesters, Black, Latinx and other oppressed people. We need CPAC to put the power in OUR HANDS to end these attacks on our communities!

Milwaukee AFL-CIO: We Thank You Wednesday August 12, 2020

Please join the Milwaukee Area Labor Council as we come together to thank our Essential Union Workers who have continued to work during this pandemic. We demand protection for front-line workers while we also thank them for their service and loyalty to the job. We call it “We Thank You Wednesday” and will gather at different work sites to thank workers who have continued to show up to make life easier for our community.

This Wednesday we will show our support for the various local unions including Brewery Workers Local 9 UAWIAM District 10IBEW Local 494Liuna Local 113 Milwaukee, and OPEIU Local 9 who work at Molson Coors.

Wednesday, August 12
2:15pm to 3:30pm
Molson Coors Brewery
4251 W. State St. Milwaukee WI 53208

You can park in the tour center parking lot and then cross the street. You’ll want to stand on the north side of state street, and then just on the west side of the railroad bridge going over the street. You see signs for the entrance to Lot 5. That is where most of the brewery workers will be coming and going before/after shift.

We take the health and safety of our members seriously. For that reason, we require all those who join in We Thank You Wednesday’s show of support to wear masks and maintain social distancing rules of staying at least 6 feet apart during our rally.

Please do not be offended if we ask you to put on a mask or to remain a safe distant apart during the rally. The safety of everyone in our main concern. Thank You for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please contact or

Chicago CTU SEIU Banner October 2019

Black Lives Matter Events in Wisconsin – August 10, 2020 and Beyond ….

***MONDAY, AUGUST 10TH; Today’s list of BLM Protests, Vigils and other Relevant Actions is updated.***

Link for the Updated List:…/1uLk5DYYMqlxZAbO_TAbAxxS9dS…/edit…

As always, you can find all of the event pages listed under the “Events” section of the People’s Climate Coalition FB Page.

You can (and should!) also check out the new Impact Demand event calendar: and follow the Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement for news and actions from around the state and Rid Racism Milwaukee for a list of additional racial justice actions / events.

***#Covid19 reminder to wear a mask and gloves to all in-person events and somehow try to social distance, if possible.***


If you can’t attend a protest, making a contribution to any of the following organizations / causes would be super helpful (you can also find more listed in the donation tab within the excel sheet):

– Legal Aid & Resources: Milwaukee Freedom Fund

Free Chrystul Kizer

Youth Rising Up -YRU- North Division High School

Black Leaders Organizing for Communities

Leaders Igniting Transformation

Urban Underground

– Love on Black Women:

– The People’s Movement of Milwaukee:

Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression

Human First Project :

Black Educators Caucus MKE

Urban Legacy MKE


Let me know if there are any other actions / donation pages / relevant orgs that should be added to the list. You can email me at or PM me directly on Facebook.

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Waupaca, WI August 9, 2020

Photo: Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement