Day of Action to End Sanctions against Venezuela

Day of Action to End Sanctions against Venezuela

As part of The Campaign to End US and Canada Sanctions against Venezuela groups from the United States and Canada are calling for International Solidarity against war and sanctions.

Using the hashtags, #SanctionsAreWar & #EndVenezuelaSanctions, we are asking people to take a selfie or group photo, and send it with a short message urging an end to the destructive and counterproductive economic blockade by the United States, Canadian and Western nations that are having a devastating impact on the people of Venezuela. Post the photo on social media and send us your picture at

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 marks the first anniversary of the Trump Administration’s expansion of sanctions against Venezuela. On this day, people across North America opposed to the economic war will be standing together to urge an end to sanctions against Venezuela.


Milwaukee, August 17: Black August Film: Paul Robeson – Here I Stand

Black August Film: Paul Robeson – Here I Stand

6:30 – 8:30 P.M., 1001 E Keefe Ave., Milwaukee 

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Black August Friday Freedom Flick
**** Paul Robeson – Here I Stand ****
Discussions after each film. Free and open to all interested. Dedicated to strengthening movements for peace, freedom & liberation.
++ Wheelchair Accessibility: via portable temporary ramp into first floor where movies will be shown.

Paul Robeson: Here I Stand
Directed by St. Clair Bourne

This extraordinary documentary directed by St. Clair Bourne originally aired on PBS as part of the “American Masters” series. It charts the life and artistry of Paul Robeson (1898-1976) who won international acclaim as a concert performer, stage actor, recording artist, and film actor. Raised by his widowed father, a minister, he was a scholar and athlete at Rutgers. After attending Columbia Law School, Robeson plunged into a career in the arts that continued for 40 years. Throughout his life, this black performer identified with the rights of his people and the working class poor.

Robeson reached the pinnacle of success in the 1930s. Then during the 1940s he spoke out against America’s racism and declared his support for the U.S.S.R. as an antidote to fascism and imperialism. These political stands had a dire effect on his career. He was put under surveillance by the FBI, blacklisted across the country, and denied a passport by the State Department

This riveting documentary explores Robeson’s multidimensional gifts and the high price he had to pay as a spokesperson for black liberation. Paul Robeson: Here I Stand hits home in its convincing portrait of this African American’s noble struggle and his ardent attempt to remain true to his principles.

Protect home healthcare workers’ rights, Sign Petition

You may not follow Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services but they’re launching the newest attack on union workers of the Trump administration. Stand with home care workers: #FightFor15

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is taking comments on a new federal rule that will make it harder for certain home care workers to pay union dues — a clear attempt to attack their union.

If this rule passes, it could result in lower wages, worse health care, and weaker protections for home care workers everywhere.

Submit a comment now to demand the rule be withdrawn.

Fight for $15



Charlottesville, VA, August 12, 2018: Smash White Supremacy!

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This Sunday, August 12th, we invite the people of#Charlottesville and beyond to join us as we gather to collectively mourn the events of last August 12th and honor this community’s resilience against white supremacy, long before A12 and after.

#AllOutCville #AllOutAugust

For many of us here, the Summer of Hate has never ended. While neo-nazis may not be marching in our streets, white supremacy still pervades our town: Racist monuments still loom over our public spaces. The institutions that govern us attack and persecute our community defenders. Our Black and low-income communities are struggling under a massive affordable housing shortage. Courts and jails continue to collaborate with ICE kidnappers. UVA has done nothing to make amends for its inaction last August, and continues to blame students for being targeted by neo-nazi violence.

Join us as we honor our work in resisting racism and structural violence. Join us as we grieve our communal losses. Together, we are strong. Together, we can win.

Can’t make it in person? Want to support anti-racist activists in Charlottesville who are in the fight against white supremacy? Donate to the Charlottesville Community Resilience Fund: