Detroit, March 25-26, 2017: Midwest WWP Fight For National Liberation and Socialism Conference

Join Workers World Party in Detroit, Michigan along with other Midwest WWP branches for a fightback conference on the resistance against racism and capitalism, and the struggle for socialism where we’ll discuss

*Ending the police war on Black & Brown people & defending the Black Lives Matter movement

*Stopping the raids & deportations & disarming ICE & the police

*Defending queer and trans people, fighting for LGBTQ liberation now

*Fighting imperialism from Syria to Africa, for a free Palestine, and building international solidarity

*Abolishing capitalism and fighting for revolutionary socialism

*The struggle in the Midwest against powerful reactionary state apparatuses and a direct ruling class offensive

*The economic, political, and social war waged against Detroit, a former stronghold of workers power and black liberation

*Combating the emboldened right wing and rising fascist movement

Racist police repression, raids and deportations, and the attacks on working class and oppressed people cannot be ended, once and for all, until the decaying capitalist system, which is becoming more and more desperately dependent on state repression, is ended. Capitalism must be replaced with a system that is based on meeting human needs, not exploitation to make profits: socialism.

These and other pressing struggles of the day — along with the experiences, observations, and questions of those in attendance — will be the basis of the conference.

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