Support AFGE Workers Fighting to Keep Their Jobs

Workers like us came back from the holiday this week to provide services to our communities, to do our jobs, and to keep our country up and running. Despite our service, Congress will vote to change the rules on Monday at 5 p.m. Eastern. They want to make it easier to eliminate our jobs and cut our pay.

We can’t wait for January to take action. We must act NOW. Please click here and take 5 minutes to write to your Representative and tell them: Stop this rule change.

The House will vote to bring back a rule from the 1980s that would allow them to reduce the number of federal employees. The “Holman Rule” will also allow Congress to reduce pay for government workers to offset other spending.

Bryan , we work too hard to be treated this way. Click here to write to your Representative and tell them: federal workers serve our communities every day. Oppose these rules, and keep us on the job!

In solidarity,

Milwaukee, January 14: Día de Resistencia Nacional para los Inmigrantes y Refugiados / NATIONAL DAY OF RESISTANCE FOR IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES


sábado, 14 de enero, 11am
Marcha de Voces de la Frontera
1027 sur de la calle 5

El el 14 de enero, el movimiento pro-inmigrante nacional declará el principio de su resistencia en contra de las amenazas racistas de la nueva administración de Trump. Organizaciones llevarán a cabo marchas y acciones a través del país para exigir:

Alto a las deportaciones masivas
Familias Unidas
Defendamos DACA
Refugiados bienvenidos
No registro musulmán

Luchamos en frente popular con todos los trabajadores, musulmanes, afroamericanxs, mujeres, judixs y la comunidad LGBTQ.

Más información: 414-643-1620,
Saturday, January 14, 11am
March from Voces de la Frontera
1027 S. 5th St. in Milwaukee
More information: 414-643-1620,

Voces de la Frontera

On January 14th, immigrant rights groups across the country will declare the beginning of our resistance to the racist threats of the new administration. Communities will take to the streets in marches and actions nationwide to demand:

Keep Families Together
Stop Mass Deportations
Defend DACA
Refugees Welcome
No Muslim Registry

United Front with all workers, Muslims, African-Americans, women, Jews and the LGBTQ community

More information: 414-643-1620,

Voces de la Frontera

Fight For $15: Workers’ Struggles Wins Gains in 2016

In 2016, we won wage increases in more states and cities, for more American workers, than ever before.

At the same time, as we all know, the fight for justice saw major setbacks this past year. We can’t ignore it. But we must also remember just how much this movement, this Fight for $15, won in 2016.

Politico dubbed it “the year of the minimum wage increase.”

New York State and California passed $15 minimum wage bills in 2016 – and 23 other states and cities raised wages, too.

On January 1st of the new year, cities across the country will see wages rise.

And throughout 2017, workers in states across the nation will see more money in their paychecks.

We didn’t win these increases because we elected supportive politicians to office. We won because we MADE the politicians support us.

And in 2017, this movement will keep on fighting, no matter the challenge. We won’t back down.

As the year comes to a close, share this image to make sure the world knows just how much the #FightFor15 won in 2016:


Thanks for standing strong with this fight in 2016. And from all of us here at the Fight for $15, happy New Year.

Fight for $15

Milwaukee, December 29: Revolutionary Black Panther Party Press Conference to Respond to Police Violently Crashing Feed The People Program & Attacking Community Members

Press conference
1:30pm District 3 Police Station, 2333 N 49th St
Milwaukee, WI 53210

#RBPP #MilwaukeeChapter

More information:

More pictures and footage of #MPDvsRBPP from earlier today when police violently crashed our Feed The People Program…

#RBPP #BlackPowerInThisMf #FTP

Riverwest Radio’s ‘The Grass Is Greener’, December 31: What we can do in the upcoming Trump era to fight it

Join us this Sat. at 8pm on 104.1FM or on for a discussion of this past year and what we can do in the upcoming Trump era to fight it. Our guest will be Bryan G. Pfeifer, a longtime political activist and organizer in Wisconsin and other locations. Pfeifer is a Contributing Editor for Workers World newspaper and Co-Coordinator of the Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement,


Rockford, IL, January 21: March against Trump and Sexism

March against Trump and Sexism

In solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington, on the first day of the racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim, anti-worker Trump administration we will show that our fight is stronger than ever! Take it to the streets to continue to build a people’s movement to smash all forms of oppression and exploitation!

Marching @ 1pm

Led by Workers World Party,


Detroit, March 25-26, 2017: Midwest WWP Fight For National Liberation and Socialism Conference

Join Workers World Party in Detroit, Michigan along with other Midwest WWP branches for a fightback conference on the resistance against racism and capitalism, and the struggle for socialism where we’ll discuss

*Ending the police war on Black & Brown people & defending the Black Lives Matter movement

*Stopping the raids & deportations & disarming ICE & the police

*Defending queer and trans people, fighting for LGBTQ liberation now

*Fighting imperialism from Syria to Africa, for a free Palestine, and building international solidarity

*Abolishing capitalism and fighting for revolutionary socialism

*The struggle in the Midwest against powerful reactionary state apparatuses and a direct ruling class offensive

*The economic, political, and social war waged against Detroit, a former stronghold of workers power and black liberation

*Combating the emboldened right wing and rising fascist movement

Racist police repression, raids and deportations, and the attacks on working class and oppressed people cannot be ended, once and for all, until the decaying capitalist system, which is becoming more and more desperately dependent on state repression, is ended. Capitalism must be replaced with a system that is based on meeting human needs, not exploitation to make profits: socialism.

These and other pressing struggles of the day — along with the experiences, observations, and questions of those in attendance — will be the basis of the conference.