Thousands Attend Funeral Of Michael Brown

Article from Abayomi Azikiwe of the Pan African Newswire:

“…The protests and rebellion in Ferguson highlighted the growing intolerance among African American working class youth for police repression. In response to the unrest in this suburb outside of St. Louis, tens of thousands more gathered in solidarity in cities across the U.S…
…The fact that these developments are occurring with the national and global spotlight focused on this region of Missouri proves that the struggle against racist state violence must be led by the African American people and their allies. These forms of repression derive from the necessity of the ruling class to maintain social and political control over of the oppressed nations whose youth and other age groups have no future under the system of capitalism.


Only the mass organization and mobilization of the African American people in conjunction with other oppressed nations and their class allies will provide any hope for the end to racist state-sanctioned violence. The capitalist system has historically relied on racism, utilizing mechanism of coercion and control along with the division of the working class along racial lines, to maintain the exploitative system. Consequently, the struggle to end racism takes on a class dimension in undermining the material basis for national oppression and for the construction of a socialist society.”

At Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee, August 22. [Photo: Occupy Riverwest]

At Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee, August 22. [Photo: Occupy Riverwest]


Stop Deportation Of Father of 5 and Wisconsin Permanent Resident


Two days after the raid his children spoke at a rally in front of ICE demanding his release. On June 19, Manuel’s brother Ruben, his niece Amari, and his daughter Briana participated in civil disobedience at the ICE office in Milwaukee.

Manny’s family is organizing to stay together. Join them by taking a moment to call the Chicago ICE office asking them to release Manny from detention and reunite him with his family.

These detentions happen routinely in Milwaukee. Your support for Manny and his family helps us fight the effects of these detentions in our communities. If you haven’t made a call, please consider taking another minute to support:

1. Call the Sylvia Bonaccorsi-Manno, Chicago Assistant Field Office Director, 312-347-2474.

2. Call the Chicago Field Office Director Ricardo A. Wong, 312.347.2221.

Sample script: “I am calling to ask that Immigration and Customs Enforcement release Manuel Lopez, A#070-542-039. Mr. Lopez  is a Legal Permanent Resident who has lived in the United States since 1989, and he is the caring father five young U.S. citizen children. He has lived here since he was 8 years old. He is an important member of the Apostolic Missionary Church in Milwaukee, a trusted maintenance worker at Harbor Pointe Apartments, and his family has been deeply involved in the immigrants’ rights movement in Milwaukee.


Detroit, Sept. 2: All Out To Defend Rasmea Odeh!

A status hearing in front of Judge Drain is still planned for Tuesday, September 2, in Detroit, and the Rasmea Defense Committee is calling for supporters to pack the courthouse and call the prosecutors to demand that they drop the charges on that day. The date of the actual trial will be rescheduled.

Full Press Release: Judge Borman steps down from the case of Rasmea Odeh

Rasmea Yousef Odeh

Rasmea Yousef Odeh

UNAC Statement: ‘Ferguson: Canary In The Coal Mine”

United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) statement:

What can be done?  Marches and rallies around the country must continue and demand an end to police militarization and the legalized human rights abuses against millions of citizens.

There are groups organizing to send people to Ferguson to show solidarity. Black Life Matters ( is organizing buses of Black supporters to go to Ferguson for actions scheduled over Labor Day weekend. They are asking white allies and others who are not able to travel to Ferguson to hold solidarity actions in their communities on Sunday, August 31. Email for more information.

Stand with the people of Ferguson to demand:

Cops, state troopers and National Guard out of Ferguson!

No to racist murders! Justice for Michael Brown!

End police militarization!

Milwaukee, August 22, 2014. [Photo: WI BOPM]

Milwaukee, August 22, 2014. [Photo: WI BOPM]

Hands Up United: Student Walkouts For Ferguson August 25; Rallies August 26

“…Monday Aug. 25 Mike would have been a college freshman attending class for the first time.  Instead, that very day his mother will be burying him. This is why we are calling on all college students to walk out of class at 1PM EST and congregate publicly in solidarity with Mike Brown and other victims of police brutality. If you cannot stage a walk out, consider having another public event on campus at another time Monday.

“Tuesday Aug 26th, and throughout the entire week, we are asking for everyone to convene at 5PM your time at police stations, federal buildings and US embassies everywhere to call for the Department of Justice and US Government to enact concrete policies to forever end police violence in Black and Brown communities…”

You can view an event near you HERE

You can submit an event of your own HERE 

For more information on this week’s actions text HANDSUP to 90975 or visit

Milwaukee, August 22, 2014. [Photo: WI BOPM]

Milwaukee, August 22, 2014. [Photo: WI BOPM]