Detroit, April 1: 2017 – Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia

Detroit WWP Marxism Class on V.I. Lenin and Amilcar Cabral

Self Determination and National Culture

5920 Second Avenue (at Antoinette), Detroit

Sat. April 1, 5:00 PM

This event represents the second in a series of classes on Leninism and its application to the contemporary situation.

One of many fundamental lessons to be found within scientific socialist thought as developed by Karl Marx and Frederich Engels are the polemics with other tendencies within the revolutionary movements over the right of oppressed nations to self-determination, up to the point of independence. Marx maintained this view in regard to the political situations involving Poland and Ireland during the late 19th century.

V.I. Lenin, who along with the Bolshevik Party in the November (October) 1917 Revolution, applied the correct Marxist viewpoint in not only carrying out the first socialist seizure of state power but also the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1922. We will examine Lenin’s views on these questions from an article written in 1914, three years prior to the triump of the Russian Revolution.

Title: “The 1903 Program and Its Liquidators”
Later in 1970, at Syracuse University in New York state, Amilcar Cabral, the co-founder of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC), delivered an historic address on the need for revolutionary theory in approaching the role of culture in the national liberation struggles leading to socialist construction.

Reading materials:
These reading materials will be supplied at the class.

Please come out and join us in these very important discussions which can serve to guide our organizing work during this period.

Facilitator:  Abayomi Azikwe, Editor Pan-African News Wire; Contributing Editor, Workers World Newspaper
Contact: 313-671-3715
A Cabral

Madison, April 4: NoCopsInSchools

Hosted by Freedom Inc

Kohl Center, 601 Dayton, Madison, 4-10 p.m.

In a speach given on April 4th 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr spoke about and against the three evils: racism, colonialism/materialism and militarism. Here, in Madison, WI we will use this day to speak out against the use of police in our schools and how it disproportionately affects Black and Brown youth. Come out to demand that our schools are free of police!
Show up at 4
Starts at 4:30

Come out on Tuesday, April 4 to join the @freedominc youth in demanding #NoCopsInSchool! According to the MMSD report on school-paid cops 2014-2015, 86% of arrests in or near Madison Metropolitan School District high schools involved Black people. Black students only make up 19% of high school students. The police are an occupying force that must be kicked out. #communitycontroloverpolice

No Cops In Schools Madison April 4 Freed Inc

The Movement Must Escalate to a General Strike on May 1

More information: Voces de la Frontera

Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES)

In February, tens of thousands of immigrant workers and business owners have gone on strike and closed their businesses in resistance to Trump’s immigration raids. Today’s nationwide strike follows Wisconsin’s Day without Latinos, Immigrants, and Refugees on Monday, led by Voces de la Frontera, which has inspired immigrant workers and their supporters to rise up. Following Trump’s executive orders on immigration, ICE agents have targeted some of society’s most vulnerable members. In El Paso, a transgender domestic violence survivor was arrested by ICE at a courthouse after testifying against her abuser. ICE has arrested DACA recipients and people staying at homeless shelters.

Voces de la Frontera joins the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, Movimiento Cosecha and others in calling for a national general strike on May 1st to demand Trump rescind his executive orders on immigration.

“Following Monday’s Day Without Latinos, Immigrants, and Refugees in Wisconsin, we are witnessing a spontaneous groundswell of immigrant workers, small business owners, and our supporters taking similar bold action to demand an end to Trump’s deportation raids,” said Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera. “We applaud the leadership of immigrant workers and business owners around the country in using their economic power, and we call on community organizations to follow their lead. We invite organizations and the public to join us in coordinated, escalated actions nationwide leading up to a mass general strike on May 1st. Monday, May 1st, 2017, must be a national Day Without Latinos, Immigrants, and Refugees to demand Trump rescind all of his executive orders on immigration.”

April 5: MKE State Budget Hearing: Speak Up for Public School Students!

Come out on Wednesday, April 5 to the MKE State Budget Hearing: Speak Up for Public School Students!

Hosted by Stop the Takeover of MPS

Schools and Communities United
Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

The powerful Joint Finance Committee (JFC) will be holding state budget public hearings around the state. This committee writes the state’s 2-year budget and we need to make sure they hear from public education advocates in Milwaukee.

Remember in 2015 this same committee snuck the “MPS Midnight Takeover” into the budget, allowing the JFC to pass it without any input from the public. Of course the unpopular and undemocratic provision was beated back by a grassroots movement. Join us as we take back MPS from the grips of privatizers and demand fair and equitable funding for MPS students.

We can no longer tolerate a budget that allocates thousands of dollars less in per pupil funding for MPS students when compared to their surrounding suburban counterparts. We will not stand for non-fiscal items being jammed into the state omnibus budget with zero public input. LET’S SHOW UP AND DEMAND BETTER MILWAUKEE!

The “Peoples’ Public Education Tailgate” at the JFC Hearing

The Peoples’ Tailgate will be held during the Joint Finance hearing on Wed., April 5, from 4 – 6pm with brats, hot dogs, 20 foot parachutes from a recent art build fpr public education, and more!

Look for the tents and tables in the State Fair Grounds parking lot that serve as a home base for people giving testimony and showing up to support public schools.

Sign up here to join this effort, and you’ll be connected to the following resources:

• If you need help crafting and practicing your testimony if you need it.

• Access to expert-vetted information to make sure you are on message and on point.

• Templates and action plans for amplifying your message by sharing your testimony as a letter to the editor, social media post, or in other ways to maximize the impact where you live.

• Connection to others in your region who share your concerns and are ready to stand united for our public schools.

