Milwaukee, October 31, 2021: Cuba Solidarity Car and Bike Caravan, End the U.S. Blockade Now!

A creepy take on our usual caravan flyer, inspired by our friends at U.S. Hands Off Cuba L.A. 

Meet in the Mitchell Park Domes parking lot (524 S Layton Blvd/S 27th St, Milwaukee, 53215) at 1 PM Sunday, October 31. We will have a short send off rally focusing on Biden’s audience this weekend with Pope Francis who played a key role in negotiating Pres. Obama’s historic rapproachement with Cuba which Biden has not restored after the intervening US administration imposed 243 unilateral actions against Cuba. (See media release) We will then caravan to show our support for the people of Cuba and all Latinx families, as we have done generally on the last Sunday of each month since May, 2020. The event is on Facebook; please share it as widely as you are able.

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