Message from Cairo to Madison

Some of the Egyptians who participated in the uprising there have been supportive of the workers’ struggle in Madison, Wis., as can be seen in the photo here. Other have donated funds to buy pizzas in Madison and have them sent to the workers and students at the state Capitol.

Another example comes from CTUWS, an umbrella advocacy organization for independent unions in Egypt. The CTUWS suffered repeated harassment and attacks by the Mubarak regime and played a role in its overthrow. Kamal Abbas is general coordinator of the CTUWS and had been arrested and threatened numerous times by the Mubarak dictatorship.

In a message to the people occupying the Capitol, Abbas said: “I speak to you from a place close to Tahrir Square in Cairo, heart of the Revolution in Egypt. Here in ‘Liberation Square’ many of our youth paid with their lives and blood in the struggle for our just rights.

“We stand with you as you stood with us. No power can challenge the will of people who believe in their rights, raise their voices loud and clear, and struggle against exploitation.

“No one believed our revolution could succeed against the strongest dictatorship in the region. Yet in 18 days the revolution achieved the victory of the people. When the working class of Egypt joined the revolution on Feb. 9, the dictatorship was doomed and victory became inevitable.

“Victory always belongs to the people who stand firm and demand their just rights. Don’t waiver. Don’t give up on your rights. We and all the people of the world stand on your side and give you our full support. As our just struggle for freedom, democracy and justice succeeded, your struggle will succeed.

“Today is the day of the American workers. We salute you! Victory belongs to all the people of the world, who are fighting against exploitation, and for their just rights.” Abbas saluted other peoples in the North African and West Asian region fighting to remove their rulers.

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