Feb. 3-7: Week Long National Call-In For Clarence Moses-El


February 3 – February 7: Call to Demand Freedom for Clarence Moses-El, an innocent man

Monday, February 3 until Friday, February 7 we are asking people to make at least one call to demand that Clarence Moses-El be released from prison, where he is in the 27th year of a 48 sentence for a crime he did not commit. Your calls are important and will have an impact.

Add your voice to those urging release of Clarence Moses-El. Clarence Moses-El has been in prison for 27 years, convicted because of a dream and has always maintained his innocence. The Denver Police Department destroyed DNA evidence that would have exonerated him after Moses-El won a court order to have it tested. Recently, the person originally identified as having committed the crime confessed, writing a letter asking for Moses-El attorney to visit him, beginning the letter with, “I really don’t know what to say to you. But let’s start by bringing what was done in the dark into the light. I have a lot on my heart.”

It’s time for District Attorney Mitch Morrissey to do the right thing and set Clarence Moses-El free. From Feb. 3-7, Call District Attorney Mitch Morrissey – 720-913-9000 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.).

Clarence Moses-EI

Prisoners in Menard Prison In Illinois To Go on Hunger Strike Feb. 15


Prisoners in the High Security Unit at Menard Correctional Center ask you to make phone calls to the warden, the director of the Illinois Department of Corrections, and the governor on Jan. 15, 16 and 17, 2014, to check on their conditions, demands, and welfare. Please call:

Feb. 13, Chicago: Opposing U.S. Military Aid, the Colombia Peace Talks, and the Role of US Unions


Dan Kovalik speaks on Colombia

Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014, 7 p.m., Workers United Hall (Debs Room), 333 S. Ashland, Chicago

Co-sponsors: Latin America Solidarity Coalition (Chicago), Chicago Religious Leadership Network, Veterans For Peace Chicago, Chicago Anti-War Committee, Witness for Peace – Great Lakes Region

For more information: Stan Smith 773-376-7521,   stansfieldsmith@yahoo.com