Milwaukee, April 18: Religion and Revolution – Cuban Style

Hosted by The Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba

Hear firsthand how Cuban believers in the gospel worked to support the goals of the revolution for free and universal healthcare and education, and to bridge the gap between church and government. After years of effort, COEBAC (the Coordination of Baptist Students and Workers in Cuba), which was founded in 1974 by progressive Baptist university students, prevailed and eventually showed that there was no conflict between faith and revolution.

Gladys Abella was a student at the triumph of the revolution in 1959 and has been active in COEBAC. She is currently a leader of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Marianao, Havana and works for the Cuban Council of Churches. Ms. Abella played a key role in the creation of the historic Martin Luther King Center in Havana, a project of the Ebenezer Baptist church.

Please join us to hear her story as a student activist and now an established leader of one of Cuban’s most prominent churches and non-governmental organizations. She will also share her thoughts on the significance of Dr. Martin Luther King and current issues relating to US-Cuba policy from a Cuban perspective.

Cuba April 18 2017 Milwaukee

Boston, March 27: Stop Attacks & Possible Deportations of Migrant Farm Worker Leaders

Emergency Actions
Tomorrow and possiblyTuesday in Boston to combat trumpist-era,
fascist-minded attacks on oppressed communities in Boston.

1.  Migrant farmworker leaders working in Vermont are being dragged
into deportation hearings by ICE tomorrow at the JFK federal building
in Boston.  Justicia Migrante is bringing down a busload of defenders,
and they are calling All who can to be there to rally and defend our
leaders under attack and imprisoned by u.s. Homeland Security.

Date:  Tomorrow, Monday, March 27, 2017
Time:  11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Place:  JFK Federal Building – 15 New Sudbury St, Boston, Massachusetts 02203
What:  Rally to Free Farmworker Rights Leaders Enrique Balcazar and
Zully Palacios and farmworker Alex!

Go to Justicia Migrante’s Facebook event for more info:

2.  Stay downtown and on Alert all day Monday and Tuesday to confront
the bigot’s Hate Bus, the anti-Trans, divide and conquer,
billionaire-funded “free speech bus” [sic], spearheading violent
hate-speech against LGBTQ communities up & down the East Coast.

Follow the direction and leadership of the Massachusetts Trans
Political Coalition (MTPC) in this fluid and as yet logistically
unknown action.  The cowardly Hate Bus’s location(s) for protest,
dance and speak-out will be announced as soon as known.  BE ON
CONSTANT ALERT and follow MTPC’s direction at:

Community Response: Hate Bus in Boston


“I Believe…I Believe that we will…I Believe that we will win!”

Madison, March 31: All Out Against Fascism and Hate

Hosted by Madison IWW General Defense Committee

The Madison General Defense Committee of the IWW stands in solidarity with the Seattle GDC member, Hex, who was shot and almost killed, having spent many weeks in ICU, while protecting innocents from fascist pepper spray attacks. The Madison GDC also stands opposed to Daniel Dropik and the American Freedom Party having any presence what so ever or having any platform to spew their vitriolic antiBlack antiMuslim antiImmigrant “speech” (speech that advocates the killing and even genocide of people based on their skin color). We understand that Daniel Dropik has made it a habit of burning Black churches and that the American Freedom Party is the group that inspired Dylan Roof, that is why we will accept NO public presence of the group in Madison.

Madison Feminist Drectory
The Peregrine Forum
Socialist Party of Madison and Dane County

Milwaukee, March 30: Rally & Testify in Support of MPS Sanctuary District Resolution

Hosted by Stop the Takeover of MPS

Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES)

Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

Keep ICE Out!

Come join education workers, students from Youth Empowered in the Struggle, parents, and community members in support of a Sanctuary District resolution before the full board. We want to pack the room with support for the resolution. Join us in demanding the increased protections for our Immigrants and Refugee students and families.

We will rally outside of MPS Central Office at 6pm before heading into the meeting. Please share and invite others and make a plan to join us.

What else can I do to support?

Sign a petition in support:

Join the Education Worker Task Force Meeting / Art Build / Phone Bank to build for turnout and make art in preparation for the 30th.

Sanctuary Milwaukee March 30 2017