Help Stop Immigrant Detention Center in New Richmond, WI! April 23, 2019 Public Forum & May 7, 2019 Plan Commission/Council Meeting

UPDATE: On April 18, 2019, the Immigration Centers of America corporation released a press release stating they were no longer considering New Richmond, WI for their regional cage to shackle migrants. The city has announced that the April 23, 2019 public forum is canceled.  This victory was only won by The People in the Midwest & beyond who acted quickly to stop this latest atrocity by this corporation & ICE. We need to stay vigilant in the event another attempt at building a Midwest regional for profit cage for migrants is attempted. See the Crusaders of Justicia and WI BOPM pages for more information & updates. Venceremos! No human being is illegal! No Borders In The Workers’ Struggle! Union jobs & Public Ed. Not cages!


New Richmond WI Crusaders of Justicia Full Sheet April 23 May 7 2019

Call Mayor & City Councilors: New Richmond WI Crusaders Of Justicia April 15 2019

Crusaders Of Justicia

New Richmond WI Crusaders of Justicia Full Sheet April 23 May 7 2019


ATU blasts plan to ‘privatize’ DC Metro

The Amalgamated Transit Union and its D.C. Local 689 ATU Local 689 is blasting a reported plan hatched by right-wingers to privatize Washington’s Metro system, including the buses and the subway. The Metro board has already turned over one garage, in suburban Virginia to privatizers. Privatizing would cut service to Metro’s hundreds of thousands of daily riders, the union said. The subway, despite recent declines, is among the three busiest in the U.S., and Metrobus carries hundreds of thousands more. “If you sit in the windowless boardroom of” Metro headquarters, “you’d think ‘privatization’ is a silver bullet that will magically eliminate costs and restore ridership to its heyday,” said Local 689 president Raymond Jackson. “Nothing could be further from the truth.” The solutions are expanded and improved service, as has occurred in Seattle and Houston, he said. That means more investment in repairs and upgrades – and in union workers and their wages. “Transit experts know how to fix this,” he said. So does Jackson’s local, which made the same recommendations last year, and so does Metro staff, unlike its management, he added.
– Press Associates, Inc.(PAI)