PFLP: Our struggle – not Trump – will decide the fate of Jerusalem

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine described the declaration of US President Donald Trump as a declaration of war against the Palestinian people and their rights that makes the U.S. position clear as a hostile entity toward our people and a partner of the Zionist state in its crimes against the Palestinian people and land, and it must be addressed on this basis.

Further, the Front considered that Trump also launched a “bullet of mercy” on the so-called two-state solution, the settlement project and the delusions of the peace process. It called upon the Palestinian leadership to learn the necessary lessons from the devastating experience of reliance on negotiations and U.S. domination and announce the immediate withdrawal from the Oslo agreement and all subsequent and attendant obligations.

The PFLP called on the Palestinian masses and their organizations to unite their efforts and respond collectively, practically and forcefully to this decision through action and escalation of the momentum of the popular movement.

The battle for Jerusalem is one for all of Palestine. For us, Jerusalem is Haifa, Safad, Yafa, Gaza, Ramallah and every village and city in Palestine.

Further, the Front emphasized the need to confront the triangle of conspiracy against Jerusalem and Palestine and the rights of the Palestinian and Arab people, that of imperialism, Zionism and Arab reactionary regimes, and to open the door to appropriate options to resist these schemes.

The Arab masses also clearly reject this decision, which clarifies further the nature of U.S. imperialism as the primary sponsor of Zionist terror in the region that constantly seeks to ignite the region in order to maintain its hegemony.

Jerusalem will always remain the capital of the Palestinian people and the State of Palestine and the imperialist-Zionist alliance will not succeed in its attempts to obliterate the city’s Arab identity and its status in the Arab and Islamic world.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,
December 6, 2017

Chicago, December 20: Marxist-Leninist Study Group

Hosted by Chicago Workers World Party

**Invite Friends and Comrades**

Marxist-Leninist Study Group is a discussion series for people hoping to learn more about socialism.

It is held the first Monday and third Wednesday of every month, light snacks and beverages provided.

If you are not available in person, tune in using Facebook Live to participate!
“People in our country know that the glorious period in which they happen to live is one of sacrifice; they are familiar with sacrifice… Cuba is the vanguard of America and must make sacrifices because it occupies the post of advance guard, because it shows the masses of Latin America the road to full freedom. Within the country the leadership has to carry out its vanguard role. It must be said with all sincerity that in a real revolution, to which one gives his or her all and from which one expects no material reward, the task of the vanguard revolutionary is both magnificent and agonizing.” – Guevara in “Socialism and Man in Cuba”
For the 7th Marxist-Leninist Study Group, we will be reading a few works from Che Guevara:
-Socialism and Man in Cuba
-The Cadres: Backbone of the Revolution
~Total: 22 pages

All readings can be found for free at this link below:

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ALSO JANUARY 1, 2018: 

Hosted by Chicago Workers World Party

**Invite Friends and Comrades**

Marxist-Leninist Study Group is a discussion series for people hoping to learn more about socialism.

It is held the first Monday and third Wednesday of every month, light snacks and beverages provided.

If you are not available in person, tune in using Facebook Live to participate!
“Liberalism is a manifestation of opportunism and conflicts fundamentally with Marxism. It is negative and objectively has the effect of helping the enemy; that is why the enemy welcomes its preservation in our midst. Such being its nature, there should be no place for it in the ranks of the revolution.” – Mao “Combat Liberalism”
For the 8th Marxist-Leninist Study Group, we will be reading a few works from Mao Zedong:
-On Practice
-On Contradiction
-Combat Liberalism
~Total: 35 pages

All readings can be found for free at this link below:


Chicago, December 7: Emergency Rally: Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine!

Hosted by Coalition for Justice in Palestine – CJP

230 S Dearborn Street, Chicago, 4:30 P.M. 

In the wake of Trump’s announcement declaring U.S. support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the moving of the U.S. embassy there, the Coalition for Justice in Palestine (CJP) is calling for a protest tomorrow, Thursday, December 7th, at 5 PM, at the Federal Plaza (Adams and Dearborn) in downtown Chicago. This unilateral move is further proof of the fact that Trump and the U.S. are not, and have never been, “honest brokers for peace” in the Middle East or anywhere else. Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims across the Middle East are rejecting Trump and U.S. foreign policy, and already rising up in protest of this violation of international law and Palestinian self-determination. Palestinians are calling for 3 days of rage, and other people of conscience around the world are joining in. The Coalition for Justice in Palestine, along with Jewish Voice for Peace and many others, ask you to join us: WHEN: 4:30 pm WHERE: Federal Plaza (Adams and Dearborn)

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UW Madison: Petition Against Mandatory $1,400 University Housing and Dining Policy


To Whom it May Concern,

We, the undersigned, are writing to express a strong condemnation of the recent measures taken by University Housing and Dining imposing a mandatory $1,400 minimum fee for Wiscard accounts to be spent exclusively within University Dining facilities. This policy must be revoked immediately.

This action has direct and immediate harms for low-income students. Despite a recent release citing “installments” of $350 per quarter, this requirement is one more financial burden upon many that students will struggle to pay. Because the $1,400 minimum requirement was calculated based on the average of all student dining hall spending, it is clear that over 50% of students will be required to pay more (if not significantly more) than they already do for dining. For many students, this extra spending will be beyond their means. This discriminatory measure demonstrates a total disregard for all low-income students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Due to prohibitive pricing, few low-income students are able to frequent the dining halls. This measure takes money out of the pockets of students who must already budget to spend their money otherwise. According to the 2016 Campus Climate Survey, food-insecure and low-income students rely on resources like food pantries and the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to make ends meet due to inadequate financial aid packages. University Housing has not specified what is meant when they purport that the $1,400 minimum fee may be “covered by financial aid.”

This ambiguity leaves students who rely on financial aid to wonder whether University Housing will be seizing their grant funding or pushing them further into student debt through loans. University Housing has indicated that funds not utilized at the conclusion of the semester will be forfeited as money lost to the student. This money will not be repurposed for a program to fight campus hunger. This paternalistic measure eliminates autonomy and freedom of choice for low-income students. It treats their livelihoods and agency as an afterthought in the pursuit of bigger profits. This is discrimination on the basis of socioeconomic status.

In addition to financial inaccessibility, dining hall offerings are inaccessible due to dietary restrictions. Dining facilities are daunting to navigate for students who need kosher or halal foods, have diabetes, food allergies, are gluten-free, vegan, and more. This policy is discriminatory on the basis of medical disability, religion, and cultural observance. Furthermore, by forfeiting a student’s dining funds, it weakens student bargaining power to change food offerings within the dining halls in the future and disincentivizes innovation by University Housing. It is clear that the aforementioned measure is not concerned with financial planning or food access despite recent progressive initiatives.

This policy has arrived after many first-year students have already accepted contracts in housing for next year. Incoming first-year students were not able to make informed housing decisions. No exemption process to leave their contracts on the basis of socioeconomic circumstance, diverse ability, religion or cultural observance has been specified. In effect, University Housing has trapped all incoming first-year students with more debt, fewer options, and less student bargaining power. The cost of attendance on campus has risen exponentially in the last decade alone and this measure will impose a steep increase in the total cost of attendance for new students and has dodged the shared governance process. This policy and the actions by University Housing stand in stark conflict with the intention to keep college affordable and may adversely impact rates of enrollment, retention, and graduation. To move All Ways Forward, we must move All Ways Forward Together.

This policy harms students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in manners financial, cultural, religious, medical, and dietary. In favor of the well-being of all UW-Madison students and affiliates—past, present, and future—this discriminatory policy must be revoked immediately. All future decisions must be made in accordance with the institutional statements on diversity and nondiscrimination, student shared governance, and a commitment to college access and affordability.


Co-Authors Rena Newman ‘20 and Brooke Evans ‘17

(To view the text with periodically updated signatures, follow this link: