President Maduro Delivered the 3 Millionth House (as Promised)

President Maduro Delivered the 3 Millionth House (as Promised)

On Thursday, President Nicolás Maduro, delivered the 3 millionth house in the Los Corales sector of the state of La Guaira, “after 10 years we are fulfilling [our promise] to Venezuelans. 20 years ago, we were here helping with the tragedy of Vargas,” he said.

“We have reached the goal of 3 million and we are going now for 5 million homes or more by 2025. The GMVV (Housing Program) will continue its consistent steps and framed in the Plan de la Patria 2019-2025. It has been worth so much sacrifice and I thank the Venezuelan working class for this work (…) next year in 2020, we will build 500 thousand homes at a minimum,” said the President.

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Earlier, the President ratified – through his twitter account @NicolasMaduro – his commitment to continue dignifying the Venezuelan people, despite the economic war imposed by imperial governments. “Despite the aggressions and overcoming the difficulties, we will reach the goal that Comandante Chávez left us, to make 3 million Venezuelan families happy with their own homes. Mission Accomplished and Let’s Go For More!”, he said.

In the coastal region of “La Guaira”, 45 thousand 131 homes have been built by the GMVV since its creation in 2011, of which more than 7 thousand were delivered during 2019.

Petro Allocation

The President authorized 43,802 petros for the culmination of 2,818 homes throughout the country.

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“With the petro we are going to build the homes of the future…We are going to complete 2,818 homes to continue advancing in this wonderful petro experiment. We are going to create credits in petros for improvement, self-construction and home purchases,” he said.

Maduro pointed out that of the 500,000 homes that must be built annually, 70% will be under the self-construction method in order to link the people with the Venezuela Great Housing Mission.

“We are going with more force with the original project of giving the land to the people so that they are involved in the construction of buildings or houses. 70% we will build using self-construction systems with the communes and organized communities, we will try to achieve it,” Maduro added.

Source URL: Ultimas Noticias and Panorama

Translated by JRE/EF

Madison, December 27, 2019: Kujichagulia’s Racial Equity Forum and Kwanzaa Gala Will Be an “Elegant Celebration of Black Resilience”

Kujichagulia-Madison Center for Self Determination will be hosting the 1st Annual Racial Equity Forum and Kwanzaa Gala on Friday, Dec. 27 at The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club in downtown Madison.

The event will be part racial equity/2020 Wisconsin forum and part Afropolitan Gala/Kwanzaa celebration, according to organizers, combining for an overall night of elegant celebration of black resilience.

Wisconsin African American Women Center’s Cultural Event January 1, 2020. Celebrate Kwanzaa

No photo description available.

For any business looking to promote your business as a vendor at Kwanzaa IMANI, call Linda Cooper at 318-447-6795, or visit WAAW at 3020 W. Vliet Street to register. Early Bird registration is $20.00 thru December 15, $30 thru December 31. 2019. Happy Holidays to you all! Wisconsin African American Women’s Center (WAAW)


The Freedom of the Cuban Five Will Never be Reversed

…. The freedom of the Cuban 5 was an integral key in the steps made by Obama towards normalization of relations with Cuba that he carried out through negotiations with the Cuban government.

Since Trump came to office he has reversed most of Obama’s gestures towards the Island by that odd illusory and transitory privilege, the Executive Order. But Trump didn’t stop there. He has used one Executive Order after another to tighten the blockade that has gone now for over 60 years. It seems like every morning the Cuban people wake to find yet another bolt of punishment, based on unfounded pretext, coming their way from the oval office.

While the Cubans constantly express their willingness to dialogue with the US in an atmosphere of mutual respect they will not bend to the threats and arrogant behavior.

And one thing is for sure, no Executive Order can be issued that would reverse the return of the Five Cuban Heroes to their homeland.

Featured image: Celebration upon the release of the Cuban 5 in Washington DC. Photo: Bill Hackwell

Source URL: Resumen Latinoamericano – English

The Freedom of the Cuban Five Will Never be Reversed

Hitting at Cuban Doctors and at Human Solidarity

Counterpoint, Dec 9, 2019 by Dr. Tom Whitney
News item: Three right-wing Latin American governments have forced out Cuban doctors working in their countries. Over 8000 of them departed from Brazil in late 2018 and 382 doctors left Ecuador in mid-November, 2019. Some 700 Cuban doctors exited Bolivia after the coup there on November 10. Brazilian President Bolsonaro alleged that Cuban doctors were incompetent. In referring to money paid by Brazil for their services and retained by Cuba’s government, Bolsonaro accused the Cuban government of enslaving them. Governments in Ecuador and Bolivia claimed the Cubans doctors had supported their political opponents.
Cuban Doctors in Africa, 1974

AFGE Successfully Blocks Merger of OPM, GSA

December 16, 2019

After a series of protests, phone calls, and Capitol Hill visits, our union is happy to announce that we have successfully blocked the Trump administration from dismantling the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and politicizing the agency’s human resources policy functions.

In the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act set to become law, AFGE’s staff and activists were able to secure a provision blocking the merger of OPM with the General Services Administration (GSA), who, as the government’s real estate agency, has a mission that is completely different than OPM.

Under the bill, an independent third-party organization – the National Academy on Public Administration – will be contracted to do a comprehensive study on OPM and the challenges facing the agency and make recommendations for how to address those challenges. NAPA has one year to conduct the study and write their report. Then OPM has six months after the study is completed to report to Congress its views on the findings and make recommendations for changes.

The NAPA report is also required to include the views of outside stakeholders, including AFGE’s, and OPM is required to submit a business case for any changes they want to make in their response to the report. Members of Congress would still have to approve any future merger or reorganization, as they would now.

“This is a big victory for us,” said AFGE National Secretary-Treasurer Everett Kelley. “Members of Congress understand OPM’s unique mission, and we thank them for helping us stop this administration from destroying our country’s merit-based civil service.”


#CLOSEmsdf Holiday Celebration December 17 and Picket December 19, 2019

Milwaukee, December 18, 2019: Voto Final / Final Vote for ICE out of MKE

Voto Final / Final Vote for ICE out of MKE

(English Below)
¡Hemos llegado al voto FINAL! Agradecemos a todos los que han apoyado hasta ahora y necesitaremos hacer una presencia fuerte por última vez.

Unase con Voces el miércoles el 18 de diciembre a las 5:30 p.m. en el Edificio Municipal de Milwaukee. La audencia publica empieza a las 6pm

Solo el apoyo comunitario masivo persuadirá al
El Comité de Bomberos y Policía votará un SÍ para aprobar una la póliza de no colaboración entre ICE y
El Departamento de Policía de Milwaukee.

Las policia local deberia proteger nuestras comunidades, y no hacer el trabajo sucio de ICE y apoyar los ataques de Trump contra inmigrantes y familias trabajadoras.

¡Únase a nosotros para decir, no más demoras, nuestras comunidades no pueden esperar más!

Si necesita transporte o tienen preguntas favor de llamar al: 414.643.1620. Autobuses salen desde la oficina de Voces (1027 S. 5th St apartir de las 5pm).
We’ve made it to the FINAL vote! This is the BIG one! We thank everyone who has shown up so far and we’ll need to make our presence now one last time.

Join Voces at City Hall on Wednesday Dec.18 at 5:30pm
Only mass community support will persuade the
Fire and Police Committee to vote YES to approve
a policy of non-collaboration between ICE and
the Milwaukee Police Department.

Local resources must go to protecting our communities, not doing ICE’s dirty work and supporting Trump’s attack on immigrants and working families!

(1) Join Voces and other allies at 5:30pm at City Hall for a rally and invite other to come with! The public hearing starts at 6:00pm.

(2) Sign our petition if you have not already:

(3) Help our organization grow and sustain development. Donate to our new building fund:

If you have questions or need transportation call: 414.643.1620. Buses leave from Voces (1027 S. 5th) starting at 5pm.

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Next meeting will be Dec. 18 , 2019 at 7 PM

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