• Helping us coordinate testimony to make sure that the issues that matter the most are covered at each of the six hearings.

If you’d like to get more involved in helping with the regional planning, please contact the regional coordinator for your area listed below, and feel free to contact me at any time with questions or ideas:

(Milwaukee hearing): Jenni Hofschulte ( and Stacy Lynch (

*Note that the JFC reserves the right to change locations and times with only 24 hours notice. If any details change, look for them to be reported here.

I Love Public Schools Child - Joe Brusky

Photo: Joe Brusky

April 3: Go Public with Your Love for Public Schools

Hosted by Stop the Takeover of MPS

Schools and Communities United
Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

On Monday, April 3, we would like to encourage parents, students, community members, educators, etc. to gather in front of one of their local public schools and encourage others to #GoPublic.


· Gather before school, after school, or whenever is most convenient for your community. This event could last as little as 10 minutes.

· Ask people to wear a pro-public school t-shirt (“I Love My Public School”, “Go Public”, etc.) or school spirit wear from your local school.

· Make a few signs to remind people that they have 2 important opportunities to speak up for public schools:

o Vote on April 4! State Superintendent of Public Instruction & local school boards

o April 5: Attend the JFC hearings and “People’s Tailgate” at State Fair Park (right now plans are shaping up to hold a Press Conference at 7 am and have an afternoon celebration from 4 – 6 pm that will include students, brats, hotdogs, 20 ft diameter parachutes, etc. There will be tents and tables in the parking lot all day that will serve as a homebase for people giving testimony and showing up to support public schools.)

· Capture photos for social media and post them on your platform; use the hashtags #GoPublic and #WIBudget2017.

Encourage community members to share the posts on social media as well

· Coordinate this effort with MPS and several suburban school districts to amplify our united message.

If this is something you’re able to do, or if you have questions or suggestions, please let us know!

Madison, March 31: All Out Against Fascism & Hate!

Hosted by Madison IWW General Defense Committee

The Madison General Defense Committee of the IWW stands in solidarity with the Seattle GDC member, Hex, who was shot and almost killed, having spent many weeks in ICU, while protecting innocents from fascist pepper spray attacks. The Madison GDC also stands opposed to Daniel Dropik and the American Freedom Party having any presence what so ever or having any platform to spew their vitriolic antiBlack antiMuslim antiImmigrant “speech” (speech that advocates the killing and even genocide of people based on their skin color). We understand that Daniel Dropik has made it a habit of burning Black churches and that the American Freedom Party is the group that inspired Dylan Roof, that is why we will accept NO public presence of the group in Madison.

Student Coalition for Progress
Madison IWW General Defense Committee
Madison Feminist Drectory
The Peregrine Forum
Socialist Party of Madison and Dane County
No Trump No Bigotry
Madison Socialist Alternative
UW-Madison Young Democratic Socialists
WI Bailout the People Movement
Unión de Trabajadores Inmigrantes
College Democrats of UW-Madison
Student Labor Action Coalition
International Marxist Tendency – Madison
Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice
Four Lakes Green Party

Madison March 31 2017 Smash Fascism

Racine, April 1: Where’s Paul Town Hall / Foro Comunitario ¿dónde está Paul Ryan?

Hosted by Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES) and Voces de la Frontera



Paul Ryan está promoviendo el presupuesto de Trump que corta el cuidado de salud, la protección del ambiente y la educación pública, mientras apoya redadas que separan familias inmigrantes y un aumento masivo en gastos militares.

¡Pero él no ha tenido ningún foro comunitario con sus constituyentes! ¡Acompáñanos para pedirle cuentas de Ryan!

Invitados especiales: Congresista Luís Gutiérrez y líderes nacionales convocando para el 1ro de mayo.

Sábado • 1 de abril • 3pm
Centro Comuntario Dr. John Bryant
601 21st St • Racine
Info: 414-418-9109


Paul Ryan is too busy advancing Trump’s budget that cuts healthcare, Meals on Wheels, environmental protection, and public education, and funds raids that break up immigrant families and a massive military buildup. But he hasn’t held a single town hall meeting! Join us to hold Ryan accountable!

Special Guests: Congressman Luís Gutiérrez & national leaders convening for May 1st mobilization

Saturday • April 1st • 3pm
Dr. John Bryant Community Center
601 21st St, Racine, WI
info: 414-418-9109

April 1 2017 Voces YES Racine

Viewpoint: Ahmed Kathrada, Veteran Communist and National Liberation Icon in South Africa, Dies at 87

Former political prisoner served time for political work alongside Nelson Mandela and others

Article by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire, on the passing of African National Congress (ANC) and South African Communist Party (SACP) veteran Ahmed Kathrada. A memorial was held for Kathrada on March 29. The liberation movement icon joined the struggle in 1941 and served for over twenty years along with Nelson Mandela as a political prisoner in South Africa. This report was published by News Ghana based in West Africa.

Milwaukee, March 30: Rally & Testify in Support of MPS Sanctuary District Resolution

Keep ICE Out!

Come join education workers, students from Youth Empowered in the Struggle, parents, and community members in support of a Sanctuary District resolution before the full board. We want to pack the room with support for the resolution. Join us in demanding the increased protections for our Immigrants and Refugee students and families.

We will rally outside of MPS Central Office at 6pm before heading into the meeting. Please share and invite others and make a plan to join us.

What else can I do to support?

Sign a petition in support:

Join the Education Worker Task Force Meeting / Art Build / Phone Bank to build for turnout and make art in preparation for the 30th.

Sanctuary Milwaukee March 30 2017