Talk Nation Radio: U.S. Peace and Justice Activists, Students To Converge in Madison in Early August

This summer three national gatherings of activists will converge on Madison, Wisconsin, allowing for cross-fertilization and creative planning of future actions for peace and justice in the United States. YOU are invited.

The Student Power Convergence, Aug. 1-5
The Democracy Convention, Aug. 7-11
The Veterans For Peace Convention, Aug. 7-11

Talk Nation Radio speaks with Roshan Bliss of the Student Power Convergence, Ben Manski of Democracy Convention, and Doug Rawlings of Veterans For Peace.

Youth and students march in Milwaukee against banks Oct. 15.

Youth and students march in Milwaukee against banks Oct. 15, 2011.

Detroit, June 22: 50th Anniversary March in Commemoration of the Great March to Freedom

Join the Moratorium NOW! Coalition contingent at the 50th Anniversary March in commemoration of the Great March to Freedom.

Saturday, June 22, 9 am. March begins at Forest and Woodward and ends at Hart Plaza.

Gather in the park at the southwest corner of Warren and Woodward, 8 am.

Help us get out the word out with the message

RECLAIM DR. KING’S DREAM — fight the anti-democratic, racist, bankers’ EM takeover, ignite a fight to guarantee Detroit jobs, pensions and services — the banks owe us!

We will gather at 8 am in the park at the southwest corner of Warren and Woodward. We need help handing out leaflets announcing a strategy meeting on fighting the EM and the banks, on Saturday, June 29, 1 PM, at 5920 Second Ave. At the meeting we will analyze EM Orr’s proposals and discuss the next action steps. We will also need help distributing signs and carrying the banner. 


On June 22, 2013, at 9 a.m., thousands are being asked to “Take a Step” in the 50th anniversary march in honor of the original Walk to Freedom/Freedom Walk led in Detroit by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On that day 50 years ago, in what is considered to be the original debut of his now-famous “I Have a Dream Speech,” King told tens of thousands of people that it was time for the government and society to get serious about providing opportunities and parity in employment, education, housing and the overall quality of life for persons of color. Sponsored by UAW-Ford and the Detroit Branch NAACP, this year’s walk serves as a reminder of that legacy and its pivotal role in the city’s transition from one of isolation to inclusion. But it also is a chance for those who recognize the need for further progress to join in that call.



Milwaukee, June 18-August 13: 5th Annual STITCH Summer Open Mic Series

The STITCH Summer Open Mic Series was born in the summer of 2009 on a mission to create safe space and artist community for young people to come together to share poetry, music, dance, and visual art. We look to break down traditional divisions of race, ethnicity, gender, and artistic mediums in order to STITCH together our Milwaukee community.

This year we bring to you, the 5th Annual STITCH Summer Open Mic Series!! STITCHin’ from the South side’s Aztec Ink, 1230 S. César Chávez Dr. and the North side’s Sweet Black Coffee, 2035 W. Fond du Lac Ave. every Tuesday beginning June 18th (Aztec Ink) running through August 13th.

6:00pm Workshops
6:45pm Open Mic Sign-Up
7:00pm-9:00pm Open Mic

Darline Morales
Brave New Voices Wisconsin Slam Team
Browns Crew
Kim Loper (LokiArt)
Organik Intelex from El Hormiguero
LaNia Sproles
Sarah Bruno
Jasmine Martín