Appleton, September 1, 2020: Solidarity With Kenosha

Solidarity with Kenosha

111 W College Avenue, Appleton (Houdini Plaza) – 6:30 P.M.

Trump will be in Kenosha. We won’t give him the satisfaction of making an example of us. We will be having a peaceful sit in and candle light vigil for the lives lost in Kenosha because of this extreme division fueled by Trump.

We will have megaphones for those who feel called to speak (black folx get the mic first) we will end with candle lighting and moment of silence for Kenosha. For Jacob, and the victims whose lives were lost. Bring your PEACE. We aren’t here to play into the narrative of hate created by Trump. We are here to empower each other to keep going.

For those who cannot come out or don’t have an event locally to attend a member of BLA, Shawn posed this idea:

“What if all of use posted a picture of ourselves in front of our rural and urban and everything in between places with us holding lit candles
We could list our particular area to show that this movement is spreading far and wide to all corners of Wisconsin.”

Please if you can’t make it show your solidarity by posting a picture public (doesn’t need to include your face if you’d prefer to not) on your FB tagged #solidarityforKenosha tomorrow at 8pm

Image may contain: 3 people, crowd

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