YGB’s own Alix Shabazz, T. Banks, Lexy Ware and many others held down the Dane County Court House this morning to support Cierra Finkley in her quest not to be persecuted for defending herself against a brutal domestic abuser. Fortunately, the D.A. brought no charges for today! ‪#‎HandsOffBlackWomen‬ ‪#‎communitycontrolofpolice‬


YGB Press Release: http://ygbcoalition.org/blog/item/632-a-victory-for-the-people

September 24, 2015 Madison

September 24, 2015 Madison

Milwaukee, September 28: Dr. Luther Castillo at UWM



Hear internationally acclaimed physician-activist Dr. Luther
Castillo speak on his work in developing a community-run medical
system for the Afro-indigenous Garifuna people of Honduras. Dr.
Castillo is featured in two documentary films, including
“Revolutionary Medicine,” which will also be premiered this afternoon,
and raises this question: “Could a remote hospital that runs on solar
panels, in a community without paved roads or electricity, provide a
new global model for health care?”

He will speak at the Central United Methodist Church
at 25th St. and Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee on Sunday, Sept. 27 at
4 pm. We will also have Jesse Freeston, the filmmaker of “Revolutionary
Medicine” there to answer questions. Program is free but donations
will be accepted to support this work. For more information & to see
the trailer for the film, see www.wicuba.org, or call (414) 273-1040.
Sponsored by Wis. Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba and Latin
American Solidarity Committee lascmilw@gmail.com

November 7-8, Workers World Party National Conference: WE NEED A SOCIALIST REVOLUTION

HOLD THE DATE! November 7-8, 2015 in New York City

Workers World Party fights for a socialist society—where the wealth is socially owned and production is planned to satisfy human need. That’s also what workers around the world, from Cuba to China, have been struggling for. The U.S. rulers have spent trillions of our tax dollars trying to stop them in a global class struggle. WWP promotes international working-class solidarity, the right of every nation to sovereignty and self-determination, and militant resistance at home to imperialist interventions and wars.

“The Black Lives Matter uprising is fundamentally a reincarnation of the Black liberation struggle. The capitalist class understands that its continued existence is dependent upon keeping such a liberation struggle as separate and isolated from the working-class movement and progressive movement as possible. Conversely, the more that the entire movement takes up the liberation struggle, the more difficult it becomes for the capitalist state to carry out massive repression.

“Keeping the oppressed isolated is key for the ruling class. The best circumstances for the system to succeed with its plan to crush this uprising of the oppressed is to keep such a struggle geographically, or at least politically, to a greater rather than a lesser extent, isolated from the working-class and progressive movement.

“The participation of young white activists in support of the Black Lives Matter uprising has been impressive, even unprecedented. Still, taken as a whole, the Left, specifically the white Left, has largely been missing in action thus far. This is dangerous and it must be rectified.

“No doubt, if the capitalist state can get away with isolating and then smashing the Black Lives Matter uprising, then it will feel in an even stronger position to use the same repression against the whole working class. There’s a great deal at stake here, because the crisis of capitalism makes bigger confrontations between capitalism and the working class inevitable if not imminent.”

Larry Holmes, “What is the Left going to do about the government’s plan to crush the Black Lives Matter uprising?”



Milwaukee, September 24: Rally to demand funding for transit and a fair contract for transit workers!

Stand with transit workers as they announce the results of their vote of “no confidence” in county executive Chris Abele, and demand funding for transit and a fair contract for transit workers!

Under Chris Abele’s mismanagement, Milwaukee’s transit system is falling behind. The county executive’s record on transit speaks for itself:

– Vetoed expansion routes to Oak Creek and Brown Deer
– Vetoed transit modernization
– Among the highest fares in the country
– Failed to secure a dedicated source of funding for transit
– Attempted to sell the transit system to an out-of-state for-profit company

Abele is preoccupied with imposing austerity on Milwaukee County, turning decent transit jobs into low paying, part time jobs. Billionaire Abele doesn’t understand transit. Tell him, “Milwaukee needs safe and reliable transit!”


