From Virginia: Arm The People, Not The State (1.17.20)

A Joint Statement from the Virginia Left on Recent Gun Control Measures

“Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.” – Karl Marx

We, the undersigned, representing several groups of the anti-capitalist movement in Virginia, wish to make clear that we completely reject any attempt by the new Democrat majority state government to pass and enforce any new “gun control” laws. Liberals see the issue of guns and violence in abstraction. For them, taking away guns will end violence. However, as socialists, we understand that violence exists within the systems of exploitation and oppression inherent in the capitalist system. History shows us that these laws will do nothing to address the root causes of violence in our communities. They will, however, do a number of other things.

They will accelerate the process of disarming the working class and will intensify the monopoly on violence enjoyed by an oppressive capitalist state which does not, and cannot, represent us. Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor who is funding the anti-gun group Moms Demand Action, admitted as much, boasting “I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world.” While militarized police and politicians (both liberal and conservative) in the United States target working people by likening them to a wartime enemy, they also add fuel to the fires of war abroad by selling tens of billions of dollars worth of arms to some of the most repressive regimes on earth. They promote “gun control” at home while people overseas are brutalized with guns, bombs, and tear gas canisters which read “Made in the USA.” The only control they are truly interested in is the control of the global working class.

They will give the police yet another way to incarcerate working people. Working people of color will be especially targeted, as seen with the 1967 NRA backed Mulford Act, while the wealthy, who have the resources to jump through as many hoops as necessary, will easily keep their guns. Much like the War on Drugs, the war on gun rights will fall heaviest on working people of color, the very group which cannot depend on the police for protection. It will serve as simply another way of funneling our brothers and sisters into prison. The fact that there has not been a single word on gun control for the police that regularly terrorize communities of color speaks volumes.

Moreover, we do not object to the strategic use of weapons. As revolutionaries we understand that defense against and destruction of oppression often requires the use of arms, just as the slave system was destroyed through the Union victory in the Civil War, the Nazis were defeated in WWII, and the capitalist state will only be replaced by a workers’ revolution. In short: the revolutionary Virginia Left is for gun control — the control of all guns by a militant and organized working class.


ASH (Anti-Fascists of the Seven Hills) ~
Communist League of Richmond ~
Disrupt the Elite Virginia ~
New Afrikan Independence Movement ~
New River Workers Power ~
Roanoke Peoples’ Power Network ~
Socialist Resurgence of the Shenandoah Valley ~
Tidewater Solidarity Collective ~

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January 18, 2020: AFSCME Milwaukee Public Museum Picket, Fighting For a Contract With the Living Wages & Benefits Workers Deserve!

AFSCME Milwaukee Public Museum Picket

Hosted by AFSCME Wisconsin Council 32 and Milwaukee Area Labor Council

Stand with MPM employees for fairness in bargaining! Join AFSCME members and allies for an informational picket as we stand up for benefits to support our families and the workplace dignity we deserve!

After months of negotiations, MPM administration hasn’t offered a fair contract proposal. Now union members are working without a contract.

Attacks on employees include: proposals TRIPLING workers’ share of the health insurance deductible, tying month health insurance premium to worker’s success in a corporate wellness program or requiring workers to absorb 100% of any increases from the insurance carrier, eliminating cost-of-living adjustments, and eliminating 1.5% of the 401(k) benefits.

MPM employees and their supporters will picket for a fair contract that includes:
-Livable wages
-Fair pay raises
-Affordable health insurance
-Paid parental leave

Show MPM Inc. making the community better starts with modeling employer behavior that treats workers with dignity and respect!

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Take Action – Stand With Cleveland Public Library Workers


The women and men who work at the Cleveland Public Library proudly serve our neighborhoods and community every day, providing vital resources, services and information for people like us. However, decisions by Cleveland Public Library executives have eroded staffing, increased workloads and ignored the concerns of employees about safety at branches throughout the city.

Take Action to Stand With Cleveland Public Library Workers 

1. Contact Cleveland Public Library. Call the library at 216-623-2827 and leave a Message for Executive Director Felton Thomas Jr. and the Cleveland Public Library Board of Trustees. Ask them to bargain in good faith for a contract that keeps everyone safe and respects the dignity of their work.

2. Tweet to Show Your Support. Tweet these two messages of support to stand with Cleveland Public Library workers.

3. Write a Letter to the Editor. Submit a letter to the Cleveland Plain Dealer to stand with SEIU District 1199 members who are fighting for a fair contract with the Cleveland Public Library. Make letters clear, concise, and under 200 words. Letters can be submitted at this link. A post with details on bargaining is also available here.

4. Sign the Petition. Submit your name in support of the SEIU District 1199 members with the Cleveland Public Library. Sign the petition here.

5. Share Social Media Posts. Visit the Facebook and Twitter (post 1; post 2) pages for SEIU District 1199 and share recent posts to stand in support with the library workers.

Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association Representative Assembly Unanimously Passes ‘No War On Iran’ Resolution

Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association building leaders unanimously passed the following anti-war resolution at last night’s representative assembly in response to the recent U.S. aggression against Iran:

Whereas; Trump’s missile strikes in Iraq targeting a senior Iranian Military official unnecessarily and recklessly escalates tensions in the region.

Whereas; A prolonged conflict with Iran would lead to the loss of Iranian and American life as well as cost trillions of dollars.

Whereas; The United States Government has continuously prioritized military intervention abroad at the expense of funding education, healthcare, and infrastructure within the United States.

Whereas; War leads to the displacement of children and families. The true victims of such a war would be the citizens of Iran.

Whereas; As recent history has shown, war with a Muslim majority country leads to rising Islamophobia at home, resulting in serious harm to the Muslim students of Milwaukee Public Schools.

Whereas; The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association is dedicated to peace, the preservation of life, the well being of students around the world.

Therefore Be it Resolved; The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association condemns Trump’s acts of Aggression on behalf of the United States Government which could escalate toward war and prolonged conflict.

Be It Further Resolved that the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association publicly issues the attached letter condemning such acts of aggression.

Be It Further Resolved; The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association calls upon the National Education Association and Education International to issue a similar statement against further acts of aggression and war.


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