Madison, October 2, 2021: Bans Off Our Bodies • Madison Women’s March

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Event by Planned Parenthood Advocates of WisconsinStand Up In Style and Indivisible Madison

Join the Madison Women’s March in the nationwide mobilization to defend and protect a woman’s right to choose on October 2nd!We will assemble at the UW Library Mall (State St, opposite end from the Capitol) at 1:00. We’ll march to the Capitol. At 2:00, join us for a rally with guest speakers on the Capitol’s State St. steps. Or you will be able to view the event on Facebook Live.

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Manitowoc, September 26, 2021: Unity Walk!

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Lakeshore’s United Visionaries – LUV

PFLAG Manitowoc County

Join Lakeshore’s United Visionaries, PFLAG Manitowoc County, local businesses, and other organizations as we walk together in unity!

Start: 1PM Briess Parking lot

Walk Route: Up 8th Street, turn right onto Washington, arrive in Washington Park

Speakers: 2:30 PM Washington Park

Food trucks, kids activities, and more at Washington Park!

Kids Activities:
Face Painting by Sam Gretz:
2-3:30 pm, 4-6 pm

Art with Diana Bolander of the Rahr West Art Museum:
2:30-6 pm

Lakeshore First Robotics with Shannon: 2-6 pm

Music for Children and Families with Judy Stock:
4-6 pm
Feel free to join us at any point of the event between 1PM-6PM.

All are welcome to come celebrate and support unity in our community!

Masks are strongly encouraged! 

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September 16, 2021: Stop The Hate! Rally – Green Bay (STOP RACISM & UNION BUSTING!)

Event by Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

Facebook Event:

The right-wing organization No Better Friend Corp. is planning to sponsor a Thursday, September 16, 2021 hate rally at 1951 Bond Street in Green Bay (The Rock Garden / Comfort Suites – 920-499-7449) beginning at 6 P.M. Anyone can register here:…/no-better-friend…/

We are asking all progressive organizations including unions, community, faith-based and student organizations to join us in protesting the No Better Friend Corp.’s hate rally! We will gather at N Taylor and Bond streets at 5 P.M. with a speak-out at 6 P.M.


The name No Better Friend Corp. (funded in part by the Bradley Foundation) is meant to sound folksy but the organization’s members and backers are some of the most extreme right-wing forces internationally attacking poor and working people relentlessly. The billed speakers for the September 16 event are supported by an array of alleged war criminals, union busters, bigots and racists. []

No Better Friend Corp. (which is generally opposed to anything or anyone good for humanity and the Earth) want to consolidate the right-wing activities in Wisconsin during 2020 and in particular the spring and summer of 2021 that have taken place in Burlington, Cedarburg, the Fox Valley, Mequon, New Berlin, northeastern Wisconsin, Wausau and other locations.

The right-wing actions include: Attacking school board meetings, threatening public officials and community members, and attacking public libraries and other public institutions. They are using the issues of teaching historical truth in public education and science based responses regarding COVID 19. But they are also anti-union, oppose public education and are pro privatization. They use an array of lies and deceitful techniques (language such as reform, flexibility etc.) to cover up their real agenda of their dream society of capitalism with the gloves off (de-regulation, no unions, the shredding of safety nets, perpetual wars for the rich etc.).Similar to the Tea Party, No Better Friend Corp. (and their funders and allied organizations) are a part of a national right-wing network that want to recruit an even bigger base of anti-worker, racist forces to further their goals.

In Wisconsin, a major focus for the right-wing is the suburbs and semi-rural and rural areas. Historically in these locations there’s been large numbers of union workers but they’ve been violently reduced by plant closings and Jim Crow laws such as Act 10 and Right-to-Work (for less) laws implemented since 2011.


As we’ve been doing in Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay and other locations in past weeks, we the people (educators, students, union members, the Indigenous, communities of color, workers, women and LGBTQ people) will not let the right wing run wild across the state attacking us at will!

Join us Thursday, September 16 in Green Bay to say NO to hate and YES to hope and People’s Unity.

*****For media interviews or more information: 414-395-0665 or message us. Also contact us if your organization wants to endorse the protest.

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Stop The Hate Rally in Manitowoc, WI August 10, 2021 / Photo: Gary J. Klein

We won’t go back! Texas & Supreme Court attack on women must be defeated

Statement from Women In Struggle / Mujeres En Lucha and the Socialist Unity Party 

Texas Senate Bill 8, which took effect Sept. 1, bans abortion after six weeks, before many women are even aware that they are pregnant.  

Anyone who sues an abortion provider under this law will be awarded a $10,000 bounty.  Texas Right to Life has already set up a “whistleblower” website where people can give anonymous tips about who might be violating the law.

In upholding SB8, the U.S. Supreme Court basically approved the notion that vigilantes can track down women and their “abettors.”

There are no exceptions for rape, incest or diagnoses of fetal anomaly. 

Who will be most impacted?  

It is Black, Brown and Indigenous women, the poor and youth, those who rely on reproductive rights centers for health care, including contraception, general checkups and cancer screenings. SB8 will effectively shut down care for transgender people, who will no longer be able to access needed hormone replacement therapy.  

Many women will be forced to flee to other states just to obtain the basic right to control one’s own body.  But even this will not be possible for many poor, working-class and very young women who will be forced to risk their lives or health in back-alley abortions.

The same reactionary forces behind SB8, and those who did nothing to prevent it, care little about children and less about all women, regardless of who they love or their gender identity, including transgender women.  

A box full of diapers and a car seat is of little help when families are facing joblessness and homelessness.  Where is the fight to stop unemployment benefits from being cut?  Where is the moratorium and cancellation of rents, foreclosures and utility shut-offs?  

Where is the fight to stop forced sterilizations of poor and oppressed women from Puerto Rico to Mississippi, or the fight to make sure that all children — and every person — have free healthcare, or paid maternity leave for working families?  

What about the lack of affordable, safe daycare that has forced women and parents of all genders out of the workplace? 

The importance of Texas

Many reproductive-rights advocates have already pointed out that SB8 and the Supreme Court’s ruling will give impetus to similar measures in other states. This is certainly true.

But Texas itself is important.  

It is the third-most populous state, after California and Florida. Twenty-nine million people are impacted. And SB8 is not the only right-wing bill that has swept the state.  

Exactly 666 new reactionary laws went into effect Sept. 1.  It is now basically illegal to be homeless, as a statewide ban on homeless encampments precludes any locality from opting out and fines the homeless $500 (for being homeless).  

Teachers are now forbidden to tell the truth about slavery. A new law provides funding for the so-called “1836 Project” that is set against the 1619 Project and projects a “patriotic education” about Texas’s racist “war of independence” from Mexico.   

Cities with over 250,000 people will be punished for defunding police budgets, effectively giving the green light to police murders of Black, Brown and poor people. 

And what about the basic right to vote that is still being denied to Black and Brown people?

Don’t mourn — organize and hit the streets!

Women in Argentina and all over Latin America, in Ireland, Poland and so many other countries, have shown the way by taking to the streets in the millions, forcing change.  

We need a “green bandana” movement in the U.S. like the one in Latin America. We must organize to stop every reactionary, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and anti-working class attack.  

From capitalist climate change to racist police terror, from imperialist war to attacks on workers’ rights — we cannot wait for or depend on the Democratic Party.  What is needed is in-your-face, independent action to push the clock forward.  

We need car caravans, people’s blockades and resistance to defend clinics. It’s time to march on Texas and the Supreme Court!

We will not go back!  

Healthcare and childcare, maternity leave, food, work and shelter, along with the basic ability to control one’s body — all of these are basic human rights.  

Black and Brown women must be guaranteed the right to walk out of their houses without fear that police will shoot them down, or murder their children or loved ones in the street. Trans and queer women must have the right to exist without fear of violence and bigotry.  

Im/migrant women, children and families need to be released from cages. So must the many women rotting behind bars in the colossal U.S. prison system. 

Indigenous women and communites must be guaranteed the right to their land and an end to violence and murder. 

Our children have the right to live on a planet that is not destroyed by capitalist climate change, imperialist war, occupation and sanctions.  

We pledge ourselves to this fight so that all women and all workers, at home and abroad, can finally be free from capitalist and imperialist misery.

