Protest the Racist, Anti-Worker Trump in Milwaukee, WI January 14, 2020

Protest Trump in Milwaukee!

Trump Placard Green Bay WI April 27 2019

4 P.M. W Kilbourn Avenue, UW Panther Arena, Milwaukee, WI 

The racist, anti-worker scum Donald Trump (The buddy of Scott Walker, Scott Fitzgerald, Paul Ryan, James Sensenbrenner, Robin Vos and the Bradley Foundation) is coming to Milwaukee. We need to show out and let him know he’s not welcome here! Join us for a rally and march! More details to come!


Trump Placard Green Bay WI April 27 2019

Trump Racist Poison WI BOPM Placard April 24 2019



Groups tell Congress – Impeach Trump for hate crimes

By Fighting Words staff

The following letter was sent to the Democratic Party leadership in the House of Representatives urging that an article of impeachment be drawn up against President Trump for hate crimes against migrants. A copy of the letter was sent to a majority of members of the House of Representatives. Four organizations, two in Michigan, one in the Bay Area and one in Wisconsin co-signed the letter.

Migrant families caged in a makeshift detention center

Migrant families caged in a makeshift detention center in El Paso, Texas. | Photo: Sergio Flores for the Washington Post via Getty Images

Support Nurses Fighting For Their Union at the University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics

SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin

“We don’t feel like we have the ability to give our patients the care they deserve because we don’t have the people there to do it,” says Kate Walton, a nurse who works in the emergency department. “There have been things that we’ve had to get through by the skin of our teeth that we shouldn’t have needed to.”

#UnionsForAll #UWHealthNursesUnited

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The coup in Bolivia: Five lessons

THE Bolivian tragedy eloquently offers us lessons that our peoples and popular social and political forces must learn and record in our consciousness forever.

Here is a brief list, as events develop, a prelude to a more detailed analysis in the future.

First: No matter how well the economy is managed in an exemplary fashion, as the Evo government did – with growth, redistribution, investment all assured, and all macro and microeconomic indicators improved – the right wing and imperialism will never accept a government that does not serve their interests.

Second: Manuals published by various agencies in the United States, and their spokespeople disguised as academics or journalists, must be studied, so we recognize signs of an offensive in time.

These writings invariably highlight the need to destroy the reputation of popular leaders, with accusations of misappropriation, corruption, dictatorial behavior, and ignorance, which in the specialized jargon is known as character assassination.

This task is entrusted to social communicators, self-proclaimed “independent journalists,” who given their quasi-monopoly control of the media drill such defamations into the brains of the population, accompanied, as seen in this case, by hateful comments directed toward native peoples and the poor in general.

Third: Once the aforementioned has begun, next come right wing political leaders and economic elites demanding “a change,” an end to Evo’s “dictatorship,” who, as the unpresentable Vargas Llosa wrote a few days ago, is a “demagogue who wants to eternalize his term in power.”

I suppose he is toasting with champagne in Madrid, watching coverage of the fascist hordes looting, burning, chaining journalists to posts, cutting a female mayor’s hair and covering her with red paint, destroying result reports from the last election, fulfilling the mandates of Don Mario, freeing Bolivia from an evil demagogue.

I mention this case because Vargas has been, and is, the immoral standard bearer of this vile attack, a horrendous crime that has crucified a popular leadership, destroyed democracy, and established a reign of terror run by hired gangs, to punish a worthy people who have the audacity to seek freedom.

Fourth: “Security forces” now enter the scene. In this case we are talking about institutions controlled by numerous military and civilian agencies of the United States government.

These professionals train the local forces, arm them, conduct joint exercises and educate them politically. I had the opportunity to verify this when, on Evo’s invitation, I presented a course on anti-imperialism for high ranking officers in the nation’s three armed forces.

On this occasion, I was horrified by the degree of penetration, among these individuals, of the most reactionary U.S. slogans, inherited from the Cold War era, and by the open irritation they felt given the fact that the country had an indigenous President.

What these “security forces” did was to withdraw from the scene and leave the field open for the uncontrolled action of fascist hordes – like those in Ukraine, in Libya, in Iraq, in Syria – to overthrow leaders who annoyed the empire – or attempt to do so, in the last case – and thus intimidate the population, activists, and government figures themselves.

In other words, a new socio-political phenomenon: a military coup “by default,” letting reactionary gangs, recruited and financed by the right, impose their rule. Once terror reigns, and the government is defenseless, the outcome is inevitable.

Fifth: Bolivia’s security and public order should never have been entrusted to institutions such as the police and the Army, colonized by imperialism and its lackeys in the national right wing.

When the offensive against Evo was launched, a policy of appeasement and not responding to the provocations of fascists was chosen.

This served to embolden the right wingers and increase their confidence. First, they demanded a recount; then, cried fraud and called for new elections; finally insisting on elections without Evo – as in Brazil, without Lula.

At last, Evo’s resignation. Given his refusal to accept the blackmail, terror was sowed with the complicity of police and the military, forcing Evo to resign. By the book, straight from the book. Will we learn these lessons? (From the author’s blog)

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Milwaukee, January 6, 2020: End Prison Slavery!

End Prison Slavery

A few IWW members will be at Milwaukee Central Library, 814 W. Wisconsin, meeting room 2A, on Monday, January 6, 5:00-6:30 PM. They will be working on some of the activity they regularly do for the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee. Our work includes research, writing letters, data entry, and developing ideas for disrupting the horror that is the Wisconsin prison system. Come by if you want to see what’s involved with this organizing, ask questions, and maybe get involved in this. Free drinks and snacks are provided. Let us know if you need a ride to be able to attend. This gathering will be followed by our formal meeting at 6:30-7:45 PM, visitors are welcome to attend this as well.

If you are interested in this event and can’t make this time or location, please post in this event, message us or send an email at We will schedule the next event to work for your schedule, or followup one-on-one. Also contact us if you would need childcare, translation or other accommodations to be able to attend this event. You can also fill out this online survey to volunteer for specific tasks: You can get more information on Wisconsin prison conditions and resistance to them at our website:

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Milwaukee, December 27: Kwanzaa 2019 Kujichagulia Celebration

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Kwanzaa 2019 Kujichagulia Celebration

Africans on the Move and the Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party invite you to our Kwanzaa celebration on Friday, December 27th, at the Wisconsin African-American Women’s Center, 3020 W. Vliet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 5-10 pm Free, Fun and Food–Bring the entire family and help us to celebrate Kujichagulia – Self Determination!

Forward to Pan-Africanism!