Organizing After the (Rasmea) Odeh Verdict


How to support the Rasema Odeh campaign:

“…Let us continue to lift Odeh up precisely because she has never labored to gain a platform of her own, to stand on a pedestal over others, or to become a celebrity. Instead, she meticulously crafted and protected organizing spaces so that more and more people could come in and gain strength.

Pulling Odeh into the cyclone of fetishization will only do her and her struggle a huge disservice. Continuing her legacy requires growing a politics of the collective as we organize tirelessly for her release and for her appeal, as part and parcel not only of her liberation but also of ours — and Palestine’s.”


Milwaukee, January 24: Community Brainstorming Conference Breakfast Forum; Police Brutality in the U.S. and Abroad


The Departments of Africology and History will participate in a Community Brainstorming Conference Breakfast Forum on “Police Brutality in the U.S. and Abroad.”

Held at Saint Matthew C.M.E. Church.

Panelists are:

Dr. Gladys Mitchell-Walthour, UW-Milwaukee, Visiting Assistant Professor of Africology speaking on “Police Brutality in Brazil and Global White Supremacy”

Dr. Robert S. Smith, UW-Milwaukee, Associate Professor of History and Associate Vice Chancellor, Global Inclusion and Engagement and Executive Director, Cultures & Communities Program speaking on “An Occupied Milwaukee: Lessons, Reminders and Projections about Police Brutality”

Dr. Robert “Biko” Baker, League of Young Voters, Executive Director, speaking on “Getting to the Future: How the Protests in Ferguson can Change the Movement”

Dr. Pamela Malone, Milwaukee Area Technical College, is chairing the event.


Chicago, February 7: Workers World Party Forum – Stop the War on Youth including Racist Police Terror and Low Wage Slavery



In Celebration of Black History (LIBERATION) Month
Join us for a Workers World Forum to discuss the struggle to stop the war on youth including racist police terror and low wage slavery.


Malcolm X College, 1900 W Van Buren, Chicago Room 3603


Ferguson Activists Bring Message of “Love and Struggle” to Palestine


A group of activists, artists, musicians and journalists on the frontlines of the struggle against racist policing in the United States traveled to Palestine earlier this month to build on the growing bonds of solidarity between the Black American and Palestinian liberation struggles, which have intensified since last year’s uprising in Ferguson, Missouri.

The historic delegation — which included lead organizers from Dream Defenders, Black Lives MatterBlack Youth Project 100 and Hands Up United — spent ten days linking up with Palestinian activists. The group witnessed first-hand what it means to live under Israeli occupation and apartheid.

Since returning to the US, the group has released a powerful video of a flash mob demonstration it staged in Nazareth — a city in historic Palestine — in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle against Israeli settler colonialism.

“We came here to Palestine to stand in love and revolutionary struggle with our brothers and sisters,” says journalist Marc Lamont Hill, kicking off the demonstration.

He continues: “We come to a land that has been stolen by greed and destroyed by hate. We come here and we learn laws that have been cosigned in ink but written in the blood of the innocent. And we stand next to people who continue to courageously struggle and resist the occupation, people who continue to dream and fight for freedom. From Ferguson to Palestine the struggle for freedom continues.”


United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC): We are NOT Charlie Hebdo!


“…We will NOT join the Paris parades orchestrated by imperialist French President Francois Holland and the heads of state of the world’s “great powers;” nor will we applaud their call for the worldwide “Anti-terrorist Conference” that President Holland has set for Paris. We are saddened at the participation of French working people in these state-sponsored mobilizations, whose objectives are to further war in the Middle East and Africa and to restrict democracy for Muslim communities in France and around the world. Those who participate believing that they can advance freedom of expression, peace and solidarity are being used for opposite ends…”



Update Jan. 17: Due to a people’s campaign, Ms. Benjamin is now free.

We will be planning protests at the women’s detention and city jail every day until Sara Benjamin is released. We consider her arrest and jailing as racist and egregious and we will not rest until she is out.
Benjamin is one of the youngest activists who are consistently leading the Baltimore protests for #BlackLivesMatter. She traveled to Ferguson with her 5 year old daughter and was interviewed by CNN on national news. Just 3 hours before she was scheduled to MC the “Strike Against Racism” rally, she was targeted at a bus stop in front of the college that she was registering for classes and arrested on a year old warrant on a minor misdemeanor which she had already made arrangements through the Public Defender’s office to go to court on. She is also one of the social media coordinators for the Peoples Power Assembly and community organizer and a member of the FIST youth group. Her iPad, computer and cell phone were seized. This is highly unusual in Baltimore to have a wanted poster at a community college for a possible student, Sara Benjamin, on a misdemeanor charge. It is reprehensible that one of the younger activists who are Black would be the target of this kind of harassment.
Everyone that knows Sara can testify to her courage, tremendous dedication and love for her 5 year old daughter. The repressive state apparatus (police and courts, etc.) are stooping this low to try to preemptively disrupt a major protest and to target someone as beloved and cherished in our community as Sara.
We can’t stop, we won’t stop — till Sara is FREE!


Milwaukee, January 19: Justice is Love: Dontre Hamilton Birthday Celebration & Fundraiser



Cornell West once said “Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” Justice in its purest form is love, and we can not express how much love we feel, as this community has come out to stand up for Dontre Hamilton and all of the men and women that have been victims of police violence and brutality.

In a very fitting coincidental way Dontre Hamilton was born on January 20th, a day after we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy of galvanizing our country toward justice and love. Given how Dontre has pulled our community together we want to celebrate his legacy as well. We will have a Birthday celebration & fundraiser honoring Dontre’s life on Monday January 19th at Club Timbuktu (520 East Center St.) from 5-8pm. We are asking that all of you who have come out to our rallies, demonstrations, meetings, etc. come out and celebrate with us. Even if you havent come out before, we want you to come out and celebrate with us too!

So come and get your groove on, and help us lift up Dontre’s spirit. A spirit of Love!

There is no cost to this event, admission is completely free. You are welcomed. Children are welcomed. All are welcomed! Please join us!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
Phone: 414. 375.9330
Twitter: @Justice4Dontre
Instagram: @TheCoalition4JusticeMKE

NOTE: All proceeds collected at this event will go toward helping protesters who were unjustly jailed during a peaceful demonstration of freedom and justice.


(Help Donate) Red Flag: Spreading Revolution & Socialism

Red Flag is the official voice of FIST. Call us traditionalists, but we believe in reaching out to the people in print. Last year our website reached out to tens of thousands of young people across the world. This year, we hope thousands of youth will read our magazine and engage in our message of socialist revolution and liberation for oppressed peoples. With eyewitness accounts of peoples’ struggles, Marxist analysis of current events, and revolutionary theory ranging from basic to advanced, we hope this magazine will be a tool for furthering the movement against imperialism, capitalism, and all forms of oppression.

Charlie Hebdo, the Free Press and Racism

International Action Center:

“…In their frantic efforts to recolonize Iraq, Syria and Libya, they have cynically whipped up sectarian divisions, organized deadly militias and promoted fanaticism and anarchy. That has aroused deep-seated rage against the U.S., France and Britain.

It is also highly unpopular that French imperialism is widely involved in Africa, primarily in the majority-Muslim countries of Mali, Central African Republic, Chad, Ivory Coast and Djibouti, and in Abu Dhabi on the Arabian peninsula.

The French ruling class wants to divert mass attention from their expanding wars and increasingly militarized society. The mobilizations claiming to defend a free press by defending racism must be opposed and countered.”