Racine, October 30, 2019: Youth Empowered in the Struggle’s #HOMEISHERE

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Home is Here: CALL to Action IN Defense of DACA!


Hay peleas que no se ganan solas. Por eso nos unimos a la campaña #NuestroHogar para proteger al programa de DACA ante la Corte Suprema. No dejaremos de luchar hasta que los beneficiarios de DACA, sus familias y los inmigrantes en todos lados estén SEGUROS. ¡Corre la voz y comparte este llamado a la acción!

Juntos necesitamos movilizarnos y organizarnos a un plan para salvar a DACA. Únase a Voces de la Frontera y Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES) en un llamado a la acción el 30 de octubre de 2019, 5: 30-7: 00 PM en el Centro de Trabajo Racine
Some fights you can’t win alone. That’s why we’ve united behind the #HomeIsHere campaign to protect DACA recipients at the U.S. Supreme Court. We won’t stop fighting until DACA recipients, their families, and immigrants everywhere are SAFE. Spread the word and share this call to action!

Together we need to mobilize and organize around a plan to save DACA. Join Voces de la Frontera and Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES) to a call for action on October 30th, 2019, 5:30-7:00 PM at the Racine Labor Center

Solidarity With Chicago Teachers Union & SEIU Local 73! An Injury To One Is An Injury To All!

Chicago Teachers Union

Monday was just the beginning. Tomorrow, we put more than 30,000 CTU educators and SEIU Local 73 SECAs, custodians and security guards in the streets for the schools our students deserve. And we won’t stop until we have everything we need to make this city better.

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One of our wonderful families at Salazar Bilingual supporting the fight for a fair contract! #standwithCTU #faircontractnow #solidarity

Chicago Educators Will Strike for Our Students, Because it’s Always Been Personal

Chicago Educators Will Strike for Our Students, Because it’s Always Been Personal

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By dstieber, October 16, 2019 at 7:58 am

For 13 years I’ve been teaching in Chicago. 13 years of budget cuts, no librarians, part time nurses, not enough counselors. 13 years of of promises from Mayors and CEOs to improve our schools. Yet, educators always do more with less. That is why the city continues to take. It knows that because teachers love our students we will always do our best, even with no resources.

We love our students so much that we don’t share our teaching stories with non-teachers willingly. We are cautious, we don’t want anyone to judge our students or us. We have pride in our schools. Our schools become our identities. Our kids are on our minds long after the bell rings. We reflect on what went well and obsess on what we need to improve.

Contrary to what I believed when I was a student, teachers have lives outside of school. We are parents, partners, taxpayers, and relied upon by many others in our lives.

So when someone dare calls us greedy it is a right hook to our face. How dare they? Our love for our students and our schools physically drains us. We don’t get enough sleep, we over eat, over stress because of our professions. We stay after the school day ends to grade, to coach, to mentor, for free. We give up our time with our own families for people’s kids.

How dare you call us greedy. How dare you ignore us when we ask for better conditions for our students. It’s not easy for us to do this. We went into teaching because we love kids. We were told our career choice was noble. Yet, now we find ourselves being called greedy because we dare ask for better conditions for our students? We opened up, advocated and showed our love for our students out loud and you called us names.

Tomorrow we are about to perform a noble action taught to us by Gandhi, MLK, Chavez, and Raby. Tomorrow we will strike. We will strike for our students. We will strike for our schools. We will strike to improve our city. We will go without pay. We will risk outsiders talking badly about us. It will sting, it will be hard, but it’s past time that our students have the same basic necessities that every suburban student has had for years.

We will strike because we are noble. We will strike because we know our moral compass points to equity, it points toward justice and we know those are things the students of Chicago have never had….

UAW Strike At GM Still On! Join the Picket Lines in Hudson, WI!

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO


Brothers and Sisters,

UAW Local 722 workers in Hudson are on day 31 of their strike at General Motors (GM).

The UAW International Union announced earlier today, Wednesday October 16, that a proposed tentative agreement with GM has been reached and has been sent to the UAW GM National Council for Approval. The UAW GM National Council will meet tomorrow, October 17, to vote on whether to recommend the tentative agreement to the full UAW-GM membership for ratification.

The picket lines will continue until the strike is over. During the October 17 meeting, the UAW GM Council will decide whether to continue the strike until ratification concludes or to stop the strike at the time of the Council’s approval of the agreement.

We will continue to stand in solidarity and join UAW Local 722 on the line in Hudson. All are encouraged to join the picket line until the strike over.

Join the GM Strike Line

2200 Willis Miller Drive, Hudson

Hot food, groceries, and size 2 and 3 diapers can be dropped off at 2200 Willis Miller Drive, Hudson.

Solidarity Strengthens Strike in Hudson

Thank you to all Wisconsin AFL-CIO affiliates, councils, union members, and community members who have joined workers on the line in Hudson. Support has poured in from every corner of Wisconsin for UAW Local 722 striking families. Wisconsin AFL-CIO President Bloomingdale was on the line, bringing pizza to strikers and meeting with local leadership. Gov. Tony Evers tweeted his support. Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, whose own father is a proud UAW member, joined striking workers. Wisconsin Senator Patty Schachtner walked the line. On Friday, October 4, The Western and Wisconsin AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Councils hosted a BBQ Cookout and Family Day, delivering groceries, diapers, and supplies for UAW Local 722 and rolled out the trailer with grills to cook brats for striking workers and their families. And many more Wisconsin unions, union members, and councils, in addition to community members, joined UAW striking families.

Your solidarity brings strength and resolve during an extremely difficult time for UAW members and families.

As the tentative agreement makes its way through the UAW process, we will continue to stand in solidarity with UAW Local 722 striking families in Hudson until the strike is over and all UAW workers are back on the job.

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Bloomingdale, President

Dennis Delie, Secretary-Treasurer