Milwaukee— Buses leave at 9am from 1027 S 5th St. Call 414-643-1620 for more info. Suggested donation: $5

Milwaukee Riverwest neighborhood— 9am, Public House, 815 E Locust St. Click here to sign up.

Madison— 8:30am from 810 W Badger Rd. 414-828-2692. Suggested donation: $5

Abbotsford- 6am, 112 Spruce St, 920-3716975. Suggested donation: $15

Appleton- 6:30am, 621 Lawrence St., 751-614-1464. Suggested donation: $15

Green Bay— 7:30am, 1221 Bellevue St., 920-371-6975. Suggested donation: $15

Hartford– 8:30am, 28 E Jackson St, 920-371-6975. Suggested donation: $5

Lake Geneva— 9am, Piggly Wiggly, 100 E Geneva Square, 262-475-8469. Suggested donation: $5

Racine— 8:30am, 2100 Layard Ave, 262-721-5575. Suggested donation: $5

Sheboygan— 7:30am, La Conquistadora, 1218 Indiana Ave., 920-371-6975. Suggested donation: $15

Manitowoc— 7:45am, Park and Ride at corner of Frontage Rd and @ 44th St., 920-371-6975. Suggested donation: $15

Wausau— 6am, 406 Grant St.,  920-371-6975. Suggested donation: $15

West Bend– 8am, Park and Ride on Park Drive behind Menards, 920-371-6975. Suggested donation: $5.

Check back for more cities! Call 414-643-1620 or email if you want to help organize a bus from your city!

Afro-Colombian activists need your help

The U.S.-supported reactionary state of Colombia has been hunting down Afro-Colombian and Indigenous activists who have been struggling for their human rights on ancestral territories. After the Transatlantic Slave Trade began forcibly transporting Africans to Colombia in the 1520s, some Africans were able to break away and settle in rural environments, where they have lived for centuries as self-sustaining people.

Sara Quiñonez and Tulia Marys Valencia—daughter and mother, respectively—were arrested on April 20 on phony charges of narcotics trafficking and terrorism.

The Colombian government has already received so many messages of support for these sisters, the state apparently has disabled the email account.

The best way you can support Sara and Tulia is by posting messages on social media. Tap this link for language you can use.

Solidarity Actions Called on Anniversary of the Murder of Anti-Fascist Protesters in Odessa, Ukraine

May 2 will mark the fourth anniversary of the murder of scores of anti-fascist activists at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, Ukraine. Although there are many videos of the massacre, not one of those responsible has ever been punished, and the people of Odessa have never stopped demanding justice. In 2016 UNAC organized a delegation of U.S. activists to attend the second anniversary memorial in Odessa. We then formed the Odessa Solidarity Campaign as an ongoing UNAC project. ( This year, solidarity events will be held in many cities across Europe as well as here in the U.S. We strongly encourage our members and friends to consider holding one in your area. For more information: or

Filipino Human Rights Activists Tortured and Interrogated at San Francisco Airport

A new stage of repression has been reached in the U.S. as Filipino human rights and peace activist, Jerome Succor Aba, 25, was detained, interrogated and tortured by Homeland Security when he arrived from the Philippines at the San Francisco airport.  Jerome Aba is a Muslim from Mindanao where the repressive government of Rodrigo Duterte, with the aid of the United States, has been conducting a war against the people under the guise of a “war on terror.”

Aba had been invited to the U.S. by the Conference of Catholic Bishops and several other religious organizations for a speaking tour on the situation in the Philippines and Mindanao.

According to Jerome’s recounting to Karapatan, a Human Rights Alliance in the Philippines,  Aba was held for 28 hours at SFO and endured physical and psychological torture and harassment during his detainment. The entire time, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) held Aba incommunicado — they violated his basic civil and political rights, and withholding his access to a lawyer.

After this interrogation and torture, Aba was deported back to the Philippines where he was met by a member of the Philippine congress and human rights supporters.

Click HERE to view Jerome’s press conference with human rights organizations at the BAYAN National Office in Manila. Click HERE for  a description of Jerome Aba’s treatment at SFO.

BAYAN USA is a coalition of Filipino organizations in the U.S. and a member of UNAC.

Spring Mobilizations to End the Wars at Home and Abroad held in more than 40 cities around the country. Rallies demand hands off Syria and express solidarity with Palestine

As the US commenced its missile attack on Syria, people took to the streets in dozens of cities around the country as part of the spring actions to end the wars at home and abroad.  People rallied from coast to coast demanding an end to the bombing of Syria, an end to the Israeli murder of unarmed protesters in Gaza, to bring the troops home from the many theaters of US war and to close US military bases around the world.

The actions were sponsored by the broadest coalition of antiwar and social justice forces that has been able to come together in many years.  This unity was enabled by the danger that the US military and its allies pose as they step up threats and military actions around the world.  It represents a step in the direction of unifying antiwar and social justice forces to build the kind of movement in the US that the rest of the world is looking to us to build.

To see reports from many of the actions:

Prior to the Oakland rally, radio station KPFA held a one hour teach-in with organizers of the Oakland rally.  That teach-in can be heard here:

Read the UNAC Blog

Arizona Teachers Poised for Largest Walkout in Nation


In what may be the largest educator walkout in history, these educators will join tens of thousands of teachers and educational support professionals (ESPs) across all of Arizona in walking out of their neglected classrooms. Led and supported by the Arizona Education Association (AEA) and Arizona Educators United (AEU) through its #RedforEd movement, Arizona educators are bringing their demands for adequate educational funding directly to state lawmakers in Phoenix, where they will be joined by NEA President Lily Eskelsen García.

“I’m walking out because I know that my students—and all students in Arizona—deserve more. They deserve more. They deserve to be learning in a fully funded classroom,” says kindergarten teacher Amy Ball, who has taught for 12 years in central Phoenix. “Every single student in Arizona deserves to have the most opportunities for success.”

No state in the country has cut school funding more than Arizona. Between 2008 and 2015, state lawmakers cut funding per student by 36.6 percent, according to a national analysis by the non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. (Second is Florida, which cut funding by 22.2 percent during those years.)

arizona teacher walkout