Rosemary Neidenberg: A century of revolutionary struggle

Rosemary Neidenberg (center) and Mae Mallory (right) petitioning in Cleveland
Rosemary Neidenberg (center) and Mae Mallory (right) petitioning in Cleveland. Thanks to Paula Marie Seniors for sharing this historic photo.

By Greg Butterfield  – Reposted from Struggle LaLucha 4/8/20

Rosemary Neidenberg died in Brooklyn, N.Y., on March 29 [2020] at the age of 99. For almost a century, her commitment to the revolutionary liberation of humanity never faltered. She was also one of the kindest, funniest, most thoughtful and hardworking people I ever knew.

Comrade Rosie was born just three years after the Russian Revolution and lived through most of the major events of the 20th century. Through the decades, she was also at the center of building an independent Marxist current in the belly of U.S. imperialism, from the harshest days of the 1950s anti-communist witch-hunt to the defense of Black Liberation fighters Mae Mallory and Robert F. Williams, from the 1970s Food Is A Right campaign led by women of Youth Against War and Fascism to ensuring the uninterrupted distribution of Marxist agitation in the difficult years following the destruction of the USSR.

She did it all in her modest, mostly behind the scenes, yet utterly indispensable way.

To give just one example of her far-reaching influence, consider that Bob McCubbin, author of the groundbreaking “Roots of Lesbian and Gay Oppression: A Marxist View,” recently wrote that Rosemary Neidenberg “won me to communism.”

In the dedication to his newest book, “The Social Evolution of Humanity: Marx and Engels were Right!”, McCubbin said: “Rosemary Neidenberg (b. 1921) is a lifelong communist and founding member of Workers World Party, whose anger at imperialism remains undiminished and whose vision of a socialist future for humankind is uncompromised after many decades of struggle with the goal of the establishment of workers’ power here in the world center of capitalism….”

Mother’s Alliance rally from the 1950s. Rosemary Neidenberg is second from left on banner.
Mother’s Alliance rally from the 1950s. Rosemary Neidenberg is second from left on banner

Sudan Coup Prompted by Failures in Washington’s Foreign Policy

By Abayomi Azikiwe

A military coup was carried out in the Republic of Sudan on October 25 as the contradictions within the Sovereignty Council (SC) burst asunder.

This coalition of political and military interests was formed in the aftermath of tumultuous political events between December 2018 and June 2019.

The Chair of the SC, Maj. Gen. Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan engineered the removal and detentions of the interim Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok along with several other leading cabinet ministers within the transitional regime. Events leading up to the military coup can be traced back to the announced arrest of 40 people including military officers and civilians on September 21 ostensibly for plotting a seizure of state power…

Sudan youth demonstrate against coup, Oct. 25, 2021
Sudan youth demonstrate against coup, Oct. 25, 2021. | Photo: AFP

Support the IFCO/Pastors for Peace 31st Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba


(We welcome the return of this feature, as Travel to Cuba is resuming November 15, with 90% inoculation of the entire population projected by mid-November, including children 2 years old & up. We plan to post information re both upcoming trips and protocols on our website, .

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Two critical reviews on the involvement of social media in influencing opposition in Cuba, by Dr. Alan Macleod 

Social media, either based in the U.S. or not traceable, has promoted and influenced opposition in Cuba, writes Dr. Alan Macleod of Glasgow University Media Group, an expert on use of “fake news” in manugacturing consent in & regarding Latin America. He investigates the involvement of the private Facebook group, La Villa del Humor, in the July 11th protests in Cuba, and their plans for similar actions in November. 

His September piece analyzes how the U.S. government stokes racial tensions in Cuba and around the world.

View this authoritative Harvard-sponsored Sept. Program,”COVID-19 Vaccine Development and Deployment: The Cuban Case”

See the recording of the authoritative webinar from September, “COVID-19 Vaccine Development and Deployment: The Cuban Case” from Harvard’s School of Public Health and Center for Latin American Studies, featuring Dr. Vicente Vérez Bencomo, Director of the Finlay Institute of Vaccines and Marcia Castro, Chair, Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. This includes info & data re Cuban vaccine effectiveness, by age groups, and its basis for becoming the first country to vaccine children ages 2 and up.

More information about the program is available here.

Program with both new MKE-born people’s doctors, “Cuba: Confronting COVID and the U.S. Blockade – A Virtual Talk with IFCO/Pastors for Peace”

(Video recording of our inspiring Oct. 12th program) Gail Walker, Executive Director of IFCO/Pastors for Peace, brings us a report back direct from two weeks in Cuba, and we hear firsthand of experiences from two new Wisconsin graduates of the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) in Havana, Cuba, with insightful comparisons of medical practice between here and in Cuba, from Drs. Olive Albanese and Alexandra Skeeter. Moderated by Omar Barberena.

See and share the recording of this virtual talk.

November 9, 2021 Wisconsin Cuba Coalition Meeting via Zoom

*Due to health considerations, we have resumed VIRTUAL meetings for coalition members & supporters for now. See below for an “in-person” option.*

We have recently experienced both growth and a wide range of views and experiences re Cuba and US policies.. We welcome all those who support ending the U.S. economic blockade/embargo and favor normal relations between our two nations, allowing normal two way travel and for sending remittances.

We are currently assuming that upcoming coalition meetings will be virtual, but will update as the event date gets closer. If you require an in-person option, please email or call (414) 628-2547 at least two days in advance.

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Sunday, November 7, 2021

International Premiere of the Award-Winning short film: CUBA IN AFRICA
via Zoom

See the international webinar premiere of this award-winning short film “Cuba in Africa” on Zoom with with producer and director Negash Abdurahman and panelists: Ambassador Lianys Torres Rivera, Cuba’s Ambassador to the United States; and two top authorities & authors on Cuba’s critical mission in defeating South Africa’s apartheid invasion army: Prof. Isaac Saney, from the Canadian Network on Cuba, Piero Gleijeses, Professor of American Foreign Policy at Johns Hopkins University.

Register in advance here and learn more about the film here

November 5, 2021: Pastors for Peace National Friendshipment Caravan Send Off to Cuba! – Online Meeting

Join IFCO/Pastors for Peace as we unite in national support of the 31st Friendshipment Caravan! This event is an opportunity to lift up the caravanistas as they embark on this historic caravan and to encourage our Cuba solidarity community to support them when they return, to connect their experiences and truth to the ongoing conversation about Cuba in the U.S.

Register for the event here.

Milwaukee, October 31, 2021: Cuba Solidarity Car and Bike Caravan, End the U.S. Blockade Now!

A creepy take on our usual caravan flyer, inspired by our friends at U.S. Hands Off Cuba L.A. 

Meet in the Mitchell Park Domes parking lot (524 S Layton Blvd/S 27th St, Milwaukee, 53215) at 1 PM Sunday, October 31. We will have a short send off rally focusing on Biden’s audience this weekend with Pope Francis who played a key role in negotiating Pres. Obama’s historic rapproachement with Cuba which Biden has not restored after the intervening US administration imposed 243 unilateral actions against Cuba. (See media release) We will then caravan to show our support for the people of Cuba and all Latinx families, as we have done generally on the last Sunday of each month since May, 2020. The event is on Facebook; please share it as widely as you are able.