Protest & Rally 
Saturday, June 24, 2017
U.S. Federal Courthouse 
517 E Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 
On June 16, 2017 Donald Trump announced a step back to Cold War-style relations with Cuba, trying to bring an end to the progress in opening relations between our two countries, including increasing travel and contact between the peoples of the U.S. and Cuba. 

This comes at the same time that Trump and the Republicans continue to support the most violent, far-right groups in Venezuela that are fighting to end 18 years of progressive government. The U.S. military has begun to play war games off the Venezuelan coast, risking a war that could spread across the whole region. And as the United States lectures other nations such as Cuba and Venezuela on “human rights,” our government has failed to effectively guarantee human rights such as universal healthcare, and freedom from racist & xenophobic violence and police killings of Black and Brown people such as Sylville Smith and Philando Castile. 

Co-hosted by the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump, the Latin American Solidarity Committee, Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement, End the Wars Committee of Peace Action- WI, Workers World Party and Freedom Road Socialist Organization.
Or call: 414-447-8369

Take Action for Kevin Rashid Johnson

We have received word that Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, prisoner-organizer and revolutionary has been moved from Texas! He was picked up by his Virginia DOC officials (he was on an interstate transfer). Rashid is a very good organizer and he was moved from Red Onion State Prison because of his influence and leadership. It seems now that Texas also could not handle his principled determination.

Supporters learned that he is being held at a reception center in the state of Florida. We will forward additional information as soon as we know it. 

Transfers have been opportunities for prison officials to arrange for violence and abuse. Rashid was beaten and had his locks shaved when he was first brought to Texas, and lost much of his property. We are concerned about prisoners’ rights and basic human dignity and we will take action to make sure this does not happen again!


Who to call

Mr. Terry Glenn, Interstate Compact Supervisor
Virginia Department of Corrections
P.O. Box 26963
Richmond, VA 23261-6963
Phone: (804) 887-7866
Fax: (804) 674-3595

Call Script

I am calling on behalf of Kevin Johnson, Virginia inmate number 1007485. I am a friend of Mr. Johnson’s, and am highly concerned for his well-being and safety. I understand that he was recently taken by Virginia Department of Corrections from Clements Unit in Amarillo, TX.
Where in Florida is he being taken? Is he being returned to Virginia where his family would be able to visit him?
I demand that Mr. Johnson be moved to Virginia, that ALL of his property, including ALL his legal materials and his typewriter, be given to him upon his new location, and that his transport be safe and humane.

Please let us know immediately if you find out any information on Rashid.
Additional Resources

Rashid’s Website
Facebook Event to Call for Rashid

Rashid is Minister of Defense of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter); he is a Virginia prisoner organizer and revolutionary communist. As a result of his organizing he has been repeatedly transferred out of state, under a setup called the “Interstate Compact” which is used to remove rebellious prisoners and exile them to locations where they have no friends, support, etc. For the past four years Rashid has been held in Texas, where he has been beaten, threatened, had his property confiscated, been set up on bogus infractions, and more — nonetheless, he used his time there to forge connections with other prisoners and to write a series of powerful exposés about violence, medical neglect, abuse, and murder in the Texas prison system.

He has also been targeted because of analysis and belief organizing across boundries of race and class. Look carefully at his latest artwork, this is what the state finds dangerous:

Thank you for calling and taking action.

Cuando luchamos ganamos! When we fight, we win!

Milwaukee, June 23: Milwaukee #JusticeforNabra Vigil

900 E Michigan Street, Milwaukee County O’Donnell Park, 6 P.M.

On Sunday, June 18th, 17 year old Nabra Hassanen was abducted, raped, and murdered while walking back to her local mosque for early morning prayers in Sterling, VA. Currently, officials are labeling this incident as “road rage.” Our communities know better: we have been experiencing increased violence in our neighborhoods, schools, and places of worship for some time. We also know that the national origin and immigration status of the man who killed Nabra does not matter, he acted on vicious anti-Black and anti-Muslim racism that has become normalized today.

We cannot separate this terrible act of violence from the current political moment, a moment where Black lives are under increased attack, where individuals like Nabra’s murderer are emboldened by the anti-Black, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim rhetoric, where are communities are pitted against one another, and where law enforcement can overlook these trends and label this crime as anything other than hate.

Join us as we stand — together — in solidarity with Nabra’s family and community against hate and call on Fairfax County officials to investigate her brutal murder as a hate crime.

#JusticeforNabra #BlackLivesMatter #UnitedAgainstHate

Justice For Nabra

Stop Profiling Muslims July 23 2017 Milwaukee

At O’Donnell Park July 23, 2017, Milwaukee, Wisconsin / Photo: WI BOPM


Milwaukee, July 2: UBLAC Mass Meeting

Hosted by UBLAC Milwaukee

We welcome you to attend, invite, and support our next Mass Meeting.

The Frank Zeidler Center for Public Discussion 631 N. 19th St located inside Redeemer Lutheran on 19th and Wisconsin will be hosting our next general meeting. The entrance is in the back of the church. It is handicap accessible. We look forward to building, engaging, educating, and working with you.

Uplifting Black Liberation and Black Communities will EQUIP, CONNECT, and EDUCATE Black communities with resources and opportunities that will help provide sustainable environment free from oppressive systems. This begins by using education about potential impact on the community, and how to heal from post-traumatic slave syndrome.

Through OUTREACH and COLLABORATION, UBLAC will help individuals foster understanding about liberation through knowledge and application in order to generate independent living and thinking.

Milwaukee, June 29: Close MSDF Campaign Launch

Hosted by UBLAC Milwaukee

UBLAC is supporting the work of EXPO to close the Milwaukee Secure Dentition Center. Join the efforts/work to change MKE.

Click below to sign the petition that calls on Governor Walker to close MSDF.

Click below to RSVP for this event.

Milwaukee Area Technical College Downtown Campus
Room M605

We will be gathering at 5 pm in Room M605 at MATC to watch the premiere of Tim Coursen’s video about Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF). Mr. Coursen is an independent producer who has made several videos about Wisconsin’s unjust penal system. A panel of EXPO leaders will respond to this video. Then we will hear from Janos Dev Marton who managed JustLeadershipUSA’s #CLOSErikers Campaign which prompted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to commit to closing Rikers. At 6 pm, we will be marching to MSDF for a prayer vigil for all of the people who have died in MSDF and a press conference.

Wisconsin officials should support policies that would give all people the opportunity to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect and to live in safe and healthy communities. Unfortunately, Wisconsin’s unjust revocation policies lead to the unnecessary incarceration of thousands of men and women every year. The state incarcerates many of these individuals at MSDF. These policies, which disproportionately harm people of color and people with disabilities, tear families apart, disrupt communities, and drain resources that could instead be used to build safer and stronger communities.

Problems facing people at MSDF include extreme heat, poor ventilation, no outdoor recreation, no access to sunlight, no in-person visits, being locked down for 21 hours a day, and other abuses. Several people, including EXPO leader James Wilborn, have died in this facility because their medical or psychiatric conditions were improperly monitored or left untreated.

It is time for Wisconsin to stop incarcerating people who have not been convicted of new crimes and join the growing number of states that are making significant investments in community-based alternatives to incarceration.

Contact us at 608-843-0171 or for more information.