Milwaukee, January 14: Día de Resistencia Nacional para los Inmigrantes y Refugiados / NATIONAL DAY OF RESISTANCE FOR IMMIGRANTS AND REFUGEES



sábado, 14 de enero, 11am
Marcha de Voces de la Frontera
1027 sur de la calle 5

El el 14 de enero, el movimiento pro-inmigrante nacional declará el principio de su resistencia en contra de las amenazas racistas de la nueva administración de Trump. Organizaciones llevarán a cabo marchas y acciones a través del país para exigir:

Alto a las deportaciones masivas
Familias Unidas
Defendamos DACA
Refugiados bienvenidos
No registro musulmán

Luchamos en frente popular con todos los trabajadores, musulmanes, afroamericanxs, mujeres, judixs y la comunidad LGBTQ.

Más información: 414-643-1620,
Saturday, January 14, 11am
March from Voces de la Frontera
1027 S. 5th St. in Milwaukee
More information: 414-643-1620,

On January 14th, immigrant rights groups across the country will declare the beginning of our resistance to the racist threats of the new administration. Communities will take to the streets in marches and actions nationwide to demand:

Keep Families Together
Stop Mass Deportations
Defend DACA
Refugees Welcome
No Muslim Registry

United Front with all workers, Muslims, African-Americans, women, Jews and the LGBTQ community

More information: 414-643-1620,

Milwaukee, January 16: 16th Annual Dr. King Celebration “The Fierce Urgency of Now!”

The Martin Luther King Justice Coalition cordially invites you to the 16th Annual Dr. King Celebration! Special recognition to: The Hon. Vel Phillips, The Overpass Light Brigade, ACLU Student Alliance, & The Wisconsin African American Womens Center. – We Stand With Standing Rock, Black Lives Matter, Immigration Rights, The Fight for $15, Save Our Schools/Stop the Takeover of MPS, Clean Water for Flint, Milwaukee, & The World! – (March to King Statue at 2:30pm – Open Mic)

Madison, January 20: Resist Trump: Occupy Inauguration

#ResistTrump !! #OccupyInauguration !! #NotMyPresident

Donald Trump and the reactionary core of the Republican Party are coming to power in 2017 on a platform of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and pro-corporate policies. We must build a independent mass movement of the 99% that vows to use every ounce of our collective body and spirit to stand against Trump’s reactionary agenda from Day 1, in Madison and in cities across the country.

We are participating in the birth of a mass movement for social and economic justice.

Join us in the streets- again!- to demonstrate mass opposition to Trump and his agenda!

Build a movement to fight racism, sexism, and Islamophobia!

– No Border Wall! Stop the deportations of undocumented immigrants!
– Tax rich millionaires like Trump! Fund healthcare for all! Make college free!
– Black Lives Matter!
– End rape culture — #PussyGrabsBack
– Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline — Green Jobs now! — #NoDAPL

The Democratic Party has proven they are incapable of stopping Trump. It is time to build a new party for the 99% based on the united power of all exploited and oppressed people, on movements for social and economic justice, on the belief that we CAN do better than this corrupt and rotten system!

#ResistTrump !! #OccupyInauguration !!

Sponsored by Madison Socialist Alternative.
Co-sponsored by:
– UW-Madison Teaching Assistants Association
– Four Lakes Wisconsin Green Party
– Student Labor Action Coalition – UW-Madison
– SixoEight Anti-Fascist Action; WI Bail Out The People Movement

We want the largest possible list of cosponsors that we can work jointly with to build this important action. If your organization would like to endorse, please message us at contact email below.



Thousands protest in Baltimore November 10, 2016.

Milwaukee, January 20: Inauguration Day Protest Against Trump

The Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump (MCAT) is hosting a mass march and rally on Trump’s inauguration day, Friday, January 20th, 2017. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people will join protests across the country and in Washington D.C. to protest Trump and his agenda.

In Milwaukee, the January 20th protest will officially kick off our “100 Days of Resistance” to put up opposition to Trump’s plans for his first 100 days in office. MCAT is organizing a wide variety of events and actions throughout the first 100 days designed to educate, organize, and resist the Trump agenda. To learn more or get involved in the coalition please follow Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump for events and announcements.


Support Professor George Ciccariello-Maher Against White Supremacists

George is outspoken and witty and fiercely anti-racist.  He is being extensively harassed as the target of a racist internet troll campaign out of Breitbart (Stephen Bannon’s rag).  They are harassing him at his place of employment. Preserve academic freedom (and wit and intelligence and anti-racism) in this nasty new era of living in the United States of Internet Trolls.  Support George.  Let Drexel know–in the midst of the deafening, organized troll-storm–that racist trolls deserve no platform in dictating academic discourse, let alone the off-duty tweets of academics.  They are being VERY noisy; we can’t be silent.

Alternet article:

Anti-Trump Organizers Plan Massive ‘J20’ Event To Mark Inauguration Day

Mint Press News:

Organizers of inauguration protests speak to MintPress News about Jan. 20 and the prospects for mobilization under the Trump administration.


NEW YORK — Thousands of protesters who have mobilized nationally since the election of Donald Trump are planning a massive convergence in Washington against the presidential inauguration on Jan. 20…

The scale of resistance under Trump may depend on his actions in office, whether they continue the bellicose, often offensive rhetoric of his campaign or settle into a more predictable presidential routine.

But his initial steps toward a transition into the Oval Office — particularly his unexpected appointments to key roles — indicate that his administration may prove less conventional than many had anticipated.

“As the Trump administration begins to take shape, it is becoming more and more clear that he has no intention of ‘draining the swamp’ and will fail to live up to the hopes of those who supported him under the impression that he was the ‘change candidate,’” Smolarek said.

The election itself, an unusually toxic one that left most voters without a nominee they felt they could actually support, may render the prospects of demobilization unlikely.

“There has been a radical shift in the thinking of millions of people and a shift in what they are willing to do,” Flounders said.

“There is motion that can not be channeled into the corrupt electoral system.”



Washington D.C., #J20: Make It Ungovernable! Protest the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC

ALL OUT to Washington, DC, January 20 to PROTEST the Presidential InaugurationAfter the most divisive, racist, misogynist, contentious presidential campaign in modern history, Monica Moorehead for President and Lamont Lilly for Vice President urge everyone to converge in Washington, D.C., on Friday, Jan. 20 to protest the inauguration of the next president.No matter who wins the 2016 election, the people must take to the streets. This election year proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the capitalist system cannot represent the interests of the people. It revealed that democracy under capitalism is a sham.While Trump and Clinton were fighting among themselves, often like children, Black and Brown people continued to be shot by racist police. Neither candidate ever expressed genuine support for the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement, essential in this period of police terrorism.


Clearly Donald Trump has galvanized racist, right-wing, anti-immigrant thugs. These elements have been stoked, and they will not likely crawl back into the gutter. But we cannot give up on all these workers. They have been misled by Trump, and we should struggle to win their hearts and minds.

Misogyny ultimately became a major issue this election season. At the heart of the “Trumpite” sexism against Hillary Clinton is not just hatred of women, but racism that is central to their odious ideology.

These forces are not reconciled to the historical fact that the first Black president was elected. They erroneously fear the “browning of America.” They think migrants are changing the fabric of “their” society and that they steal jobs, when in fact it is the corporations that lay off and shut factories.

The answer is solidarity and unity of all those who work and struggle for a living. Our enemy is not in the factory or the office but in the board room.

Neither Trump nor Clinton have a real program to address unemployment or underemployment. Neither will order the banks to put families back into foreclosed homes or to lower rents. Neither will unilaterally cancel the student debt. Neither will stop anti-LGBTQ laws from sweeping the country.

Trump is a dangerous buffoon. But Hillary Clinton is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Her political history is one of war and intervention. She is responsible, along with others, for the coup in Honduras and for war in Libya and Syria. She is historically aligned with the forces that dismantled welfare and led to mass incarceration.

As the economic crisis deepens, what can we expect? Under capitalism not only more of the same, but an intensification of all the ills that are byproducts of capitalism: war, racism, sexism, islamopho¬bia and the exploitation of all workers.

It is very likely that Hillary Clinton will win the election as she has proven her ability to well represent the 1%. We can be assured that in her first 100 days, there will be an escalation of war.

What’s the solution? Unity in fightback! Only our solidarity can push back the 1%! What matters is not who is in the White House, but in the streets.

We urge everyone – Black, Latinx, Native, Arab, Asian and white, women, trans people and men, young and old, queer or straight, documented or undocumented, people with disabilities, in a union or not, of every faith and belief from around the country – to converge in Washington on Friday, Jan. 20.

Join tens of thousands to present a people’s agenda!

Bus or travel information to Washington TBA
or call 917-740-2628


CWAers Join Women’s March on Washington

On January 21, more than 300 CWAers will be a part of a huge demonstration and march in Washington, D.C., bringing together supporters from across the country to stand together for women’s rights, safety, and families.