Women and oppressed genders unite and fight back! We have nothing to lose but our chains!

Milwaukee, September 19, 2021: Mildred Fish Harnack Life Celebration

Facebook Event:

For the past 35 years Wisconsin has marked September 16th as Mildred Fish-Harnack day in Wisconsin public schools.…/events/mildred-fish-harnack-day-2021

Come celebrate the life of Wisconsinite Mildred Fish Harnack, alum of MHSA and UW-Madison. She was tortured and guillotined by the gestapo for her resistance to fascism in Berlin. Meet and eat with members of the DSA, Cooperation Milwaukee, Milwaukee Turners, anti-fascists, supporters and friends, while we connect her life and lessons to actions being committed today.

BBQ, Cupcakes, Talk and Bella Ciao!

Boswell Books is also having a book talk on the 23rd, hosted by biographer Rebecca Donner – Mildred Fish Harnack’s Great grandniece.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'MILDRED FISH HARNACK ANTI-FASCIST RESISTANCE Come celebrate the life of Wisconsinite Mildred Fish Harnack, alum of MHSA and UW, executed by Nazis, for her resistance to fascism. Meet and eat with DSA members, antifacists, supporters and friends while we connect her life and lessons to today's reactionary and violent far-right. 9/19/2021, 3:00-6:00 PM OUTSIDE MILWAUKEE TURNERS, 1034 VELR .PHILLIPS AVE, MILWAUKEE, WI 53203 SPONSORED BY MILWAUKEE TURNERS, COOPERATION MKE AND DSA MKE CALL 414.410.9714 FOR MORE INFORMATION, OR EMAIL DSAMKEMUTUALAID@GMAIL.COM'

No Better Friend Corp. Adds Racist, Anti-Worker Zealot Matt Batzel to its Speaker’s Roster for September 16, 2021 Hate Rally in Green Bay


This enemy of poor and working people has been added to the speaker’s list September 16 No Better Friend Corp. hate rally! As with all the speakers, this one Matt Batzel, has been engaged in participating in the horrific racist, anti-worker austerity in Wisconsin especially since 2011 with the Jim Crow Act 10. This austerity has resulted in the tens of billions stolen from poor and working people in WI and that money handed over to the banks and untold suffering, misery and premature deaths and the curtailment of life opportunities for millions. People like Batzel, a chump for the rich, laugh about their “work” (starving people, destroying the environment, the taking of people’s homes, eviscerating safety protections, eliminating anti-discrimination laws etc.) and thinks this is all fun and games! (Note: American Majority is also a part of the state and national right-wing network, funded by the Bradley Foundation and other capitalist “foundations.”)


Matt “I hate unions” Batzel

Support those who have told the truth about Afghanistan

For the past 20 years, the US lied to us about the war in Afghanistan.  After more than 240,000 people killed and trillions of our tax dollars spent to enrich the US arms industry and US supported Afghan war lords, the war ended in utter defeat for the US and its NATO allies.  Black sites used for torture such as that at the Bagram Air Base were created, production of opium skyrocketed under the US occupation and more than 90% of the population lived on less than $2 per day.  Massive bombings and drone strikes were carried out, which we know today mainly struck civilians, but we were not told this at the time.  The US government kept us all in the dark but two brave people discovered some of the truth and let the world know. 

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks leaked thousands of documents that described US war crimes in Afghanistan. These have been called the Afghan War Logs and were eventually published including in the Washington Post.  For this, the US wants to have Julian Assange extradited from the UK so he can be prosecuted by the US, where he faces up to 175 years in prison.  On weekend of October 23 – 24, right before the US case for extradition is to be heard in a UK court, protests have been called  to oppose extradition and support Julian Assange.  Start organizing a protest in your community. Information on the Assange defense and soon on the protests will be on the website

Julian Assange image

Daniel Hale was in the military and part of the drone program that operated militarized drones in the Afghanistan war.  Hale understood that most of those killed by the drone strikes were civilians.  When he divulged this to the media, he was charged with violations of the Espionage Act and has been given nearly 4 years in prison.  For more information on this case and how you can help, please go here:

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