Spring Mobilizations to End the Wars at Home and Abroad held in more than 40 cities around the country. Rallies demand hands off Syria and express solidarity with Palestine

As the US commenced its missile attack on Syria, people took to the streets in dozens of cities around the country as part of the spring actions to end the wars at home and abroad.  People rallied from coast to coast demanding an end to the bombing of Syria, an end to the Israeli murder of unarmed protesters in Gaza, to bring the troops home from the many theaters of US war and to close US military bases around the world.

The actions were sponsored by the broadest coalition of antiwar and social justice forces that has been able to come together in many years.  This unity was enabled by the danger that the US military and its allies pose as they step up threats and military actions around the world.  It represents a step in the direction of unifying antiwar and social justice forces to build the kind of movement in the US that the rest of the world is looking to us to build.

To see reports from many of the actions:


Prior to the Oakland rally, radio station KPFA held a one hour teach-in with organizers of the Oakland rally.  That teach-in can be heard here: https://kpfa.org/player/?audio=283293

Read the UNAC Blog

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