Madison: WORT Reporting On Ferguson Resistance & Solidarity In Wisconsin

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Solidarity Needed: Father of 5 and Wisconsin Permanent Resident to be Deported for 14 Year Old Conviction


Two days after the raid his children spoke at a rally in front of ICE demanding his release. On June 19, Manuel’s brother Ruben, his niece Amari, and his daughter Briana participated in civil disobedience at the ICE office in Milwaukee.

Manny’s family is organizing to stay together. Join them by taking a moment to send an e-mail to the Chicago ICE office asking them to release Manny from detention and reunite him with his family.


Manuel Lope and family in Milwaukee.

Manuel Lope and family in Milwaukee.

#Blackout Black Friday: November 28: A Day of Nationwide Action & Retail Boycott


As we mourn the injustice of Mike Brown’s murder, we’re reminded that our economic voice is instrumental in our racial justice struggle. Join us at Macy’s HERALD SQUARE in NYC at 3 pm on BLACK FRIDAY as we fight for justice through unity and solidarity (other actions nationally are encouraged). We will proudly stand alongside members of Million Hoodies Movement for Justice.

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Ongoing events, updates, photos, videos:

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The day after a grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson in the murder of Mike Brown, thousands of protesters marched through Lower Manhattan, eventually taking over FDR Drive, a major roadway in NYC. [Photo: Jenna Pope]

The day after a grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson in the murder of Mike Brown, thousands of protesters marched through Lower Manhattan, eventually taking over FDR Drive, a major roadway in NYC. [Photo:]


AFGE’s Thomas: Courage Needed after Ferguson Decision

American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) National Vice President of Women’s and Fair Practices Augusta Y. Thomas has released the following statement ( 

“The events in Ferguson, Mo. have shown us that challenges we’ve faced in the past still endure – that the struggles of communities of color and other marginalized groups are based on systematic injustices that are woven into the fabric of our nation. Across the country and around the world, our communities are angered, saddened and frustrated by the case of Michael Brown and many others whose lives ended much too early.

“The outpouring of anger, grief and pain isn’t just in Ferguson. It’s shown up in the streets of L.A., New York, Washington D.C. and many other communities across our nation. The hurt around the grand jury’s decision is shared by activists, protestors and anyone who has been worried their child won’t get equal treatment because of the color of their skin.

“Many institutions and systems that govern our society are wrought with racism, classism, sexism, ableism and other characteristics that are designed to marginalize and disenfranchise specific groups of people. That imbalance yields power to the privileged and at best, an unequal playing field for the rest of us.

“Having been a civil rights activist for more than 50 years, I am reminded of the words and actions of Bayard Rustin, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks. Looking back, I am given hope that even in the darkest moments we can create a new reality for our country. It is time again to march and to protest and most of all, to raise our voices. It has been through organizing – from those who marched on Selma to the Dream Defenders today – that have declared ‘black lives matter.’

“Through labor organizations and workers’ rights groups we must continue to advance issues of equality and justice on the workroom floor. We will work with policy makers at every level of government to change the inequalities that are a blight on the promise of our democracy.

“AFGE and the Women’s and Fair Practices Departments will continue our goal of fair and equal treatment. We stand in solidarity with the Brown family and with those who have the passion, courage and strategies to continue to change the world.”


Hundreds march in Milwaukee November protesting Ferguson Grand Jury decision. [Photo: Joe Brusky Photography]

Hundreds march in Milwaukee November 25, 2014 protesting Ferguson Grand Jury decision. [Photo: Joe Brusky Photography]