The Women’s March on Washington is expected to draw over 200,000 women for a peaceful protest of the incoming administration. We will meet at the intersection of Independence Ave and Third St SW, near the U.S. Capitol, at 10:00am on January 21, 2017.

Click here for more information.


CPP anniversary celebration, national peace assembly’s battlecry: People’s war is for People’s Peace

NDFP Southern Mindanao Region
Press Release

More than 15,000 revolutionary forces and representatives from at least 10 regions in the country, peace advocates, officials from both Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines made up the fiery, artistic and militant celebration of today’s 48th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines and National Assembly for Just and Lasting Peace in Paquibato district, Davao City.

The activity was divided into two parts: the whole day National Peace assembly, and the night concert-rally for the CPP celebration. Participants came from the National Capital Region, Bicol, Southern Tagalog, Cordillera, Panay, Southern Mindanao, North Central Mindanao, North Eastern Mindanao, Far South Mindanao and Western Mindanao regions.

The national peace assembly and CPP anniversary celebration, hosted by 1st Pulang Bagani Battalion-NPA Southern Mindanao, paid homage to the Party’s absolute leadership of the Filipino revolution as it also condemned the unfulfilled promises of the Duterte government in granting amnesty to the more than 400 political detainees in the country and in the numerous ceasefire violations committed by AFP, PNP and paramilitary in some 500 villages nationwide.

The December 26 celebration kicked off at around 8:30 am with six platoons of the 1st Pulang Bagani Battalion-New People’s Army Southern Mindanao mounting a battalion formation at an open field some 200 meters away from the barangay covered court where the program was held. More than 200 NPA combatants stood in stiff attention amid a tactical inspection presided by NDF consultant Porferio Tuna, Jr.

In his message to the Army, Tuna hailed the New People’s Army as the true army of the masses–determined, disciplined and strong defender of the people. He also gave salute to martyred NPA commander Ka Parago who was killed in an enemy raid in Paquibato last year.

At the formal opening of the National Peace Assembly, representatives from the GRP and NDF marched, flanked by NPA guards and bearers of flags of NDF member organizations. An NDF choir sang flaming songs in chorale. A Lumad Datu (tribal chieftain) and Moro leader gave a rousing oranda (song) and prayer.

In militant dances and speeches led by NDF consultant Concha Araneta from Panay, the resounding message of the National Peace Assembly and CPP anniversary was clear: People’s War is for People’s Peace. The only way to annihilate the roots of violence and unrest is to realize the land distribution for the millions of peasants in the country, to respect the ancestral domain of indigenous people and Moro people, to abolish the wage slavery and end the exploitation of all workers, and to attain justice for all victims of human rights abuses and oppression. And the only way to pursue peace is only by waging the national democratic revolution and the people’s war.

In his audio visual message gave by NDF Chief Political Consultant, Jose Maria Sison, took the occasion to condemn the Duterte government for reneging on its commitment to the peace negotiations, particularly on the amnesty and freedom of all political prisoners. This is in violation to the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) and to the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL). The non-release of political detainees also runs counter to the possible declaration of the bilateral interim ceasefire agreement between the NDF and the GRP and the acceleration of the peace negotiations.

In a press conference, former chief of the NDF peace negotiating panel and now senior adviser Luis Jalandoni stressed that the NDF will not lay down its arms even as it is engaged in peace talks with the Duterte government. Jalandoni also warned that as human rights abuses are perpetrated with the continued implementation of counter-revolutionary program Oplan Bayanihan and Enhanced Oplan Bayanihan, it will be forced to withdraw its ceasefire declaration to protect the masses and defend communities.

Ka Wendell, master of ceremonies of the celebration, said the communities are clamoring for an end to the ceasefire as they face threats from COPD and PDOP military troops that continue to operate in peasant and Lumad communities. Disciplined as they are, the NPA Red fighters stood ground to abide with the CPP’s unilateral ceasefire declaration and in respect to the ongoing GRP-NDF peace negotiations.

At the press conference and later at the open forum with the assembly participants, NDF leaders took turns to explain the various provisions of the next substantive agenda for the peace talks, the Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-economic Reforms (CASER).

NDF consultant Eduardo Genelsa said Mindanao continues to be resilient and to advance despite escalating enemy attacks because communists, cadres, NPA combatants, and revolutionary forces have vigorously waged the armed struggle and raised the people’s war to greater heights.

NDF leaders assert that there can be no peace until the roots of armed struggle are addressed decisively. The revolutionary forces are now stronger more than ever to wage armed revolution, gain concrete benefits for the people, and ultimately attain justice and true peace. Indeed, today’s celebration highlighted the militant battlecry: there can be no just and lasting peace without the people’s war.