UW-Milwaukee, December 8: Sign the Petition! No Cuts to Higher Education!

SDS will be presenting this petition to UW-Milwaukee’s Chancellor Mark Mone. We encourage all students and community members to sign, invite, and share!

We demand:
1) No cuts to instructional units! Instead, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee should “chop from the top” by cutting non-instructional positions and salaries in excess of $80k per year. Since 2011, UWM has added nearly fifty such positions and increased their salaries by an average of nearly 10% per year.
2) Chancellor Mone must publicly pledge to oppose all tuition increases while he is chancellor.
3) Wages for campus workers and stipends for graduate teaching assistants must be increased.
4) Resource centers and services that serve oppressed or marginalized students, such as African-American Student Academic Services, the Black Cultural Center, the Roberto Hernandez Center, the Women’s Resource Center, and the LGBT Resource Center, must continue to be funded.
5) Tenure and shared governance must be preserved.


support workers sign

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