Madison, March 31: All Out Against Fascism & Hate!

Hosted by Madison IWW General Defense Committee

The Madison General Defense Committee of the IWW stands in solidarity with the Seattle GDC member, Hex, who was shot and almost killed, having spent many weeks in ICU, while protecting innocents from fascist pepper spray attacks. The Madison GDC also stands opposed to Daniel Dropik and the American Freedom Party having any presence what so ever or having any platform to spew their vitriolic antiBlack antiMuslim antiImmigrant “speech” (speech that advocates the killing and even genocide of people based on their skin color). We understand that Daniel Dropik has made it a habit of burning Black churches and that the American Freedom Party is the group that inspired Dylan Roof, that is why we will accept NO public presence of the group in Madison.

Student Coalition for Progress
Madison IWW General Defense Committee
Madison Feminist Drectory
The Peregrine Forum
Socialist Party of Madison and Dane County
No Trump No Bigotry
Madison Socialist Alternative
UW-Madison Young Democratic Socialists
WI Bailout the People Movement
Unión de Trabajadores Inmigrantes
College Democrats of UW-Madison
Student Labor Action Coalition
International Marxist Tendency – Madison
Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice
Four Lakes Green Party

Madison March 31 2017 Smash Fascism

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