People’s Power Assembly Demands Reparations for Flint, Make GM Pay! / Stop Privatization of Public Services! End Environmental Racism!

Peoples Power Assemblies

On Feb. 21, 2016 in NYC, on the anniversary of the murder of Malcolm X, the People’s Power Assembly held a rally in Solidarity With Flint demanding an end to the privatization of water and other public services and environmental racism. Black Lives Matter and other labor and community activists joined the protest.

Milwaukee, Feb. 20: Citywide March & Rallyto Demand: Hands Off Our Public Schools!

Stop the Takeover of MPS

Come gather with students, parents, educators and community members from the 132 public schools in Milwaukee. We’re continuing to collectively build a plan that wins more public community schools for our students that provide neighborhood support services like nutrition, health, tutoring, and after school programs for students who need it. The public community schools model is already generating success for over 6 million students in the United States. Together we will win the public community schools we know all students deserve and beat back the Takeover of MPS. Join us!


9:00am: Registration / Coffee / Pastries

9:30am: Brief Program – School Sign Making

10:15am: March to the courthouse and rally to send a message to all stakeholder; We love our public schools and will not allow them to be taken over by third party for-profit operators.

10:30am: Rally at Courthouse

*** Free parking provided — Spanish interpretation available

Stop the Takeover of MPS

[Photo: Joe Brusky]


STOP THE MPS TAKEOVER!! 6-9-15 — at Story Elementary. [Photo: Joe Brusky]

A Day Without Latinos: 50 Thousand Workers & Students Strike, Walkout, March in Madison

Voces de la Frontera

Hoy mas de 50 mil personas marcharon en el Capitolio. Miles de trabajadores y estudiantes salieron en huelga y cientos de negocios se cerraron a través de Wisconsin para decir NO A LAS LEYES QUE CRIMINALIZAN A LOS INMIGRANTES. fotos de Joe Brusky y Paul Gottinger. ‪#‎daywithoutlatinos‬
Today, Feb. 18, more than 50,000 people marched on the Capitol. Thousands of workers and students struck and hundreds of businesses closed throughout Wisconsin to say NO TO LAWS THAT CRIMINALIZE IMMIGRANTS. Photos by Joe Brusky and Paul Gottinger. #daywithoutlatinos



April – June: First Ever Nakba Survivor Tour in the U.S.

The first ever Nakba survivor tour in the US. This tour will pass through 33 major north American cities.  If you’d like to help host the tour in your city please contact
The Free Palestine Movement, International Solidarity Movement-Northern California and al-Awda Palestine Right to Return Coalition announce:
the North America Nakba Tour, April 5 – June 5, 2016
If you want to host an event in your university, house of worship, support group or other community organization, get in touch with us at  510-232-2500 or

Day Without Latinos Protesters Flood Madison

Voces de la Frontera

WORT coverage:

INFORMATION FOR TODAY, FEB. 16: Para los que manejan a Madison, hay estacionamiento gratis para 185 carros en 325 W. Olin Ave. Tendremos autobús gratis de ir y venir entre allá y el Capitolio de las 9:00am hasta 11:30am y también después del evento en el Capitolio. También aquí es un mapa de los torres de estacionamiento alrededor del capitolio:…/maps/downtown.cfm
For those driving to Madison, there is free parking for 185 cars at 325 W. Olin Ave. There will be a free shuttle bus between there and the Capitol between 9:00am and 11:00am and after the events at the Capitol. Also here is a map of the parking structures close to the Capitol. ‪#‎DíaSinLatinos‬ ‪#‎WisconsinIsNotArizona‬




The Wisconsin state legislature is considering racist legislation that could make Wisconsin a hostile environment for immigrants.

AB 450 would lead police and public employees to investigate immigration status and detain undocumented people for deportation. SB 533 seeks to block a program created last year to provide local identification cards to Milwaukee residents who cannot obtain Wisconsin state ID because of immigration status or lack of documents or money.

These bills are part of a broader effort to make Wisconsin hostile to immigrants. Wisconsin’s economy depends on immigrants, and immigrant communities enrich our state’s culture.

Take a moment right now to urge Governor Walker and your lawmakers to oppose these bills.

Please enter your information to get started. And thanks for taking action. Together we can make sure these misguided bills never become law.


Voces de la Frontera ‪#‎DíaSinLatinos‬

[Photo: Joe Brusky]