April 5: MKE State Budget Hearing: Speak Up for Public School Students!

Come out on Wednesday, April 5 to the MKE State Budget Hearing: Speak Up for Public School Students!

Hosted by Stop the Takeover of MPS

Schools and Communities United
Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association


The powerful Joint Finance Committee (JFC) will be holding state budget public hearings around the state. This committee writes the state’s 2-year budget and we need to make sure they hear from public education advocates in Milwaukee.

Remember in 2015 this same committee snuck the “MPS Midnight Takeover” into the budget, allowing the JFC to pass it without any input from the public. Of course the unpopular and undemocratic provision was beated back by a grassroots movement. Join us as we take back MPS from the grips of privatizers and demand fair and equitable funding for MPS students.

We can no longer tolerate a budget that allocates thousands of dollars less in per pupil funding for MPS students when compared to their surrounding suburban counterparts. We will not stand for non-fiscal items being jammed into the state omnibus budget with zero public input. LET’S SHOW UP AND DEMAND BETTER MILWAUKEE!

The “Peoples’ Public Education Tailgate” at the JFC Hearing

The Peoples’ Tailgate will be held during the Joint Finance hearing on Wed., April 5, from 4 – 6pm with brats, hot dogs, 20 foot parachutes from a recent art build fpr public education, and more!

Look for the tents and tables in the State Fair Grounds parking lot that serve as a home base for people giving testimony and showing up to support public schools.

Sign up here to join this effort, and you’ll be connected to the following resources:


• If you need help crafting and practicing your testimony if you need it.

• Access to expert-vetted information to make sure you are on message and on point.

• Templates and action plans for amplifying your message by sharing your testimony as a letter to the editor, social media post, or in other ways to maximize the impact where you live.

• Connection to others in your region who share your concerns and are ready to stand united for our public schools.

• Helping us coordinate testimony to make sure that the issues that matter the most are covered at each of the six hearings.

If you’d like to get more involved in helping with the regional planning, please contact the regional coordinator for your area listed below, and feel free to contact me at any time with questions or ideas:

(Milwaukee hearing): Jenni Hofschulte (jenni.hofschulte@gmail.com) and Stacy Lynch (lynch.stacy@gmail.com)

*Note that the JFC reserves the right to change locations and times with only 24 hours notice. If any details change, look for them to be reported here.

I Love Public Schools Child - Joe Brusky

Photo: Joe Brusky

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