September 29: Pink Out for Planned Parenthood!

We’re turning the Internet PINK — Planned Parenthood PINK.

So put on something pink, snap a selfie and share it with #PinkOut to be seen, be heard, be a part of this movement and this moment.

Want to do more on #PinkOut day? Attend one of our national #PinkOut events near you at istandwithpp.org/pinkout.

Pink Out Day is our time to say:

Listen to over a million Americans who are sick and tired of the relentless attacks on reproductive health care.

Listen to the one in five American women who has received care at a Planned Parenthood health center.

Tell anti-abortion extremists and politicians that we are everywhere and we will not let them use fraud and deception to shut down the health centers so many women rely on for care.

It will be women and men nationwide standing together to say: We’re not backing down, not today, not ever.

#‎PinkOut‬ Day is about turning our communities (and the Internet) as PINK as possible. Check out the Planned Parenthood #PinkOut events near you on Sept. 29!

Can’t attend? Learn all the ways to #PinkOut yourself (or your dog… or your toenails): https://istandwithpp.org/PINKOUT.


Wisconsin, September 27-30: Dr. Luther Castillo of Honduras

Sunday, September 27, at 4 pm, internationally celebrated physician-activist Dr. Luther Castillo will speak at the Central United Methodist Church, 25th and Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee on building a community-run medical system for the Afro-indigenous Garifuna people of Honduras.  The free event includes the Milwaukee premiere of “Revolutionary Medicine” a documentary featuring Dr. Castillo and the story of how he and the Ciriboya community built the first Garifuna hospital. Filmmaker Jesse Freeston will also be joining us to answer questions you might have on the film. For more information: contact@wicuba.org or lascmilw@gmail.org

Saturday, September 26, 5 PM: Filmmaker Jesse Freeston will present his new film RESISTENCIA with special guest Dr. Luther Castillo. Room 460 in Memorial Library at UW Madison, 728 State St, Madison, WI 53706. Co-Sponsored by UW Madison Latin American and Caribbean International Studies and the Havens Center.

Title of Talk: “Community-based health care systems in Cuba and Central America”
Day and Time: Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2015 4 – 5:30 PM
Place: Kresge Little Theater, 300 Seward Street, Ripon, WI 54971Dr. Castillo will speak on his work in building community-based health care systems both at the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba and subsequently in his home country, Honduras. He will describe how these community-based health programs work in Cuban and Central America compared to the health care system in the United States.
Talk sponsored by the Center for Politics and the People and the Latin American and Caribbean Studies program. Open to the public.
September 30: A presentation by Dr Castillo from 11:15-12:10 P.M. at Marian University, 45 S. National Ave Fond du Lac, WI 54935. Check university schedule to see which nursing class that Dr. Castillo will speak in. Open to the entire Marian and Fond du Lac Community.

Ms. Maria Hamilton and Ms. Alicia Johnson on the Grass Is Greener


Check out this past show on The Grass is Greener. Our guests were Maria Hamilton and Alicia Johnson talking about their sons, both of whom were lost In incidents with the police. They discuss updates on their cases and the need for alternatives to police involvement in mental health issues. Maria Hamilton updated us a bit on the Federal investigation of Dontre Hamilton’s case.

Ms. Maria A. Hamilton, mother of Dontre Hamilton [Joe Brusky photography]

Ms. Maria A. Hamilton, mother of Dontre Hamilton [Joe Brusky photography]


Mumia Abu-Jamal Audio Commentaries



Here’s the message:

  • Stop Any Retaliatory Transfer!                
  • Treat-to-Cure Mumia’s Hepatitis C Now!

Phone in both of these demands to:

John Wetzel
Secretary of Corrections, Pennsylvania
Phone: (717) 728-2573

John Kerestes
Superintendent, SCI-Mahanoy Prison
Phone: (570) 773-2158

More information: http://www.freemumia.com/ and http://iacenter.org/