Petition to Shut Down CUNY Graduate Center for May Day Moratorium

Petition to Shut Down GC for May Day Moratorium

The increase in immigrant raids, bans & forced deportations urged immigrant activists to call a strike for this year’s May Day, demonstrating “A Day Without Immigrants.” Since the Haymarket affair in Chicago, 1886, May 1st has been a day for working-class protest and workplace actions. Coalitions across the country ask workers, in honor of immigrants, to strike this May Day and protest U.S. exploitation of labor, especially the 11 million undocumented.

Students and faculty, including Judith Butler, Cornell West, Etienne Balibar and GC Professor, David Harvey, call for a moratorium on all normal university operations across the U.S., including cancelling classes, closing offices, and postponing maintenance to participate in teach-ins, demonstrations, marches and protests.

We are asking the Graduate Center to close all operations on May 1st as part of the May Day Moratorium and say with one voice that we stand with workers, especially the 11 undocumented. It is essential that we take this stand as a  University, rather than as individuals. We are stronger as a collective.

Please sign your name here if you support closing the Graduate Center on May 1 and the National May Day Call to Action.

Global May 1 Strike


Lenin to soldiers: The armed people, united in soviets, must run the state

“…Only this power, only the Soviets of Soldiers’ and Peasants’ Deputies, can solve the great question of the land in a non-bureaucratic way and not in the interests of the land owners. The land must not belong to the landowners. The peasant committees must take the land away at once from the landowners, while carefully guarding all the property against damage, and seeing to it that grain production is increased in order that the soldiers at the front be better supplied. All the land must belong to the whole nation, and its disposal must be the concern of the local Soviets of Peasants’ Deputies. In order that the rich peasants—who are themselves capitalists—may not wrong and deceive the agricultural laborers and the poor peasants, it will be necessary for the latter either to confer, to combine, to unite separately, or to set up Soviets of Agricultural Laborers’ Deputies of their own.

Do not allow the police to be re-established, do not let the state power or the administration of the state pass into the hands of the bureaucracy, who are non-elective, undisplaceable, and paid on a bourgeois scale; get together, unite, organize yourselves, trusting no one, depending only on your own intelligence and experience—and Russia will be able to move with a firm, measured, unerring tread toward the liberation of both our own country and of all humanity from the yoke of capital as well as from the horrors of war.

Our government, a government of the capitalists, is continuing the war in the interests of the capitalists. Like the German capitalists, headed by their crowned brigand Wilhelm, the capitalists of all the other countries are carrying on the war only for a division of capitalist profits, for domination over the world. Hundreds of millions of people, almost all the countries in the world, have been dragged into this criminal war. Hundreds of billions of capital have been invested in “profitable” undertakings, bringing death, hunger, ruin, and barbarism to the peoples and staggering, scandalously high profits to the capitalists. There is only one way to get out of this frightful war and conclude a truly democratic peace not imposed by force, and that is   by transferring all the state power to the Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies. The workers and poor peasants, who are not interested in preserving the profits of the capitalists and robbing the weaker nations, will be able to do effectively what the capitalists only promise, namely, end the war by concluding a lasting peace that will assure liberty to all peoples without exception.”

V.I. Lenin, “Speech Delivered at a Meeting of Soldiers of the Izmailovsky Regiment,” April 23 [April 10 old style], 1917

VI Lenin speaking

Ireland: 1916 Easter Rising inspires workers’ struggles

By Zach Gevelinger posted on April 24, 2017

This April 24 is the 101st anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland. Throughout the island, socialist republicans commemorate the event by wreath laying, marches with various flags of Ireland and rallies where statements reiterate the continuing struggle to build socialism in Ireland. The monumental impact of the Easter Rising lives on in the collective consciousness of oppressed communities worldwide.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine sent a greeting which read in part: “Together, our people continue to march forward​, for return, unity, liberation and socialism, for a liberated, united Ireland and a liberated, united Palestine from the river to the sea.”

Workers in the United States will remember Ireland’s socialist labor leader James Connolly as May Day demonstrations call for mass walkouts, protests and a general strike against capitalist attacks on the multinational working class.

This 1991 mural in Belfast marks the 75th anniversary of the Irish Rebellion. In foreground are the Republican signers of the proclamation of independence.

Find/Share an Action for May Day: Solidarity with All Immigrants / Black Lives Matter / Workers Rights Have No Borders / May Day is the Workers Day / Stop the War Drive

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