Milwaukee, December 19, 2021: Voces de la Frontera Member Holiday Party! ¡Fiesta para los Miembros!

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Join us this Sunday at 11am at our Milwaukee office as we celebrate the end of the year and all of the work we’ve done together to advance immigrant, worker and student rights.

Member Holiday Party

Sunday, December 19 

11:00am – 1:00pm

Voces de la Frontera

1027 S. 5th St

Milwaukee, WI 53204

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Food and drinks will be provided. Attendees must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to attend and are encouraged to wear masks when they aren’t eating or drinking.

Thanks, and we hope to see you this Sunday at 11am!

-Voces de la Frontera team

Estimado amigo,

Acompáñenos este domingo a las 11 am en nuestra oficina de Milwaukee mientras celebramos el fin de año y todo el trabajo que hemos hecho juntos para promover los derechos de inmigrantes, trabajadores y estudiantes.

Fiesta para los Miembros 

Domingo, 19 de Diciembre 

11:00am – 1:00pm

Voces de la Frontera

1027 S. 5th St

Milwaukee, WI 53204

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Comida y bebida serán proveídas. Los asistentes deben mostrar prueba de la vacuna COVID-19 para asistir y se les anima a usar máscaras cuando no estén comiendo o bebiendo.

Gracias, y esperamos verte este domingo a las 11 am!

Equipo de Voces

Voces de la Frontera
1027 S. 5th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204
United States


Cuba Defeats Covid-19 with Learning, Science, and Unity

BY W. T. Whitney

Cubans have wholeheartedly carried out masking, social-distancing, testing and quarantining. Cuba’ s bio-medical research and production facilities created five anti-Covid vaccines. As of December 3, 90.1 percent of Cubans had received their first dose; 82.3 percent of them were fully vaccinated. Only seven other countries have higher rates. (1) Trials showed that Cuba’s workhorse Abdala and Soberana 02 vaccines were protective for over 90 percent of vaccine recipients. More

Destruction of the Soviet Union: A crime without statute of limitations

December 16, 2021 United Communist Party of Russia

Statement of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the United Communist Party of Russia (OKP) in connection with the 30th anniversary of the unconstitutional liquidation of the USSR in December 1991.

In December 1991, the largest state on the planet, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the first ever socialist state of workers and peasants, disappeared from the political map of the world.

In the context of the general crisis of Gorbachev’s “perestroika” policy, few people paid attention to the blatant violation of all conceivable and inconceivable constitutional procedures during the “dissolution” of the united socialist homeland. In its swiftness, it resembled either the shameful flight from the sinking ship of the completely bankrupt political elite of the “perestroika-reformers” headed by President Gorbachev, or the finale of a carefully planned action designed to put an end to the history of Soviet socialism, which was played out like clockwork before the eyes of the disoriented and disorganized Soviet people.

There is no doubt that at the time of the proclamation of “perestroika,” Soviet society needed changes, but at every turn the rational renewal of the country on the basis of socialism was opposed by voluntarist innovations in the spirit of the convergence of the socialist and capitalist systems. Thus, instead of scientifically grounded improvement of the Soviet command-distribution planning system, experiments were imposed on society to introduce capitalist market mechanisms into the socialist economy with the orientation of the entire national economic complex of the country towards the priority of profit, and, consequently, the formation of a system of consumer relations. 

This, in turn, created fertile ground for manifestations of individual and collective egoism, the shadow economy, the social differentiation of Soviet society — shameful social phenomena that discredited Soviet socialism in the eyes of the working people. Obvious failures in the ideological sphere and the transformation of the ruling Communist Party of Soviet Union from the political vanguard of society into a bureaucratic mechanism of government led to the depoliticization of communists and non-party people, to people’s disbelief in the proclaimed slogans and ideals, and contributed to the growth of social apathy and cynicism.

Taken together, the above circumstances and phenomena contributed to the formation of conditions for internal counterrevolution, expanded its social base, thereby facilitating the subversive activities of the forces of international reaction and anti-communism against the USSR and the socialist bloc. The policy of “perestroika,” designed to eradicate these tendencies according to Gorbachev’s assurances, carried out without a proper systematic approach, by the empirical method of trial and error, quickly moved from the stage of renewal of socialism to its actual dismantling. The events of August 1991 removed the last barriers to the forces that openly advocated the elimination of the socialist system and the Soviet Union itself, which makes us speak not so much about the spontaneous disintegration of the system, but about completely controlled and clearly coordinated processes….

In honor of the 80th anniversary of the Red Army’s 1941 anti-Nazi counter-offensive near Moscow, representatives of the United Communist Party and other left organizations laid flowers at the “Moscow – Hero City” monument Dec. 6. Photo: OKP

Veterans for Peace Milwaukee End of Year Celebration December 17, 2021

End of Year Celebration!  Friday, Dec 17 4pm (cst) Join Veterans For Peace in Milwaukee for a social hour celebrating our VFP community and the amazing work you all have accomplished. Conversation, celebration and maybe even games!

You can find the zoom info here or on the front page of VFP website in the calendar section.

Veterans for Peace – Chapter 102 – Milwaukee
Contact: Mark Foreman
Address: 11325 W Daphne St, Milwaukee, WI 53224
Phone:  414-550-8945

Wisconsin: Building Unity Virtual Meetings December 15 and 16, 2021 – Next Steps!

Building Unity Next Steps Meeting #1, via zoom Dec 15

Building Unity Meeting – #2 – via zoom Dec 16

The Building Unity project is re-grouping, re-evaluating, and re-inventing ourselves. We’re not sure how this project will evolve, but we know that for the sake of all life on planet Earth, we must unite! We must build a powerful people’s movement for peace, justice, sustainability, and democracy. Please join us – at either of these two meeting this week!.

Visit us at

Follow us on Facebook:

Now is the time. We are the ones. 

One People. One Planet. One Shared Future!

We are Building Unity!

Week of Action to Defund Coastal Gas Link Called By Gidimt’en Checkpoint For Week of Dec 20, 2021!

As the fight against Coastal GasLink continues on Wet’suwet’en territory and across Turtle Island, Gidimt’en Checkpoint has made a call for a week of action against the primary investors that are propping up CGL for the week of December 20th.

See the full callout from Gidimt’en Checkpoint as well as a supporter toolkit and organizing call below! 

Mass Organizing Call This Tuesday Dec 14th 4 PM Pacific Time, 7 PM Eastern Time
Registration Link

Register Your Action or Find an Action Near You With This
Action Map

All Out For Wet’suwet’en!
Unist’ot’en Solidarity Brigade

Stop Kellogg’s strikebreaking!

December 14, 2021 Stephen Millies

The 1,400 workers on strike against Kellogg’s since Oct. 5 are fighting for all workers. Members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) are battling the company’s two-tier system of wages and benefits.

The cereal killers who run Kellogg’s don’t believe in equal pay for equal work. Newly hired workers ― called “transitional employees” by the company ― are paid around $12 dollars less per hour than “regular” full-time workers but have to pay more for health insurance. Forget about pensions.

Kellogg’s forced workers to accept two-tier in 2015 under threat of closing two of its cereal plants, including the one in Memphis, Tennessee. The year before, management illegally locked out workers in the city where Dr. King was assassinated.

Lower paid transitional workers now account for 30 percent of the workforce. Kellogg’s wants to be able to increase their number while still denying them retirement benefits.

Unequal wages for the same work harms solidarity between workers while Kellogg’s ran to the bank with $1.76 billion in profit last year. It’s to the credit of workers with more seniority and higher pay that they voted down Kellogg’s contract proposal that would continue this rotten inequality.

Among them was Marvin Rush, an electrician and member of BCTGM Local 252G in Memphis who spoke to Jason Kerzinski of the “Progressive” magazine. “We are out here fighting against the two-wage system,”‘ said Rush, “and for the next generation of workers to have the same pay and benefits.” 

Kellogg’s doesn’t believe in an 8-hour work day and a 40-hour work week either. Forced overtime is a rule, with many union members working 72-to-84-hour work weeks….