Support AFGE Workers Fighting to Keep Their Jobs

Workers like us came back from the holiday this week to provide services to our communities, to do our jobs, and to keep our country up and running. Despite our service, Congress will vote to change the rules on Monday at 5 p.m. Eastern. They want to make it easier to eliminate our jobs and cut our pay.

We can’t wait for January to take action. We must act NOW. Please click here and take 5 minutes to write to your Representative and tell them: Stop this rule change.

The House will vote to bring back a rule from the 1980s that would allow them to reduce the number of federal employees. The “Holman Rule” will also allow Congress to reduce pay for government workers to offset other spending.

Bryan , we work too hard to be treated this way. Click here to write to your Representative and tell them: federal workers serve our communities every day. Oppose these rules, and keep us on the job!

In solidarity,

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