Message from the Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo on the passing of Nelson Mandela.

Those who dedicated unlimited resources to erase and rewrite the history of Nelson Mandela, those who had him on their list of “dangerous terrorists”, today will suffer from collective amnesia.


Those in the city of Miami who denied him homage because he embraced Fidel and thanked Cuba for its aid to Africa, today will have to sit in embarrassed silence.

The Cuban Five will continue facing every day our unfair imprisonment, until the end, inspired by his example of unwavering loyalty and strength.


Eternal Glory to the great Nelson Mandela!


Gerardo Hernández Nordelo
United States Penitentiary, Victorville

California, December 5, 2013

National Lawyers Guild Mourns Loss of Nelson Mandela

The National Lawyers Guild joins the people of South Africa and freedom-loving people the world over both in mourning the death of Nelson Mandela and celebrating his life. We are proud to have stood with Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC) at a time when the United States government labeled him a terrorist. As our longtime member Lennox Hinds – Mandela’s lawyer in the United States – reminds us, “Mandela was arrested by the South African forces with the support of the CIA.” 
We are honored to have endorsed the 75th anniversary of the founding of the ANC in 1987. We are proud that our members were there to see South Africa’s first free elections, when Mandela was elected president and we are proud to have assisted the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Mostly, we are proud to have known and allied ourselves and our organization with one of the greatest political leaders of the 20th – or any – century, a lawyer who sacrificed so much and who represents our belief “that human rights are more sacred than property interests.”
We cannot view his death today as a loss to South Africa and the world. Rather, we see this as an opportunity to, once again, take heart that he walked the earth and to see him as an example of selflessness and courage that few of us will fully emulate but that each of us should aspire to. He represents what humanity, at its best, is capable of. He will be missed but never forgotten.

Detroit Decision: Federal Judge Rules In Favour Of Banks And Political Dictatorship, Fight Back Continues

By Abayomi Azikiwe of the Pan African Newswire:

“…The trial on the Barclays swap deal will begin on December 17. The Moratorium NOW! Coalition is calling for people to demonstrate again outside the federal court in opposition to the payoff of Bank of America and UBS, two financial institutions which played a significant role in the mortgage crisis that has plagued Detroit for years.

In a leaflet circulated outside the federal courthouse on December 3, the Moratorium NOW! Coalition stated that “Beginning on December 17 there will be a trial to determine if 20 percent of city income tax dollars will be pledged for six years after bankruptcy to make good on this gift to the banks. This trial will determine if Detroit is to remain permanently enslaved by the criminal banks.”

“…As one organizer said during the Dec. 3 rally outside federal court, “This ruling demonstrates the need for a fundamental restructuring of the political, legal and economic system inside the U.S. There is no justice for workers and oppressed people in the courts. Our only victory will come from the court of public opinion crafted in the streets in struggle against the bankers and the bosses.”

Walter Knall, 70, of Detroit, a 31-year employee of the Detroit Health Dept., protests July 26 in front of City Hall. (Clarence Tabb, Jr./The Detroit News)

Walter Knall, 70, of Detroit, a 31-year employee of the Detroit Health Dept., protests July 26 in front of City Hall. (Clarence Tabb, Jr./The Detroit News)